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WATCH: Over reliance on social media apps has mental and physical consequences for childrenCOVID-19, Russia, rights: China hosts Olympics amid controversy‘Remain in Mexico’ reinstated, sends asylum seekers across the southern borderTwo children lost loved ones to gun violence. They're now each other's 'safe haven'BitBoy had admitted to promoting rugpulls and scams twice; promised to stop twiceBitBoy had admitted to promoting rugpulls and scams twice; promised to stop twiceBitBoy had admitted to promoting rugpulls and scams twice; promised to stop twiceBrooks and Capehart on Kabul attack, Jan. 6 investigation, voting rightsBitBoy had admitted to promoting rugpulls and scams twice; promised to stop twiceJournalist Kara Swisher's Brief But Spectacular take on Big Tech power, responsibilityU.S. Postal Service gets boost to overhaul its finances and modernizeBrooks and Capehart on Ketanji Brown Jackson's confirmation, restrictive new abortion lawsBrooks and Dionne on vaccine hesitancy, Capitol Police testimony, infrastructureBitBoy had admitted to promoting rugpulls and scams twice; promised to stop twiceBrooks and Capehart on Biden's criticism of Republicans, Trump document investigationBrooks and Capehart on Bob Dole legacy, threats to democracy, inflationIs the U.S. headed for a hiring slowdown? Analyzing the sobering new jobs reportBrooks and Capehart on Democratic infighting, raising debt ceiling, border crisisThousands of migrants amass at the Texas border as federal authorities ramp up reliefThis can't be put off or delayed. They are about to vote TOMORROW which will set the course for the rest of your economic life: The White House Came In To Support Crypto Tax Proposal Changes That Are Not Friendly To The Crypto World, Senator Cynthia Lummis Calls Crypto Community “We Need You”.Brooks and Marcus on threats against the FBI, Liz Cheney's future, Trump's grip on the GOPBrooks and Capehart on the Ukraine crisis, Republican divisions over Jan. 6Brooks and Capehart on the ‘doom spiral’ of the political culture warHow America faced 'Peril' in final days of Trump presidencyNew documents reveal how far Uber executives were willing to go to grow their businessWhy the toys your child wants for Christmas may be out of stockFormer Miami Dolphins coach alleges racism in 'scorched-earth lawsuit' against the NFLWATCH LIVE: How social media platforms impact kid and teen mental healthWhat Elon Musk's $44 billion purchase of Twitter may mean for the company and free speechBrooks and Capehart on Israel-Hamas cease-fire, Jan. 6 commissionInflation rises faster than expected, pinching pocketbooks and spooking the marketsBrooks and Capehart on Democrats' climate bill and critical primary electionsBrooks and Capehart on Chauvin verdict, Biden climate plan and Capitol riot investigationsThe Republican Party is paying millions for Trump's legal bills. Here's whyBrooks and Capehart on Texas voting law, Breyer retirement and replacementBrooks and Capehart on voting rights legislation and partisanshipBrooks and Capehart on Jan. 6 anniversary, voting rightsWATCH: Sexual harassment is a 'pervasive part of the culture,' says former Washington team employeeOnline threats, armed protestors and other red flags law enforcement ignored before Jan. 6Capehart and Abernathy on congressional bipartisanship, inflation, redistricting'The Triumph of Nancy Reagan' explores former first lady's influence in the White HouseBrooks and Capehart on Russia's invasion of Ukraine, Biden's Supreme Court nominationBrooks and Marcus on the Mar-a-Lago affidavit and Biden's student debt planTamara Keith and Annie Linskey on political extremism, the Build Back Better billThe dangerous secrets inside the Secret Service, and how the agency has been shortchangedBrooks and Capehart on U.S. military aid for Ukraine, GOP opposition to COVID fundingBrooks and Capehart on infrastructure talks, VP Harris's role and Trump's influenceBrooks and Capehart on the Senate's climate and health care dealCapehart and Abernathy on Virginia elections, Build Back Better plan, Colin PowellWATCH: How to strike a balance with parental controls to keep children safe onlineBrooks and Capehart on the Jan. 6 hearings and Democrats' imperiled climate agendaCapehart and Gerson on the Jan. 6 hearings, gun legislation, the importance of JuneteenthBrooks and Capehart on Republican ideals, Biden's joint address and agendaBrooks and Capehart on police shootings, the U.S. withdrawal from AfghanistanBrooks and Capehart on Biden at the G-7 summit, the Justice Department under TrumpGerson and Capehart on Afghanistan, school mask mandatesBrooks and Tumulty on debt, social spending, Jan. 6 investigation, Supreme CourtBrooks and Capehart on Democrat's climate agenda and Trump's ties to extremismBrooks and Capehart on masks, the Middle East and House GOP shake upU.S. military leaders worried Trump might attempt a coup to stay in power, new book claimsBrooks and Capehart on Indigenous boarding schools, Biden budget, child tax creditWhat's driving U.S. inflation and how price pressures could be reducedCapehart and Gerson on how immigration debate and abortion access will play into midtermsWATCH: Social media rewards 'more extreme ideas,' Washington Post technology reporter says

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