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Georgia Carr (left) and Susan McFarlane (right) in 1979, five years into their relationship. The couple got today in 1974 and married in a private ceremony on their tenth anniversary. They were finally legally married in 2018 a few months after same-sex marriage was legalized in Australia.Yesterday Republicans voted against protecting marriage equality, and today this. Midterms are in November.I made a map of everywhere same-sex marriage is legal with rainbows!! (list in comments)On April 1st 2001, the Netherlands was the first country to legalise same-sex marriage. (So I made this chalk drawing on the sidewalk yesterday ♡)This Is What LGBT Life Is Like Around the World | Jenni Chang and Lisa Dazols | TED TalksHow Common Are Gay Animals?Justice Kennedy ends gay marriage fight, once and for all, with eloquence: http://t.co/ZgOvDqonR3Same-sex marriage in EuropeClerks And Recreation with Kim DavisToday 20 years ago at the strike of midnight, the mayor of Amsterdam married 4 gay couples as the Netherlands became the first country in the world to legalise same-sex marriageAfter overturning RoeVsWade US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has said that the Court's rulings on gay marriage and relationships should also be 'reconsidered'. Read more ➡️Leading US Republican Liz Cheney admits she 'got it wrong' on same-sex marriage:Taiwan rules in favour of international same-sex marriages xpostObama Comes OutHave a gay wedding photo. As a treat. (Me: r with embroidered dress, NB lesbian; my wife: in white dress, bi)Waiting for India to legalize gay marriage.The Evolution of Homosexuality: From Criminal, to Mentally Ill, to Equal | Bennett SingerMichele Bachmann is a Crazy ComedianCheck out J. Scott Coatsworth's latest novella, a magical realism gay romance with celebrating marriage equality: https://t.co/NfeIWiuAb7 Universal Buy Link:What We Can Learn From Tupac | Big ThinkMarriage EqualityGays Beware with Jesse Tyler Ferguson and George TakeiChile's first gay marriages take place after law change. "This act will be felt across Chile". Read now ➡️[FO] 6 years ago today the US legalized gay marriage ️‍Chile legalises same-sex marriage in 'historic day' for equality:The Gay Rights Playbook Is a Model for Change in America | Evan Wolfson | Big ThinkSame sex marriage bill passed!!!In honor of marriage equality day, let's talk spec fic and marriage. Readers, what books (esp. sci fi) have pushed the boundaries of marriage equality? Writers, how have you used marriage in your spec fic? FB: https://t.co/Iqn1ZsCvAx MeWe:Majority of Republicans now support same-sex marriage, poll findsHappy 20th anniversary to the Netherlands becoming the first country in the world to legalize same-sex marriage! (1 April 2001)Two trans women got married in a country where gay marriage is illegal. Be gay do crime!Marriage EqualityGeorge Takei: How Schwarzenegger's Veto Initiated His Activism | Big ThinkThe march of marriage equalityMethodist Church to allow same-sex marriage after historic vote:Czech Republic on track to become first country in Eastern Europe to get marriage equality as MPs pass bill:John Cage: Gay Divorce LawyerSame sex marriage isn't legal in Japan but the gays have found a loopholeA little reminder that even this guy, who fucked Venezuela's economy and barely know where he's standing, supports gay marriage, but some people in first world countries with supposedly better education don't.A court in Hong Kong has ruled that overseas same-sex marriages can't be recognised. Read more ➡️How does environmentalism play into the animal rights movement?Czech Republic could be first in Eastern Bloc to get marriage equality as MPs pass bill:Same-sex marriage across the EU!Richard Tafel: 5 Steps for Systems Change | Big ThinkA Closer Look at Pride Sol RingIs the Gay Rights Movement Moving? | Big ThinkUS lawmakers in the House of Representatives are seeking to protect gay marriage with new legislation which had bipartisan support. Read more ➡️When was same-sex marriage first passed? Notes in commentsCuba could make gay marriage legal.In a blow to LGBTQ rights, a London tribunal from 2018 has ruled to uphold a ban on gay marriage in Bermuda. See the full story here:Switzerland: Same-sex marriage, transgender rights move a step forwardThe new frontier of LGBTQ civil rights, explained15 years ago today, Massachussetts became the first state in the U.S. to allow same-sex marriage. Gay and lesbian couples began filling out applications for marriages licenses from 12:01am.What Science Can Learn from the Arts: Data, Visualization, Design EVAN WOLFSON | Big ThinkA Closer Look at Pride Sol Ring“They better not try to mess with gay marriage in this country!” @ladygaga defended gay marriage and abortion rights during her Chromatica Ball tour's stop in Washington DC. Read more ➡️Massachusetts became the first U.S. state to allow same sex marriage, today in 2004. ''This is like winning the World Series and the Stanley Cup on the same day," said one of the partners in the first couple to complete the marriage license application.Straight Girls Respond To "Gay Men Will Marry Your Girlfriends"

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