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Still life kitchen shelve, Rotterdam.Thrift Store score for $4! Little bit weirder and more fun than some old games or a controller like normal looking for Xbox accessories thrifting. I'm torn though. Should I liberate it from its plastic prison of 15 years and put it on an Xbox or shelve it and display it next to my console boxes?Here's some screenshots, and cels of the unaired Toon Makers' Western Animated version of Sailor Moon. It was shelved, and we ended up getting the dubbed version of the original show by DiC instead. Behind the scenes art is slowly being recovered thoughWas told I nearly killed my croton due to too little light so I’ve created my first light shelve in its honorWhether you love hard sci-fi or literary alchemy, this round up of the 72 most popular sci-fi novels of the past three years has something for everyone. Scroll through the list and shelve the ones you love the most.Decided to draw a Flame Atronach- I couldn’t stop tweaking things but I needed to shelve it for now. I wonder what the Atronachs will look like in ES6 🤔Anyone else have a project that just never seems to get finished? Started this in February it keeps getting shelved and then brought back out on repeat.Image collection finally shelved.Graphics from shelved 3D animation project, THE WORKS (early 1980s) by the Computer Graphics Lab with the New York Institute of Technology.I wanted a flexible way to display my LEGO kits, so I built a simple french cleat system, and made the shelve's corner supports to look like legos. I still have 7 more kits to add, but ran out of time. It works really well!After being shelved for years, I've finally finished my first Map. Feast your eyes at this shit show.I made a 10$ audience tower from The Phantom Menace pod racing scene to hang of my shelveSurviving Sections Of "The March Of Time", A (1930) MGM Film Shelved During ProductionI had to buy a 2nd shelve for my whiskey.How Does Your Collection Shelve?A shelved project from 3 years agoStargate: Extinction (shelved circa 2009) @BaronDestructo : “Atlantis is going to make its way back to Pegasus, and en route they end up experiencing engine problems. And they end up stranded between Pegasus and the Milky Way in another galaxy."Here's concept art to Disney's cancelled animated movie, Fraidy Cat which was set to be a parody of Classic Alfred Hitchcock Films, but was shelved because David Stainton said the movie wouldn't be marketable to audiencesScreenshots from the Cancelled Animated Movie Healthcliff: Bad Kitty that was set for release in 2011 but was quietly shelved for unknown reasonsToy Rotation 101!A hotly contested album that was shelved for 50 years. My rookie Jazz ears love itFinally Shelved the Boys!Bucks Fizz - "What's Love Got To Do With It?" (1984) The British pop group's version of Tina Turner's hit. It was recorded before Turner's version, then shelved for nearly two decades.City Kickboxing Halt Planned US Move, Will Remain In New ZealandDo you guys remember when Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit) was supposed to direct a Halo movie in 2005? Crazy what would have been if it happened. Shame it got shelved by Fox.Made a mini batcave to add on my shelve!Today is Space Troops Day. This is an IS interceptor (note one of the two frag warheads sticking out aft). First flight 1967, IOC 1971, shelved 1984 under Andropov's unilateral ASAT moratorium.OtD 5 Jun 1996 a Texan border community group Save Sierra Blanca stepped up its campaign to oppose a nuclear waste disposal site in their area. They allied with other environmental groups in the US and Mexico and the plan was shelved 2 years laterSCTV: Martin Scorsese-directed special made for Netflix has been shelved

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