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Shark Week is Sneaking Up Fast! | Starts Sun July 5 8/7cUnidentified Myrmica sp Queen in test tube (possibly Myrmica rubra) - Day 1No Luck for Jake Anderson I Deadliest CatchEdgar vs. Norm: The Shootout | Deadliest CatchWho Decided There Are 24 Hours In A Day?Bear Brown's Guide to Extreme ReadingKye Kelly for the Win! | Street OutlawsIn the Drivers Seat: Boosted vs. Dominator | Street OutlawsWhy You Shouldn’t Quit Your Music LessonsAustin Nichols is Scared For Sharks | Shark Week 2015Let There Be Light | Alaskan Bush PeopleMoving my Fire Ants into their Avatar Floating Mountains PaludariumMY FIRE ANTS ESCAPED THEIR ANT FARM| What I Had to Do and WhyJake Asks for His Job Back | Deadliest CatchTest Tube: Joe Hartzler - CatchWhy Is Waking Up So Hard?Funny Or Die Test Tube: The Get GoHow Racially Diverse Emoji Will Make Us BetterWhy You’re Attracted To Certain PeopleHow Colors Affect Your MoodThe Scientifically Best Way To Travel!How Gorillas Communicate Using Body Odor!20+ Foot Megashark Filmed in Mexican WatersFollow the Ants | Men Women WildGrab That Pot Axel! | Deadliest CatchWTF Is Kombucha?Plasma Recipe for Disaster | Big Giant SwordsDo Cellphones Give You Cancer?Laundry Day For The Brown Family | Alaskan Bush PeopleWhy Young Women Should Worry About Heart AttacksWhat Makes Online Shopping So Confusing?Happy Birthday, DNews!Nick Swisher and Pat White Coming to Train | American MuscleThe Beauty of Living WildSinking a Ghost Ship | Deadliest CatchClosest Calls: Spiderman to the Rescue | Deadliest CatchFunny Or Die Test Tube: CreamScience Behind Wet Towel Snaps | MythBustersFunny Or Die Test Tube: J HorseSurrounded by Silky SharksClosest Calls: Holy Crap | Deadliest CatchMy Formica fusca Queen with eggs in Test tube - Day 11Return To The Bering Sea: Changes to the BoatsTraffic Tricks Aftershow | MythBustersTest Tube: Cream - Shit People Who Work at Buzzfeed SayAlaskan Bush Tours: Snowbird Digs for ClamsMajor Changes on the Wizard | Deadliest CatchInteraction Is a Must to Break Down StereotypesBonus Race: Cory Temple vs. Shane LesterUnder the Hood: Kye Kelley and The ShockerBaby Meerkats Explore the WorldResearchers Spot Tigers in the Wild for First TimeTwo Huge Waves Slam Deadliest Catch Crab BoatSnake for Lunch | Men Women WildCell Phone Bans Don't Make Roads Safer!5 Bugs You NEVER Knew Were In Your Home!Scientific Tuesdays - Candle Wax ExplosionIs Young Blood The Secret To Eternal Youth?New Season Sneak Peek | Alaskan Bush PeopleZeus Takes on Cronus with an Electrified Blade | Big Giant SwordsWhat Makes Us Feel Awkward?Sweet Bush Water

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