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I draw realistic versions of the animals found in video games. This is my take on Sonic the Hedgehog. Full explanation in the comments.My cat befriended the animals and plants in the woods near our house !! ^__^ She sends you all slow blinks for a good day <3Wynton Marsalis' SPACES (ftg. Lil Buck & Jared Grimes)The Flower That Smells Like a Rotting CorpseAuthorities Raid Animal Sanctuary for Alleged Bad ConditionsWhen 3 Academy biologists team up to festively "recreate Osher Rainforest w/many of the animals & plants we care for every day"—✨BOOM. Edible & incredible thanks to: • Creative designer: Tim Wong • Pastry chef: Kelsey Paulling • Structural engineer: Ryan SchaefferHow Modern Animals Would Look As Dinosaurs@wolfiesmom is treating herself and the animals around her to a hearty meal on an all-new Valerie's #HomeCooking! Don't miss it today at 11:30a|10:30c.11-Year-Old in Alligator Costume Plays Music for LemursThe Easiest Way to Survive a Bear AttackMountain Lions Caught on Camera in San Francisco Bay Area | National GeographicYou’re A Farmer! Can You Squeeze The Milk Out Of All The Animals?Why Elephants May Go Extinct in Your Lifetime | National GeographicSea turtle off La Jolla Shores! My partner and I brought our snorkel gear too so we can trade off manning the yak and seeing the animals!Tigers Living in Train Car for 15 Years Will Go to SanctuaryStaff Members Move Into Kyiv Zoo to Care for Animals"Hunting is prohibited here, but no one guards the animals. The poacher wants to get prey. What can animals do?" Soviet environmental poster, 1979Smallest and Largest Animal Populations: Comparison5 Logical Puzzles That'll Take Time to CrackEcology and balance are important for the animals we interact with.War-Torn Zoo's Last Surviving Animals Rescued in Mosul | National GeographicThis month on Magnum Flow, in the words of Alessandra Sanguinetti, Magnum photographers and guests "pay homage to the animals we share this life and planet with": https://t.co/wcgz4tQVmn © Paolo Pellegrin/Magnum PhotosWhy Is Santa Swimming With Sharks?Turning Roadkill Into Art | National GeographicHow to Move a Two-Ton Elephant to Safety | Short Film ShowcaseSnake-Lover Lives With “Large Number” of Slithery ReptilesWe’re celebrating NationalSleepoverDay, but not the kind of sleepover where you have fun and stay up way past your bedtime. In 1987, it was the kind where 20 inches of snow forced @NationalZoo staff to sleep in the Antelope House to care for the animals. (📷:97-9599)Arctic Geese Chicks Jump Off Cliff to Survive | Hostile PlanetWhen Ringling Bros. Retires Its Elephants, This is Where They Live | National GeographicEven though one of the animals probably just ran away this pic makes it look like shits about to go down.This month on Magnum Flow, in the words of Alessandra Sanguinetti, Magnum photographers and guests "pay homage to the animals we share this life and planet with": https://t.co/wcgz4tQVmn © Trent Parke/Magnum PhotosThe blue sharks to 13ft long. Young blue sharks are preyed upon by larger pelagic predators. White sharks and shortfin mako sharks are a few of the animals that prey on adult blue sharks.Can We Save These Rare Toads From Extinction? | National Geographic"while the animals are covered in your feces wonder what kind of Indiana boned in the temple of god damn just happened"How Staff Keep Animals Cool at This ZooLet’s help the animalsCan You Tell a Monkey's Mood From Its Face? | National GeographicVets Are Burned Out Treating Surge of Pandemic PetsTigers and Bear Are Rescued From Closed Zoo2 Ducks Rescued After Diesel Spill Covers Them in OilMarge, don't discourage the boy. Weaseling out of things is important to learn. It's what separates us from the animals - except the weasel.Rescuers Release 20 Javan Slow Lorises Back Into The Wild | National Geographic1st Camel Riding School Opens Near DubaiExcited Llamas Jump Around at Dinner Time - 1311080Carole Baskin Criticizes Wildlife Wrangler Jack HannaAnalysis of remains and DNA samples of ibex and goats that lived at Ganj Dareh, an archaeological site in Iran’s Zagros Mountains some 10,000 years ago is helping researchers to determine how the animals were gradually domesticated by early pastoralists.30 Years After Chernobyl, Nature Is Thriving | National GeographicMeet Six Rescued Rhinos That Survived Poaching | Short Film ShowcaseAustralia Says Koalas Endangered Due to Fires and DiseaseWhat Happens When a Town Votes For a Dog or Cat to Be MayorI am fully in support of this trend in gaming where developers allow you to pet the animals and I hope it never dies.Police Raid What is Possibly Europe's Largest Illegal Turtle Farm | National Geographic5 Puppies Rescued From Home With No Water or ElectricityWhat Happens When Animals ‘Break the Law'?Deer Try to Chew Woman’s Dress Off #ShortsBeluga Whale Mesmerized by the ViolinHe Found a Great White Shark in an Empty Building, See How It Got There

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