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AllByYourShelf Pick of the Day: "China: Dawn of a Golden Age, 200–750 A.D." In this 2004 publication, explore the blending of foreign motifs and styles within traditional Chinese art during the Han and Tang Dynasties. ✨ Read it:This Ivory Cricket Cage Belonged To A Prized FighterSilver Perfume Burner with Gimbal Supports to Prevent Spilling, Tang Dynasty (618-907CE)Glazed ceramic pillow. China, Tang dynasty, 8th century ADTang Dynasty 671 AD under Emperor GaozongLay your head, stay awhile. As part of our MetAccess program, each month we invite Deaf and Disabled artists to respond to works in The Met collection that spark curiosity or inspiration. Today AlexDoloresSalerno shares their thoughts on this Tang dynasty pillow:A Chinese ceramic horse, glazed, with applied motifs. Tang Dynasty, from the early 8th century. Detail pic in comment. Museum of Fine Art.A glazed earthenware tripod vessel, made in the Henan province in China, during the Tang dynasty (618-906 CE). Height 16.5 cm, now housed at the Benaki Museum in AthensKorean Three Kingdoms Period explained (History of Korea)These may look like traditional Chinese landscape paintings…Gilded bronze lion. China, Tang dynasty, 618-907 ADMirror with Buddha relief and inscription. China, Tang dynasty, 828 ADConserving Vulture Peak | Episode 6: Backing fabricCeramic tomb ornament shaped like a dragon head holding a ring. China, Tang dynasty, 618 - 906Terracotta Plaque of Elegant Dancers, Chinese, Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE) 12...3 inches. Private CollectionStatuette of a soldier and his shield. China, Tang dynasty, 618 – 906Figurine of a dwarf. China, Tang dynasty, 6th-9th centuryChina's Lost Tang Dynasty Murals (2020) - This documentary tells the fascinating story of the great Empire that made those murals, of the Silk Road that connected it to the world, and of the rebellions and disasters that brought the dynasty crashing down. [00:43:28]Showing at LFW presented by @Clearpay_UK September 2022 is Dublin born designer @Simone_Rocha_. Their SS19 collection explored Rocha's Chinese heritage & was inspired by the clothing worn in the Tang Dynasty in the 16th Century. Explore the LFW schedule:Happy Lunar New Year! Best wishes as we begin the Year of the Ox! This sculpture is based on the Tang Dynasty painting “Five Oxen” by Han Huang. It was a gift from Hu Jintao to President Obama in 2009. pic:Shrine to a Tang dynasty (896 AD) carved stone statue of the Thousand-Armed Guanyin in Shengshui Temple in Neijiang, Sichuan, China, after the paint on the statue was recently restoredConserving Vulture Peak | Episode 10: Stitching the support fabricChinese Historian Describes the Byzantine Empire // 7-10th century "Book of Tang" // Primary SourceThe Fengxian cave, built during the Tang dynasty between 672 and 676 for Empress Wu Zetian, is one of the largest caves of the Longmen Grottoes, a UNESCO world heritage site in China housing as many as 100000 statues within 2345 caves, ranging from 25 mm to 17 m in heightMarbled jar with amber glaze. China, Tang dynasty [OS]Whinnying Horse. Tang Dynasty, China, 6-9th century A.D.Today in history: Li Yuan becomes Emperor Gaozu of Tang, initiating three centuries of Tang Dynasty rule over China. (618 CE) OnThisDay Read more:Sculpture of a chicken-headed man. China, Tang dynasty, 7th-10th centuryA gilded bronze dragon unearthed from Caochangpo in the southern suburb of Xian in 1975. Tang dynasty (618-907), now on display at the Shaanxi History MuseumMural depicting six diplomats. China, Tang Dynasty, 7th centuryTaoism (also known as Daoism) is a Chinese philosophy attributed to Lao Tzu (c. 500 BCE) which developed from the folk religion of the people primarily in the rural areas of China and became the official religion of the country under the Tang Dynasty.A Tang dynasty folding screen silk painting depicting a woman in the fashion of the day, and a modern reconstruction (late 7th century - early 8th century AD)Silver flask with a dancing horse holding a cup in its mouth. China, Tang Dynasty, 618-907 ADSilver wine cup, with birds and a rabbit amid scrolling plant forms. From China, Tang Dynasty, 8th century CE, now housed at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C.Tomb guardian beast (zhenmushou) with many spiky protrusions. China, Tang dynasty, early 700sA bronze Mirror wiith mother-of-pearl inlay on the rear side. Tang dynasty, 8th century CE, now housed at the Shosoin repository in Nara, JapanTwo ceramic tomb guardians holding snakes. China, Tang dynasty, 8th century ADSculpture of a horse. China, Tang dynasty, 700-750 CEA Guide to Tang Dynasty Tri-Color (Sancai) Ceramics & PotteryTang dynasty Phoenix Headdress. made of gold, enamel, sapphire, and garnet. 6th century Tang dynastySwinging censer with stabilizing internal gimbal, featuring bird and leaf motifs. China, Tang dynasty, around 750 ADToday in history: Li Shimin, posthumously known as Emperor Taizong of Tang, assumes the throne over the Tang dynasty of China. (626 CE) OnThisDay Read more:Gold headdress with a galloping horse with antlers. Tang dynasty, China, 618-907Lotus plant made of silver leaves and silver wire, found in an underground chamber. China, Tang dynasty, 7th-8th century ADChinese zodiac pottery statues from the National Museum of China's collection dating back to the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907)Xiuding temple wall tile depicting a dancing Sogdian, Tang Dynasty (618-907CE)Wall tile depicting a sitting demon. China, Tang Dynasty, 7th centuryThe Great Mosque of Xi'an. First built in the then-capital of Xi'an in 741 AD during the Tang Dynasty, most of the current buildings date to a 1392 reconstruction during the Ming Dynasty, and are still actively used today.Conserving Vulture Peak | Episode 3: Conservation assessmentA very rare and important sancai-glazed pottery figure of a female polo player, Tang dynasty (AD 618-907). 13¾ in (35 cm) longMarble guardian lion with traces of paint. China, Tang dynasty, 670-730 ADColossal stone rhino from the tomb of Emperor Gaozu. China, Tang dynasty, around 635 ADWater dropper shaped like a turtle holding a bowl in its mouth. China, Tang dynasty, 618-907 AD8th century Tang dynasty Pipa, "The Inspiration behind The Iconic Louis Vuitton Monogram Motive" It was gifted to Japan by Tang dynasty Emperor Xuanzong (685 AD-762 AD), it has four stringsTomb sculpture of a wrestler. China, Tang Dynasty, 700-800 ADAn octagonal box covered with tortoise shell and decorated with mother-of-pearl inlay. 8th century CE, Tang dynasty, now housed at the Shosoin repository in Nara, JapanCeramic figure of a caparisoned Ferghana horse with sancai glaze and textured saddlecloth. China, Tang Dynasty (618-907 CE).Earthenware statuette of man with shovel. Tang dynasty Chinese, 7th c.Buddhist reliquary shaped like a miniature sarcophagus. The gilded bronze container would have held religious relics. Tang Dynasty, 8th century CE. Found in Henan Province, China, but now held at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.Michael Wood tells the well-loved tale of China's first great international age under the Tang Dynasty, and travels the silk road to the bazaars of Central Asia.Gilded Bronze Dragon from Tang Dynasty, unearthed from Caochangpo in the southern suburb of Xian in 1975. 7th-10th century China. Shaanxi History Museum.Inkstone and cover in the shape of a turtle. China, Sui to Tang dynasty, 6th to 7th century [OS]Horse and mounted musician, glazed ceramic. China, Tang dynasty, 7th-8th centuryClam-shaped perfume case, made of half a clam shell joined to a gold replica of the other half. China, Tang dynasty, 618-907 AD

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