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If only we could think of some kind of universal plan that would cover medical costs. Hmmm…14 year Olds have to focus on school it will lead to going to hopefully college but maybe that's not what they wantSolidarity with the Maasai who are facing a brutal eviction from their ancestral lands to make way for luxury safaris, based on a racist model of fortress conservation.Land of the "free""You've got Omicron so it won't matter if you assist the infected." - Canadian Government to Healthcare WorkersWealth transfer to Ukraines most needy, landlords - but not before benevolent charity AirBnB takes its cutIt’s all kayfabe now. defundWe need to make some noiseI work remotely from home and also have IBS. Sometimes I just gotta go. Guess it'll get me written up.Basic needs met and it's a blessing...Half Mast for RespectThe Simpsons™ stand with Ukraine!Climate change denialThen: 'You don't need money to be happy!' Now: 'Actually, you don't need to be happy at all.'Do I even have to say anything about how refditors believe this is chad behavior and a wholesome 100 momentme irlGreatQuality HealthcareIt’s like Uber for Healthcare!The system working as intendedBig spoon position costs extra ....UN vote to make access to food a right. (Instagram: @geo.ranking)Tears yes, but for a different reason...man.They Say “It’s Not Possible”You think 4 billion people could take the 8 in a fightWe’re fuckedActually that would doWe have reached gas prices they thought would be apocalyptic back in 2007 (I Am Legend)Get insurance they say, you'll need it they saywe should learn a thing or two from cubaNice cover up Elon!Concentration camps for the poorWith the rise of algorithms and fake news I feel this quote from Tron (1982) holds up pretty wellApparently we should all aspire to work till we're 99Sorry kids, no money for food, gotta get a new shiny stadiumNewfoundland, Canada 📍Is this in America? I thought we had freedom of speech?Just another day in USABrain wave monitor to check whether the young students are focusing on the class, a primary school in ZhejiangSmall Town Texas politician shares the real reason police are armed.How is someone born in 2012 already this lost?Good chunk of the comments siding with the shooter, ''hell yeah lets practically defend the death sentence for theft''. Property defending gun nuts are insane, capitalism's fucked.Just a reminder.......A methodist church in my town just unveiled "homeless Jesus"Food getting expensive? Eat our food flavored glop instread!The actual sales brochure for Pegasus spyware: "Turn your target's smartphone into an intelligence gold mine."Study debunks neoliberal myth: “We find tax cuts for the rich lead to higher income inequality in both the short- and medium-term. In contrast, such reforms do not have any significant effect on economic growth or unemployment.”This was an actual news story this morning. I had to laugh at the absurdity.House GOP blocks bill that would ban police from falsifying documents in interrogationsThe big companies poisoned the world, the government let it happen, and the media ignored it or told us a world without this chemicals isn't possible: EPA Warns Against Toxic ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Drinking WaterRubluxThat moment when 10 year old kids can possibly outrun these pigsNevadans Need to Work (on average) More than Two Minimum Wage ($10.50/hr) Jobs to Live Comfortably

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