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Olivia is the ultimate leading lady of this beautiful brand. See the looks: https://t.co/O75MvjCKNT viaLast Japanese silk ship unloads in USA (1941)Why Chiso Kimonos Are So Expensive | So Expensive | Business Insider*waves* "Woman’s Kimono with Sea Eagle, Ocean Waves, and Rocks," Japan, silk plain weave, paste-resist dyed (yūzen) with gilt-paper-wrapped-silk embroidery, applied metallic foil, Taishō period (1912 – 1926)- early Shōwa period (1926 – 1989), first half 20th century.Expanding Warren Buffett’s Value Investing Approach To The Socially Responsible SectorSilk handerchief with the manuscript for "Keep the Home Fires Burning" by Ivor Novello. The opening of the melody bears a resemblance to Gustav Holst`s Christmas setting of "In the Bleak Midwinter."Stitched up my silk sleeping bag liner before a 4 night backpack trip. Took less than an hour and saved $$.Shostakovich embroidery #2, Based on a sketch by Nikolai Sokolov. 1942. Spendor silk thread on ramie blend fabric.Why It's Okay To Wear Shorts To WorkGiant floof is unimpressed with the lack of mom's silk pillowcase to nap upon.Silk Sonic - Love's Train (Con Funk Shun Cover) [R&B/Soul]The Silk Exchange Building (487 Broadway, Manhattan NYC)Why Persian Rugs Are So Expensive | So ExpensiveThe universe is astonishing in multiple ways, and one of its most probative features is the existence of its dark side. Joseph Silk discuses dark energy, the mysterious so-called energy of empty space that is accelerating the expansion of the universe.So Expensive Season 8 MarathonThis @HANLEYMELLON sapphire silk dress is everything. Let @Magenhaz be your shopping guide: http://t.co/qPwmJW95Wo http://t.co/sveDX4jbqF[Homemade] Chocolate Silk PieMaking Some Frilly Victorian Underwear || 1890s Combinationshttps://twitter.com/archillect/status/1518621824900374528This is my chonky boy Silk and a wee math problem. He likes to sleep on top of a pile of boxes next to my bed and has a bad habit of using me as a landing pad when he jumps down in the morning. My question is this: how much force does this chonk exert on my poor belly?It's all in the details... Get a little lost in the intricate floral details of this 17th century silk and velvet textile from Iran. "Textile Length with Design of Flowering Plants," Iran, cut and voided silk velvet on a metallic ground, 17th century.Anita Rani learns to perform like a Bollywood star - BBCSilk Exchange Building at 487 Broadway, New York City, built in 1894, architect John Townsend Williams.GIs with local children near Bütgenbach Belgium, January 1945. LIFE Magazine Archives - George Silk PhotographerNow on view: Learn more about ikat, a technique where silk threads were bound and resist-dyed before weaving into cloth. "Power of Pattern: Central Asian Ikats from the David and Elizabeth Reisbord Collection" is on view through July 28 :: photo © Museum Associates/LACMAHappy Diwali!!! ✨Manichaeism: The Silk Road Religion [18:54]Why French Leavers Lace Is So Expensive | So ExpensiveShostakovich embroidery #4. I've shared these on the shostakovich sub but not here, and I've had a couple of inquiries about them, so here they are, starting with the most recent. Based on a photo from June, 1975. All done with one strand of silk embroidery thread using needlepainting techniques.Why Cuban Link Chains Are So Expensive | So ExpensiveTinariwen - Sastanàqqàm [Desert Blues]Making a Sherlock Holmes Deerstalker HatMe and littlehands on Diwali this time last year✨ Tomorrow I'll be doing an IG Live at 3pm EST where I'll be cooking Aloo Tikki 🥘 here: https://t.co/gkTgVJU9PE We'll be raising money for @SakhiNYC, a survivor-led organization for gender-justice for South Asian womenInvestigating One of the Oldest Victorian Sewing Machines! 1876 Wilcox & Gibbs ChainstitchA 15th Century Princess Gown Part II || Historical SewingMaking a Sherlock Holmes Inverness Coatimpressive-view-of-waikiki-hawaii_11788979503_oI Remade Mary Poppins’ Dress to be Actually EdwardianSunac Guangzhou Grand Theatre, by Steven Chilton Architects (London). The design is inspired by traditional silk embroidery and the physicality of silk cloth, through a series of gently twisting folds that define the outer envelope.It’s here! Just in time for the holidays, these fine silk scarves come in two sizes and multiple combos of my favorite colors for a chic facial covering, neckerchief, head wrap, bag accessory.. the list goes on! Check out the full capsule https://t.co/Rx0KLyf1C5 Happy ShoppingAngele is so beautifulIf you end up trapped, at least you can get a fabulous silk scarf and matching handbag.► Rolls-Royce Serenity - The Ultimate PhantomAdapting a Chemise a la Reine into a Modern Summer Dress: Design ProcessDesigning for access to clean water in rural India, a WDO Water Feature, featuring Chandrasekaran Jayaraman, Director of WATSAN products industrialdesign water #sanitation. Read it here:This cream silk shirt makes an effortlessly chic addition to any closet. Shop it now: http://t.co/D5dQfbdGgG http://t.co/cwyN0Hnx4cAccent your summer style with a bow thanks to this Valentino silk blouse: http://t.co/dEiLRl6Yk8 http://t.co/0mmIqAOGFEWhy Stetson Cowboy Hats Are So Expensive | So ExpensiveBusy work (from home) day!⁣ ✅ IG Live with @forbes ✅ OP Collection Brainstorm⁣ ✅ Top Secret Project Meeting⁣ ✅ Image Asset Review⁣ ⁣ Olivia Palermo Collection Neck-Tie Blouse in Dandelion Silk now available 🤩💃🏼VICTORIAN ✨SECRET PANTS✨ | Making an 1890s Split SkirtVintage silk wallpaper prior to demo in NY estateMe reading through comments on Twitter like:Making an OnlyFans for Saucy Victorian Ankle Pics. (But why the historical ankle obsession?)PFC George Kelly of Philadelphia near Bütgenbach Belgium - January, 1945. LIFE Magazine, George Silk PhotographerRainy Days are for Tailoring Dramatic Victorian Skirts.The sarcophagus of Wirkak, an 86-year-old Sogdian caravan leader, 580 CE. This Iranian culture was among the most important merchant societies on the Silk Road. The tomb imitates Chinese domestic architecture and the epitaph is bilingual. Studded doors are flanked by four-armed guards. Xi'an, China.A Victorian Lady's Pinstripe WaistcoatMissing my family in India…Why Muga Silk Is So Expensive | So ExpensiveLacy Edwardian Blouses are...COMPLICATED.

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