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Clay Sealing showing a Stick Figure holding a sword with Brahmi script, 3rd-4th Century CE, Found at Rajghat, Bihar, Allahabad Museum, Prayagraj, India.Sometimes I draw silly stick figure comics. Here's one about secrets.Stick Figure Animator Loses Community and Reconnects Years Later [13:10]Marco Tempest: The augmented reality of techno-magicStick Figure Comes to Life in Water - WOWHow to Draw a Stick Figure With a BeanieNot your typical stick figure family sticker…Tap the Screen 3 Times, See What Happens NextShould I make a giant papier-maché stick figure for my bedroom? (see sketch)Remember that stick figure guy you used to draw when you were 11? Well this is him now...I debated posting this because I know it's not perfect, but as background on me...I have never been able to even trace a stick figure. I'm not an artist. But I drew this out from a youtube tutorial and learned some basic stitches...and here's my first project!Stick Figure Comes to Life in Water10 Messages in Logos You Will Never ForgetThe Brief and Wondrous Life of a Hangman Stick FigureBridesmaids Share Their Horror StoriesI think this stick figure is acting a little TOO nonchalant for my tastes.

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