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Blockship Tabarka, Scapa Flow – ScotlandWORLD WAR I AT SEA GERMAN NAVY BATTLE OF JUTLAND GREAT WAR (SILENT FILM) 20384King Edward VII-class pre-dreadnought battleship HMS Commonwealth in dazzle camouflage, at anchor at Scapa Flow, 1918.Prime Minister Winston Churchill gives his iconic V for Victory sign while visiting the Home Fleet at Scapa Flow OnThisDay in 1942. Find out where the V for Victory symbol comes from:On 21 June 1919, the German navy gave orders to scuttle their ships at Scapa Flow rather than surrender them to the British. It resulted in the greatest loss of shipping – in a single day – in history. Find out more:Helm of the SMS Marfgraf, Scuttled in Scapa Flow 1919OnThisDay in 1941, Winston Churchill visits ships at Scapa Flow before departing on HMS Prince of Wales to meet President Roosevelt across the Atlantic. © IWM A 48857 June 1942. King George VI inspects an Honor Guard of US Marines aboard the battleship USS Washington (BB-56) at Scapa Flow, Scotland.American battleship USS Washington (BB-56) at Scapa Flow in Scotland on 4 April, 1942. The photo was taken from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Wasp (CV-7) during the operation to deliver aircraft from the British Isles to Malta.Ahead of the DDay landings, King George VI visited HMS Belfast at Scapa Flow. It was all hands on deck to ensure the ship looked her best. However, according to one sailor, the King ended up with aluminium paint on his gloves after touching a freshly painted handrail.OTD in 1919 the Germans scuttled their own fleet at Scapa Flow, #Scotland. Find out more in 'Scapa Flow'

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