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Pinch me... (Berg Glacier, Mount Robson, British Columbia, Canada)Archillect on TwitterThis weekends blanket fortJungle coziness!Maps that show us who we are (not just where we are) | Danny DorlingI’m building a house soon and told my architect to design it similar to this minimalist house.“A lunar settlement in the 21st century.” Robert McCall illustration from ‘Pioneering the Space Frontier,’ 1986.https://t.co/P1xqVPwQGYThe view hiking towards Rainier was worth getting out of the tent earlyOne of the neatest spots we've ever camped atA blessing from the mountains, Manimahesh, India 4190mIt is said that the early Norse settlers of Iceland in the Viking Age (c. 790-1100 CE) believed it was the home of the gods because of the tale of the creation of the world in Norse religion.Simulating Mars Atop Earth's Largest VolcanoLofoten Islands, NorwayCamping under the Milky Way in the DolomitesWho Doesn’t Love a Little Tipi Action? Taken Exactly One Year Ago Today, Hunter-Fryingpan Wilderness, ColoradoThe big blue hexamid.ITAP of a sunset from my front porchThe Sweet Science Of Keeping Bugs Out Of Your Tent: An EPIC Guide [2021]Orion nebula (M42) over White Sands National ParkWent wild camping in the Lake District over bank holiday - sunset and sunrise at 2000 feet up Whiteless Pike was incredibleFirst time camping on the coastal beaches of Oregon! Woke up to a gorgeous view of the sun peeking through the forest.Not a bad camp spot! Up on Baffin island, Canada.We can't stop dreaming of these gorgeous tented-camp hotels:An exhausted nurse at the 44th evacuation hospital, Normandy, France, 1944.Update homeless encampment in Venice Beach new skid RowFour day solo fishing trip on an island in Ontario, Canada.Amazing Homes: Landscape House in #Switzerland designed by Milad EshtiyaghiPICI have a signal!-what a way to spend a Friday night!https://twitter.com/youminimalism/status/1298507990350336004A warm tipi fire keeping me cozyOvernight on South Sister OregonAutumn is beautiful in mountainous Jämtland, Sweden but winter comes quickly and I was happy to have brought the 4-season tent when the snow camesurf_rider_hotel_waikiki_honolulu_4693424601_oLast week Michael left the bake off tent which meant Hollie got to make us this INSANE "Kids Dream" cake! Packed full of brightly coloured sponge and skittles, we couldn't get enough of this bake 🌈😍 Find all the bake off scores so far here >Alps Mountaineering Trail Tipi success. Review below.Camping All Alone on a Cliff in Yosemite!I Turned our Unused Attic Space into a Walk In Closet.Climbed up and stayed the night at Lunch Counter (9,400 ft) on Mt. Adams. The mountain you can peaking over the clouds is Mt. Saint Helens.Gordon Island, Thousand Islands National Park. CanadaMilky Way From Paicines, Californiahttps://twitter.com/WholesomeMeme/status/1558960912416907266Sunrise in Golden Ears Provincial Park (British Columbia)… 11km hike to get to this spotA tent in the Rocky Mountains in which I am currently nestled with down blankets. (I conveniently have cell service).Lavender Valley, Oregon.PICWaking up in a treehouse - Hampshire, UKHighway WallpaperTent Ridge [Kananaskis Country, Alberta, Canada]

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