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Reddit: /r/Prematurecelebration

BrutalYou couldn't title the game any better.Look at the lavenderContext: The Charlton Manager said Luton and Barnsley were effectively relegated before the season was suspended for COVID. With 9 games remaining Barnsley and Luton stayed up, with Charlton being relegatedDidn’t need a crystal ball to see that one coming...Florida man Ron DeSantisAustralian Footballer celebrates kicking the match-winning goal, oblivious to the fact that he has given away a penaltyThis scene in GoldenEye always cracks me up, I think it fits the sub!It’s gonna be great!“this essay was apparently written for a scenario where Russian armed forces had taken over Kyiv and subjugated the country...Which didn't actually happen.”I think this belongs here"this tweet is ageing well"Oopsie"This didn't age well" comment posted minutes before Chiefs comebackLittle early there, MicrosoftNo Lockdowns Anymore by James Corden, released June 16, 2021That was quickI still don't see any Russian flags flying on the Rada."She's not going to see this fucking coming"British major shot by a Black man in 1775.So much for Sweden’s first female prime ministerWoman who bragged she wouldn't go to jail becomes 10th Jan. 6 Capitol rioter to get prisonPrematurely celebrating a legend’s anniversary of passingI love the Gorillaz, but this absolutely belongs here.

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