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Reddit: /r/CrossStitch

[WIP] My progress so far on “Primrose and Feather” which is based on a brothers Grimm story. This is just over two weeks of work, only my second cross stitch project I’ve done so apologies if my technique is a bit rustic[WIP] Coming up on the last bit of the Leshy pattern by The Witchy Stitcher[FO] Lighthouse cross stitch for my mum[FO] I dunno where to really share my little stitches, they don’t compare with some of the stuff here, but I’m still rather proud of them. Any advice for a beginner in designing their own patterns and fonts?[PIC] Taco Bell cross stitch! I made the pattern, but this stitch is not by me! 🌮[FO] Literally just finished the last stitch on this…my two catstronauts with their portrait! 😻👩‍🚀✨[PIC] I had to put my cat down recently and I got a needle minder that looks like him so he can still “help” when I stitch[WIP] Folk Witch[FO] “Flames. Flames! Flaaaames…on the side of my face, breathing, breathless, heaving breaths.” —Mrs. White[FO] Man Creates Dinosaurs[FO] Sunflower bouquet[FO] while struggling to balance a full time job and part time school, I’m super proud and happy how this project turned out![FO] finally finished The Witchy Stitcher Cryptids Sal[FO] trio of Guinea pigs I stitched while sitting with my wife in her chemo sessions[FO] Finally, all 5 decorations are ready! Now I need to make a garland of them. Wish me good luck :)[WIP] Pokemon Colour Wheel. Started November 1st. 8 down 143 to go![PIC] Wicked, tricksy, false! (found on r/lotrmemes)[FO] Finally finished my last project[WIP] Been working on this for about 2 years, excited to have somewhere to share it![FO] Finished at last (self drafted) Two years in the making...[CHAT] Just adopted a kitten. Any tips for stitching with playful pets?[FO] Finally finished a pattern I saved years ago and started months ago![WIP] I’ve finished the gifts on my list, so I got out this behemoth WIP that is a gift to myself.[FO] Dog pile complete![CHAT] Starting a new project and stuck in the beginning[FO] this one is for all my fellow shrimp postured gamers[FO] my Christmas stocking is finished[FO] Finally finished and framed this Grogu piece![FO] A little ironic that this is my 13th finish of the year. Pattern can be found in the freebie section by The Witchy Stitcher.[WIP] This is what 200,000 stitches looks like![WIP] [Self-drafted] DMC Thread Collection Blocks, August 2020. I spent too much time staring at this instead of stitching tonight. Only 366 blocks to go![FO] Reconnected with my pre-teen love of CrossStitch[FO] Self Drafted Pattern, Finished my plecostomus sucking on the glass (and pooping). Now to clean and frame![WIP] Half way through my year of temperatures![FO] Facepalm Picard. Another stitch for my home office.[FO] Bee blackwork pattern to celebrate international honey bee day[FO] The Emerald City of Oz… I love how this turned out! My second finish of the year! Now to move on to one of my other 5 WIPs 😅 pattern is the emerald city by satsuma street on Etsy.[FO] Mountains bookmark[FO] Made this for my office. I’m an engineer so it’s mostly men[FO] Alice and the Cheshire Cat (self drafted)[FO] My first piece in almost 10 years, finally done![FO] Golden Dragon-pattern by Zamorina Alexander.[FO] Starting the Witchy Season early![CHAT] BULLSH*T! Just went thru 2 needles in 10 minutes; 1st one had a broken eye and the 2nd one tore my floss. So, what is your favorite brand of needles?[FO] Fun fact worked on this on a business trip where i had two panic attacks. (pattern by 4stitchesandgiggles on etsy)[FO] some spooky little finishes[FO] I did it![WIP] 18 months in but about to finish soon. 🥳[FO] Sleeping Beauty castle by AwesomePatternStudio. 53 hours total. Pattern number 2/4 for my friends wedding table decorations.[PIC] Look what I found in my local charity shop for £4.99, I audibly gasped[deleted by user][FO] Started on 12/5/20 and finally finished framing and hanging today! Combined two patterns from CountryMagicStitch.[FO] Finished cross stitch took a period of 9 months, 41 colors flosses, 74229 stitches done over. Pattern is self drafted[FO] A little self drafted name tag for my kid’s kanken mini school bag. It was a pain to sew on but the result was worth it.[FO] A gift I made for my newborn niece[WIP] Finished gridding (took 3 weeks by itself) and now feeling absolutely daunted at how large this is going to be. Think I'm too scared to start![FO] Finally finished the backing on this fun ornament! 🎃🎃 Pattern is Miss Witch from Satsuma Street.[FO] My 6-year-old son's first fo, I helped with the backstitching and guiding his needle when coming up from the back to the front. Pattern by Maria Diaz[PIC] Gobsmacked. My Chefalopod won 3 ribbons at the County Fair and 1 at the State Fair.[FO] Halloween project[FO] Turned my scrap Aida into a Pooh Bear bookmark[FO] 7 months and she is finished!! I made the pattern using pic2pat

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