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Feel like such a fattehHow to dehydrate apples - a step by step demonstration. Make your own delicious apple chips free from any artificial preservatives or additivesI made this brownies last night and they were really good! Link attached. From Forks Over Knives.💛 Kabocha + peachBeen alternating between this and oatmeal in the mornings... either way it's got lots of fruit and fills you up! Bonus points for flax seed meal on topI drew this sticker for everyone that loves plants, and puns 🍄I created a free web application for meal plan ideas where you can follow any diet (plant based), get grocery lists, along with many more features.Thanks for all the love yesterday! :) Here’s another plant based smoothie. And a strawberry? LolWFPB No oil lasagna (all ingredients for both lasagnas cost $32.15)Forks Over Knives Documentary - watch it freePlant-based protein helps older women reduce risks of death, dementia-related death and CVDScientists Claim that Overeating Is Not the Primary Cause of ObesityFresca White Beans with Sweet Potato Mash. Can’t say enough good things.Smoky Pumpkin SoupMicronutrient status and intake in omnivores, vegetarians and vegans in SwitzerlandLazy Sunday Pancake SupperBay Area star chefs want to show you how to go meatless for the holidaysA very simple meal that kinda checks many boxes5 Reasons to Forage for Plant-Based FoodMy first attempt at sushi. You can tell I got a little better at slicing the rolls between the first and second plates. Centers are avocado and sweet potato.This delicious fall season roasted sweet potato and beetroot salad is an amazing addition to Thanksgiving or any night of the week! Enjoy :)[deleted by user]Study: Effect of a plant-based, low-fat diet versus an animal-based, ketogenic diet on ad libitum energy intakeA Simple Tofu ScrambleCourgette/zucchini pancakes (trust me, you’ll love them)!The U.S. adult obesity rate tops 40 percent; highest ever recorded.Confirmation biasSuper simple yet delicious and nourishing soupStuffed butternut squashI’m a longtime vegan, trying to eat healthier. I had this delicious mountain of salad for lunch today.out of the “how not to die” cookbook; whole roasted cauliflower with tahini + lemon sauce and kale + white bean soup (except i used red beans)Big Max - A documentary following a morbidly obese man as he tries a plant-based diet for a monthRed Lentil SurpriseVegan Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo - Gf & Oil free - recipe in commentsend noodzKaraage don!No fried refried beans for the next few dayTabbouleh!WFPB Buddha BowlA humongous bowl of minestrone-ish soup"How the Western Diet Affects Global Food Choices" - Article discussing how, as countries develop, the Western diet high in animal products replaces traditional diets high in plant-based foods; This negatively effects culture, health, the environment, and perpetuates neocolonialismHow to reduce (or worsen) all cause mortality through diet.Tamarind Tofu BowlWhite bean and butternut squash chili, cauliflower and root vegetable mash, grilled broccoli. Link to the chili in comments.I've really been into making dips and spreads lately. What are some of your favs?These pumpkin oatmeal cookies will curb your cravings for pumpkin pie and is a great on-the-go healthy breakfast, snack, or dessert!Been following this for a while but am starting to question the science behind it. Help?Just some fresh cherries 🍒Taco SaladI call it "mac 'n greens" and it's one of my favourite lunches to batch cook for the week. Wholewheat pasta, "cheese" sauce, blanched green veg, chickpeas and homemade kimchi-style krautHomemade Yogurt recipe that ACTUALLY WORKS, anyone? I currently consume this one from the supermarket yet I would like to try and make my own and after some failed attempts I turn to your help. (continuation in the comments)Yogurt bowl with blueberries, banana, granola, nut butter and peanut butter!My own interpretation of mujadara: Bulgur, brown lentils cooked with cumin, coriander, cinnamon, allspice, cardamom, bay leaves. I added some pepper, a pinch of salt and the onions after it was cooked (onions were nuked in the mic). Eaten with a random saladOne benefit of Florida: fresh pineapplesWhat I Eat in a Day as a WFPB AthleteSundried Tomato and Artichoke with Spinach Frittatamy email response to in-laws' "being vegan weakens bones" articleSnack PlateOxfordshire County Council under fire for latest vegan promo | Farmers WeeklyOil-free Buffalo cauliflower wraps with air fried potato chips and cashew ranch! (Engine 2)ADA is asking about your stories. Send them your WFPB diet stories backed with peer reviewed non-industry funded research. Tell them!Made some whole wheat rosemary biscuits ❤️Sharing my fast oatmeal with some mosquitoesSOS free

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