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US President - Jeremy KolingProud Husband MomentVictoryPlease support Ezra AderholdI wish I was as passionate about anything as Big Jerm is about this holeMy bungee setup for putting practiceSomething doesn't add upGreat work by Triple 7 Customs on my tribute to Eddie Van Halen (disc: White Vip Maiden)Staff pack for LedgestoneAnother day of winter golf in Northern CanadaBig brain energy out here in PeoriaMy vote for best view, Mt. Hood Ski Bowl DGC. Government Camp, Oregon.My oilpainting of Hole 13 from my local course. View from amateur tee.Matty O with a Jogging Stroller?Flat Earth?Step away from meAn *almost* picture perfect moment in my yard2022 DGPT 😅It was my birthday today and my wife decided to make a cover page for me!Ever wondered why some discs turn and some don't? I made this video a while ago but I thought I'd share it again as I saw some discussion on the topic.Too true.Yep it isCasey White, Joel Freeman and Big Jerm giving me Charmander - Charmeleon - Charizard vibes.What's one of the craziest things you've seen disc golfing. Here's mine. Location is Hanscom Park, Omaha, NETaking a shot at myself... Comets for life!When you nail that drive but they have moved the basket to another pin.Text for good karma! My old Star Teebird3 found a good new home.We worked with Matty O to design his new logo...what do y'all wanna see this on?Well, it was either that or MohammedMy proposal to solve the Spoiler Rule debateWheeler Park, Geneva IL New tee pad on 11. Thank you BSA Troop 13!This is my niece’s future husband. I have yet to meet him, but I think we are gonna get along just fine.Tower Ridge this afternoon! Simsbury, CTFinally Completed My Rainbow Look!Looking at courses around me in Fargo and found this monstrosityShoutout to the real MVPLove the backdrop of this course out in OregonWhen you finally let your friend dye that disc you’ve been holding ontoHad the best 30th birthday! My brother gifted me the Why Are Trees gift box set! I also played The Preserve in MN and got Cale's autograph.Ricky’s drive on 10 yesterday grazed my shoulder and left a skid mark on my shirt.Arby's merch store has discs for sale. WE HAVE THE BIRDIES. Link in comments.I just love the stamp on these wraithsoh NikkoThe Shot Heard 'Round The World: Recent Traffic StatsWas gifted this RPM Kotoku. Beautiful dye.When you’re 9 over after 9 and yell at your discsLeague acepot is at $500.I just need to get something off my chestMore fuel to the fire

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