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Abandoned Trailer - Like a still life painting.No Bones about It! Fine Art Photographer Andrea Baldeck, MD, FCPPSurreal still-life[#WorkOfTheDay] In this ham still life, observe the clues that suggest that the guests are enjoying this succulent meal. There are knife marks visible on the cheese, one of the pancakes has been nibbled... ☛Close your eyes, imagine filling your plate, and asking for seconds. (chef’s kiss) Jacob van Walscapelle, “Still Life with Fruit,” 1675, oil on panel paintingStill life oil paintingHappy birthday to Sir David Attenborough! 🎂🎈 He paid us a visit last year to open one of our exhibitions! He was good friends with artist John Craxton, whose vivid work ‘Still Life with Three Sailors’ you can see in this photoThe way Paul Cézanne defied traditional rules of perspective with his still life paintings >>>Tutti Frutti Drawing 🍍 Originary Arts invites you to 'Tutti Frutti Drawing', a playful life drawing and colourful collage workshop in Room 30 by Juan de Zurbarán’s ‘Still Life with Lemons in a Wicker Basket’, as part of ourOne pie, and no Peacock please 🥧 Whether you’re celebrating on Zoom or with a small gathering in person, we wish you all a happy and festive Thanksgiving 🦃 Pieter Claesz, "Still Life with Peacock Pie," 1627, oil on panel, 30 1/3/4 in.We hope your Sunday's as serene as a still life painting by Adrian Stokes. 💛Alessio Cocchi - Leica M10-RFlowers in mourning, remembrance, and gratitude for JohnLewis, civil rights icon and Congressman from Georgia, whose funeral took place today. AliceNeel, an artist of complex and intimate portraits, also made still life paintings that suggest both strength and vulnerability.#MugShotMonday and a question. I feel like I did a good job with the lighting and I love how it looks like an old renaissance still life… but that red color pops! Do the strawberries just steal the show?Before After Three centuries of light exposure caused Margareta Haverman's famous still life to fade. In our latest blog post, discover how a team of conservators and curators brought it (digitally) back to life.Slice of peacock pie anyone? What’s your favorite mouthwatering still life? by @ tirami.suzie on Instagram ️ Pieter Claesz, “Still Life with Peacock Pie”, 1627, oil on panel, The Lee and Juliet Folger Fund. (On view in the West Building, Main Floor in Gallery 50A)Create your own still life painting and learn new art-making methods alongside expert artists and designers in our upcoming Studio Workshop. No materials? No problem! We'll mail you all you'll need to create the perfect composition. 🎨 🖌️ 🖼️ Register:Still Life / VANILLA HOT SPRINGSPost Apocalyptic Still Life, me, 2022Hey, bookworms! Here's a new term for you: "munbangdo" Literally meaning “scholar’s study painting,” this still-life painting genre emerged in Korea during the late 18th-century. Visit the MetTimeline for more on munbangdo and its lasting influence:I took at shot at playing the tune "Last Train Home" from the Pat Metheny album Still Life (Talking). I think it came out pretty well. I hope you like it!Samuel Bak, Still Life with Ladder, 1976.Join us this week for a (virtual) "Artful Conversations" program. Recommended for children ages 7–12 (and their adult companions) we’ll spend an hour exploring Margaret Burroughs's “Still Life” (1943). Register:Accompanying @TateLiverpool's exhibition of NHS portraits by AlizaNisenbaum, this book features all the incredible sitters' stories, plus Nisenbaum's still life flowers, which she paired with each portrait.⁣⁣ Buy or gift a copy here: https://t.co/BJ9DExNbCCAfrican American artist Robert Seldon Duncanson was widely recognized during his lifetime for his pastoral landscapes. However, a small group of still-life paintings he made during the late 1840’s are considered his visual delicacies. [“Still Life with Fruit and Nuts,” 1848]Can you spot an eggbeater, an electric fan, and a rubber glove in this painting? These objects are the bases for this painting by Stuart Davis. The artist created a still life by nailing the objects to a table in his studio, and creating five paintings based on the arrangement.Thomas de Monaco on the Leica S-AdapterIt's not long until you can explore PaulCezanne's iconic paintings at Tate Modern! Discover his still lifes, landscapes and paintings of bathers that transformed modern art as we know it. 🍎💦🌳 Tickets ➡️In the late 1930s, Lee Krasner began producing works such as Still Life that used ordinary objects as inspiration for abstract compositions. In this drawing she revels in the precise relationships between color, form, and negative space. This work is on view now.Still Life With Flowers And Fruit (1866), Henri Fantin-LatourThe duality in this work by Beauford Delaney parallels his personal life. Here, a Fang reliquary figure, associated with African rituals, is inserted into a modernist still-life composition. Pride 📷 Beauford Delaney (American, 1901-1979)Happy birthday to Auguste Renoir who brought this peachy keen scene to life. 🎨🍑 Reviewers in 1882 were dazzled by this "very appealing" still life of "a certain fruit bowl of 'Peaches,' whose velvety execution verges on a trompe l'oeil." Learn more:Spring is still life season. 🍈🌸🌱🍐🌷 Margaret Fisher Prout, Home Grown 1952.Find joy and stress relief in online still life drawing sessions with Anna Breininger and Kristin Cammermeyer via @Zoom_us every Sunday (h/tReady for some FridayFun? Join our OpenStudio from 1–5 p.m. Today's topic: Fruit Still life→Offering a masterful compilation of flowers, birds, and grapes, the recently acquired “Still Life with Flowers, Grapes, and Small Game Birds” (1615) is a direct appeal to the senses and an early example of one of many Frans Snyders' beautifully detailed still lifesStill life by Katrina Navasca —Still LifeHappening now! Join Met curator Eleanor Soo-ah Hyun to explore Korean munbangdo (sometimes called chaekgeori) still-life paintings in this week's episode of Insider Insights. ⬇️ Watch on Facebook https://t.co/WWMm9sqqzu ⬇️ Watch on YouTube‘The challenge for an artist is always to find your own way of doing something.’ – Tom Wesselmann — The artist’s large-scale installation, ‘Still Life 60’ (1973), presented in ArtBasel Unlimited 2019 byFlower Still-life with an Alabaster Vase (1783), Gerard van Spaendonck,Josef Mansfeld - Still Life with a Historicist Ewer, a Plate of Fruit and a Newspaper (1884)A spooky start to your week! ☠️ It's hard to miss the explicit symbolism in this 1628 still life by Pieter Claesz—the toppled glass and gap-toothed skull serve as stark reminders of life’s brevity. SpookySeason See it on view in #MetDutchMasterpieces.“The purplish tear drop, ripe with sweet uncertainty…” — Vivian Tu The mouth-watering details of Luis Meléndez's 1770 “Still Life with Figs and Bread” ✨Still LifeWe’re zooming in on this 19th-century still life painting by Édouard Manet for you so you don’t miss any of these exquisite details ✨In the 18th century, many women artists working in Europe became still-life specialists because they weren't allowed to work with nude models. One such specialist was Margareta Haverman, whose skill is on full display in this breathtaking still life.Thank you @WomenInTheArts! Sending back a MuseumBouquet by Ruysch's near contemporary, Clara Peeters, in honor of 5WomenArtists. [Clara Peeters, "Still Life with Flowers Surrounded by Insects and a Snail," c. 1615/1618, oil on copper ]Jennifer Packer: The Eye Is Not Satisfied With Seeing is now open! Combining observation, memory, and improvisation, Packer's intimate renderings of friends and family along with her floral tableaux recast the traditional genres of portraiture and still life.Character Teaser - "Albedo: Still Life and Creation" | Genshin ImpactAdriaen Coorte’s still-life paintings are among the most mysterious and compelling works of art produced in the Netherlands during the 17th century. Take in the details of the recently acquired “Still Life with a Hanging Bunch of Grapes, Two Medlars, and a Butterfly” (1687).Paul Cézanne was one of the greatest painters of still life in history... Take a close look at the 19th-century details of his striking work of art: “The Peppermint Bottle”Time for a bit of MetSketch Sunday! ✍️ ⁣ Grab some supplies, cozy up to your favorite fruit, books, plants, or other items at home, and follow along to learn how to draw a still life. ⁣Share what you drew with MetSketch! Watch ➡️Prepare to fall in love with the intricate details of Lilly Martin Spencer’s unbelievably realistic still-life  Lilly Martin Spencer, “Raspberries,” 1859, oil on canvas,in., Gift of William and Abigail GerdtsWorkOfTheWeek is Nathaniel Bacon’s ‘Cookmaid with Still Life of Vegetables and Fruit’ — just in time for #HealthyEatingWeek! Bacon loved gardening and grew his own melons at home. 🍐🍈🥕🥔 See the painting up close at Tate Britain.Framed stereoscopic daguerreotype still life photo titled “The Sands of Time” taken by English photographer Thomas Richard Williams, c. 1850-1852.

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