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How can people live with this much stuff?? I really don't understand, it'd just be so conjestive.Natural world being destroyed at rate ‘never seen before’, WWF warns as report reveals catastrophic decline of global wildlifeFollowing your requests, I made a video about how to find sustainable clothes online / how to evaluate brands! Hope you guys find this useful.Permaculture as a sustainable solution to our current farming practices whilst promoting plant diversityThat time they released 250,000 coloured bouncy balls down the San Francisco hills and filmed it for an ad. Cool soundtrack, too.Environmental Justice - Dissertation SurveyIs this not what we all came here for? Are you not entertained?Pandemic = no work = no purchases = no purposeVery interesting video about fast fashion, especially at the end. Love Bernadette!Big oof. It’s just so cringyHugo Boss & IBM were Axis CorporationsProblem solvedHumans exploiting and destroying nature on unprecedented scaleSaks Fifth Avenue stealing Banksy stuff. GrossFriend shared on FB- I just see plastic on plastic wrapped in plastic. And you can fill them with plastic trinkets!Is this right for this sub? Reuse plastic bottles, infinite plastic twine for repairs, crafts, binding things, misc.The materials that build our world are also destroying it. What are the alternatives?Aw cuteTracking Amazon returns: Here's where they really go (Marketplace)I don’t always go camping, but when I do, I bring my helicopter.Free Bike = FreedomREI kid pantsWOW CORPORATION RELATABLEPointless. Absolutely disgusting use of CO2Man not the oceanThought this would fit here- consuming to try to find happiness is a problemMaterialism is destroying this world and it's inhabitants.When a person's value is measured by their carbon footprint ...People in Zürich standing in line to buy the new Rolex Submarinerwhat living in France taught me as an American | slow living, anti-consumption and simplicityA line of credit to pay for bath products. Disgusting.How is this a “must have” for Halloween? It’s just a sweater not a life changing product.Person makes comment about our phones listening to us for targeted marketing, brand thinks it's funny to reply with a witty gif.Nice work by opThese are the worst...heavy solid single use plastic toppers, all just to sell sugar to childrenGimmicks masquerading as innovation.Stickers advocating against plastic waste... made of plastic and in plastic packagingDon't buy a hat! Here's how to make your own from a palm leaf.This sub in a nutshell.sell your soul to buy material wealthNew Jersey eyesore - American Dream. Ironic.Something that has been manual for centuries does now require energy...for no reason?Versus.... Just making your own cinnamon sugar mix...?If you honestly feel like this, you have an addiction.Mark Osborne's More (1998) - a hauntingly beautiful short movie that lambasts consumption and our reliance on itAn absolutely insane take from a woman on FacebookAlmost....Buying a hard drive in a plastic enclosure (which you must jerry open), with an AC adaptor, USB cable and all the packaging and cardboard box is cheaper than buying just a hard driveThis is how food can be free for all - The Astonishing Effect Of A Self Generating Permaculture Food Garden After Only One YearPeople are eating gold chicken while others are starving, but the system is working great. Those kids just need to pull themselves up by their boot straps right?Thought you guys would appreciateCatching crayfish with homemade trapsDariaThe environmental impact of work-from-homeThought this belonged hereTop Twitch Streamer On Why He Lives a Frugal LifeJohn Holcroft illustrationI too love buying useful things just to use them as home decorThe moment you realize...The case against American truck bloat

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