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A new study published in the journal Sleep found that losing between 1-2 hours of sleep on any given night was associated with a decrease in positive emotions and an increase in impulsivity the next day.My grandparents (left) and their friends in London, 1973.1920s school kids (some with pet squirrels), North CarolinaTimes Square (June 1943)Great photo of a dad and his girls 🥰. The photo was taken in Maine, circa late 1800s-early 1900s. A lovely pose and maybe taken by the mother. From my glass negative collection.Grandma and Papa in 1937. She passed away today at 100 years old.Respect Your Elders | Live Free or DieThe floofiest footed tap dance you've ever seenTeens hanging out at the arcade, 1976An Inuit man warms up his wife’s feet in Greenland, 1890's. Photo by Robert E. Peary.Children at May Day Picnic at Irwinville Farms, Georgia, 1939 (photographer : Marion Post Wolcott).A Swedish immigrant family in Minnesota in the early 1930s. Circled is my grandpa.Along Georgia’s Oconee River, Native Americans constructed low-lying stone mounds, some shaped like birds of prey that played a central role in ancient Mississippian religion. This 13th-century copper plate depicts a man dressed in bird regalia.A father and his children, Manchester, 1960s.Looking fabulous. A mid 1970s teen posing in the kitchen in this Polaroid snapshot.Grandpa is a ghost! Double exposure on glass plate negative. ca. 1920Researchers in Williamsburg, Virginia have uncovered traces of a late nineteenth–century addition to the 1856 First Baptist Church, which was built by a congregation first founded by free and enslaved African Americans in 1776.Artemis (commissioned)Three sisters, 1936 and 1977. My grandmother in the center.Archaeologists in Florida have uncovered remains of what they believe may have been a settlement belonging to the Timucua people. European chroniclers described Timucuan communities as featuring wooden palisades, houses, public buildings, and granaries.Metcalf South Shopping Center in Overland Park, Kansas during Christmas time (Circa 1970s) This photo was provided by Brad Moore, executive director of the Overland Park Historical Society, for an interview he recently gave about Metcalf South’s history.My Parents Wedding Day [1978] WA, USANew research suggests that Ancestral Puebloans survived five periods of drought in western New Mexico by melting ice preserved in a cave in what is now the El Malpais National Monument.My mom (center) and two of her siblings, late 1920s.They’re a 10, but their favorite weekend activity is immersing themselves in art… they’re a 20. ⁠#MyBkM ⁠ Find ways to fill your weekend:Photograph caption dated March 5, 1959 reads, "Owners of Camera Exchange of Granada Hills (CA) use strip of film instead of conventional ribbon as they prepare to 'cut the ribbon' to open their fourth Valley store. "Transform Your Life With Positive Affirmations For Inner Peace And HappinessResearchers have conducted a study of Old Norse place names with nautical themes and investigated a series of infilled channels with remote sensing technology to determine how Vikings used waterways around Scotland's Orkney archipelago.My grandmother with my parents before they were married, around 1971Signing yearbooks before graduation. Mansfield, Ohio, Senior High School, 1941.Coffee Sustainability in Vietnam | This World: The Coffee Trail With Simon Reeve | BBC StudiosA mosaic floor in southwest England’s Chedworth Roman Villa has been radiocarbon dated to the mid-fifth century A.D., a time of economic decline following the end of Roman rule in Britain.Solving the Water Problem | BreakthroughMy grandmother and her best friends either late 1929's or early 1930's.My grandma and her little brother, in Yellowstone National Park, 1940s.British schoolboys holding discarded syringes, 1970s.A new analysis of animal bones unearthed in Contrebandiers Cave, which is located on Morocco’s Atlantic coast, suggests that humans made clothing from animal skins between 90,000 and 120,000 years ago.My grandmother hanging out in Canada sometime in the 1950sBlowing Bubbles, 1966. My sister (age 3 in this pic) still lives on that land in a house built where the camp on the hill was.1938 - Indiana girl by cabinYouth hanging out on the stairs of the Old Student House, Helsinki ca. 1970Big shot VIP with a model at a grand opening. Automobile is a 1952 Oldsmobile (?)Excavations at Jamestown's Memorial Church have uncovered burn deposits that may be evidence of Bacon’s Rebellion, a 1676 uprising against the Virginia governor by white settlers who wished to expand against government orders into Native-held territory.Radiocarbon dating of trousers discovered in western China revealed they were made between the 13th and 10 centuries B.C., making them the oldest known surviving pants by almost 1,000 years.This Auckland designer wants to remind you how good human touch feels. See more:After plenty of life lessons, I learned what is needed to make the most of your 20sThis Is Your Brain on Nature | Nat Geo LiveSweden in the 1970s - what kind of insect is that on that shirt?1970s My grandfather and my cousin cutting pine logs for firewood. Northern Ukraine, USSR1975 - W. 42nd Street just off 5th Avenue.Another photo of my grandparents, Jack and Sue. This was in 1966 in Sand Springs, Oklahoma, when my grandmother was newly married and pregnant.Fans of the Rolling Stones at the Los Angeles Coliseum (10/11/1981)Three small, 2,000-year-old chambers carved out of bedrock, which may have served as food storage rooms, have been discovered some 20 feet below modern street level underneath Jerusalem’s Western Wall Plaza.Brooklyn boys, by Fred Stein, 1946.My grandpa Harry and my Aunt June, 1958, I love their smiles. I never met my grandpa Harry, but I love him and wish I had.My grandparents (1970s)My Mom and uncle on their farm in eastern ND, late '30s or early '40s.My grandmother looking like an IG model before IG. Late 70s/early 80s?

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