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A 19th-Century Vision of the Year 2000Soviet view on how will cities look like in the future.a e s t h e t i cIs This Possible? Science and Invention, November 1927Ashtrays and Coin-operated “Tel-a-chairs” in the Los Angeles Greyhound bus terminal, 1969.Cutaway of Thunderbird 2"Life in 2020"Creating Cool Sci-Fi LED EffectsA video review of Heinlein's 1952 predictions of the future.Space suit ?Outrun vibes with this Ferrari F40 in GreeceWe released the first trailer of our classic Alien/UFO Survival Horror Game.NYC Chinatown - Unfiltered/uneditedMy 40K Cabinet.DreamJust another Italian Futurism Drawing 1910sH.G.Wells' Things to Come; a preWW2 look to the future, from aerial bombing to underground cities, sky forts and space cannons this film has it all.A mixture of science fiction landscapes and abstract monuments, part of James White's "Neowave Series"The 1939 Schlörwagen as designed by German engineer Hans Schlör von Westhofen Dirmstein.Finally got around to rewatching Heavy Metal which came out 40 years ago. Harry Canyon's New York with all its aliens, robots, and rayguns is only ten years from now.Ferrari Promotion - Miami GPWhere Will Your Children Live in 1973? America's Electric Light & Power Companies, 19531939 Duesenberg Coupé Simone Midnight GhostWe really messed upRhinos lovin' the aesthetic(1939) What people believed Nuclear power plants of the future would look like based on new findingsThe Futuro House being transported through the streets of Todmorden in Yorkshire, 1971.Odenplan, StockholmTrans-Atlantic Cable Car retro-future concept by Gian Andri BezzolaDictator-class Imperial battlecruiser, Warhammer 40,000 by Joacim HolmI love the beautifully illustrated vintage ads for futuristic homes. Made this artwork inspired by themMe and my Ferrari 308 GTBI (Drawn by me tonight because what else to do at 1:30-3:00 in the morning)Shigeru Komatsuzaki artwork, 1982Thunderbird 4 CutawayBox art for the Atomic Disintegrator Repeating Cap Pistol by Hubley, 1954The 1959 Curtiss-Wright's ground effect wonderNuka Cola by John GravatoCover of Technology for Youth from 1967A Space Pod Palace Built on a Neolithic Burial Ground Just Landed on the Market1957 House of the Future: What did they get right?The Space Age by Mea drawing of me except cooler because outrun is cooler than real life.Android assault soldier, complete with radar dish, bazooka gun, and emergency skisLunar NightsGeneral Motors (GM) Building, at the 1939 World's FairA Soviet View of the Future? Nikolai Nedbailo, 1971/721930s Soviet futurism.Martin Aviation "Saturn Expedition" by company artist Neil Gorsuch. c.1960Kingston Custom art deco BMW motorcycle - 'Good Ghost'Darkwave | Horrorwave Halloween Special continuous DJ mixMARS ATTACKS - Earl NoremWater Sport Wheel! from 1920My Newest PaintingCar phone late 1950s. No shoulder seat belts.Bruce Pennington: cover of A Sense of Wonder, 1977I remastered a Miyagi-Do wallpaper a few weeks back, and someone asked about others, so I gave the same treatment to my Cobra Kai one. Now to make an Eagle Fang wallpaper too. Coming soon.Depiction of a flying machine powered by static electricity, from “The Unpretentious Philosopher” - 1775

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