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Blue stain FungiFound in Kluane National ParkID request, found growing in yard above septic field'Frog Fairy Circle', 2022, painted by me in acrylicsfairy ink-caps ✨UndergrowthLove upskirt mushrooms shots! Took these last weekend in Northern MaineMushroom growing on a mushroomWitches' butterThese orange ones were everywhere! No clue what they are. Orange gills white spores. NE Ohio. Growing from ground in mixed deciduous forest.North Staffs UkReaching out to the sun after a wet 3 days 🌧☀️Brighter than flowersRocky Mountain Range off the North Old Man river, AB, CanadaCaught a picture with this little guy this morningMore Golden Oyster Mushroom.Western Pa. Pheasant's Back? Artist's Saddle? I have absolutely no knowledge of mushrooms.Huge Chicken of the Woods! Boyfriend for scaleMorchella Australiana. Victoria, Australia. SHI love to photograph mushrooms when it's rainingAbortiporus biennis (Polyporales) is a wood decomposing fungus common to temperate forests of the Northern hemisphere.Found these little guys on my nature walk (central NJ) the other day. Any idea what the species is?Scarlet elf cupSome Mycena Interruptaaccidental find while doing some work in the woods. OR coast range.The holy grail of mushrooms, the elusive morel. They grow anywhere, just not everywhere!Found in Australia, think it might be Psilocybe subaerigunosa?Panaeolus growing through some dead grass in a meadow. Likely P.foenisecii (Scotland)Pixie's parasolPixie's parasolPov, you crash landed on an alian world, and you awaken to these towering above you!Bleeding Mycena photographed yesterday in Vitosha Mountain, BulgariaGilly and feels like hard rubber, spotted in northern VirginiaI know nothing about mushrooms but I like photographing them. Western Australia.Frosty bonnetBolete mushrooms, end of August.Found this little spiky dude on a trail in OregonPsilocybe semilanceata, Central Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Gilly and feels like hard rubber, spotted in northern Virginiano idea what they are, South West Australia.I found these beautiful little things near Lake Selmac in Oregon. Not too sure what they are though.Can't believe I only just now learned about this sub! I really enjoy finding and photographing wild mushrooms.Backyard mushie 🍄Amanita Pantherina that's not sure how to mushroomAnemone stinkhorn — Aseroe rubra. North Island, New Zealand.My backyard tech..Hampstead NC.Lactarius indigoThis mushroom has a great paint jobAmanita muscariaVelvet parachuteDryad’s Saddle? Some kind of bracket fungus anyway. Grant Park, ChicagoOld Man of the Woods- Long Island NYSaw this beauty on my morning walk.I found this guy just hanging out in my backyardCool looking shotjust sharing picYellow mushroom with guest, Manú National Park, PeruMushroom I found in Arizona.Can’t wait for summer mushrooms!Fairy Ring in my yard. 🍄🧚‍♀️💍I took this picture during the height of quarantine and thought I I'd share :)Pixie's parasolShroom 2 by Pantelis GiannopoulYellow stagshorn

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