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Etiquette Guide II - Manners Before & After The Meal, RSVP, Gifts ... - Gentleman's GazetteHere comes the sun 🌞 A shamsa (sun or sunburst in Arabic) traditionally opened or closed imperial Mughal albums of artwork, called muraqqa, which often featured paintings, illuminated pages, and calligraphy. SummerSolstice Learn more:“Gender norms have taken pink and made it something soft and fragile, but it doesn’t have to be that.” See how Emily Stroud's (@emilyjstroud) artwork encourages viewers to rethink what they traditionally define as feminine versus masculine -'Opera Can Feel Like a Colonialist Art Form' | Artbound | KCETBeing Romantically Traditional | Frances Dilorinzo | Dry Bar ComedyShana tova! Wishing everyone who observes RoshHashanah a happy new year. To celebrate, we're sharing this William Brice painting, titled Pomegranates. Representing good deeds, fertility, and love, the pomegranate is traditionally consumed during the holiday.Learn about pioneering women in transit who challenged a traditionally male dominated field in tonight's FREE digital discussion. RSVP now at nytransitmuseum.org/programs.GT-R's DIG RACECheck out this collection highlight in honor of FilipinoHeritageMonth: The kumo cloth is traditionally commissioned for a wedding, to be used as part of gift exchange. This piece, by the T'boli people, is made from abaca and dyed with a warp-resist dyeing technique.A 3,300 year-old Egyptian “Shoulder Harp”. These instruments were traditionally played by women at ceremonial events or religious rites. Circa 1300 BC. #MetMuseum“Amidst civil war, a Bosnian Muslim bride and groom celebrate their wedding day as traditionally as possible while they are being protected by an armed groomsman”; captured by David Turnley (1995)DID YOU KNOW? One country banned Christmas from 1969 to 1998. Residents of another decorate Christmas trees with spider webs. People in one nation's capital traditionally roller skate to pre-Christmas church services. Brush up on your Christmas trivia:Commission of aerith by me done traditionally!This years batch of Lussekatter! Swedish saffron buns traditionally made for ChristmasIllyrian Helmet by @rino_tattoo at Kolorado Tattoo, Tirana, Albania. Wanted something traditionally Albanian, and they guys suggested, then designed this. (Ignore the crappy tribal from about 25 years ago when it was "cool")What it's like to have no sense of taste or smellVincent commission done traditionally by meHermaeus Mora, done traditionally and touched up and colored digitally!It's not traditionally cozy, but it's where I feel most comfortable.Looking for something to do? Traditionally, February is a popular time for planning and buying seeds to plant in the spring. Read more in our historical newspaper archives.Made traditionally with about 130,000 dots in 50 hours!A crowd of angry parents hurl insults at 6 year-old Ruby Bridges as she enters a traditionally all-white school, the first black child to do so in the United States South, 1960. Bridges is just 67 today. (Colorized by me)Today, the colorful and fragrant flower cempohualxochitl, or cempasúchil in Spanish, is traditionally used as an offering on domestic altars and tombs during Day of the Dead.Hiran Minar or Ivory tower in Fatehpur Sikri near Agra in India. Traditionally it was thought to have been erected as a memorial to the Emperor Akbar's favourite elephant. However, it was probably a used as a starting point for subsequent mile posts.Here comes the sun A shamsa (sun or sunburst in Arabic) traditionally opened or closed imperial Mughal albums of artwork, called muraqqa, which often featured paintings, illuminated pages, and calligraphy. Learn more:Made up of several tiers, Inro were traditionally worn as part of the kimono, suspended by a silk cord and a netsuke, (toggle). This Inro depicts a groom washing his horse, whilst the wood netsuke is carved in the shape of a monkey. BookHappy Passover! This Seder plate, traditionally used on the first two nights of Passover, was designed to hold the six symbolic foods eaten during the Passover meal.Pisnyi Borshch (пісний борщ) Meatless Borscht Soup, traditionally served on Ukrainian Christmas Eve but good for any ol dinner of the week tooHappyHoli This year, 28-29th March marks Holi, the Hindu festival of Spring! Holi is traditionally celebrated by the throwing of coloured powders, alongside communal singing and dancing.What would this have been used for, traditionallyThere are traditionally two types of Christmas party...Inside One of India’s Top GastropubsToday, textiles have been embraced by artists who draw on its long tradition and cultural associations. Traditionally linked with domestic life, women artists in particular have used textiles as a medium for artistic exploration. Discover more:Can you give me arguments against "men that bottom take/play the role of a woman in penetrative sex"?The Vimuttimagga ("Path of Freedom") is a Buddhist practice manual, traditionally attributed to the Arahant Upatissa (c. 1st or 2nd century) - Free Book - Links in CommentsThis evening dress is a stunning fusion of cultures. Designed by Matilda Etches it is an haute-couture interpretation of the wrapped garments traditionally worn by West African women, and takes inspiration for Indonesian batik fabric design.Plato (428/427 - 348/347 BCE) is considered the pre-eminent Greek philosopher, known for his Dialogues and for founding his Academy north of Athens, traditionally considered the first university in the western world.Thai Basil Tofu Stir Fry (Pad Kra Pao) | Easy Vegan RecipeSecond year calculus done entirely in PYTHON: No pencil or paper is required! Included are things that are traditionally a pain to deal with, such as path and surface integrals. See comments for more info[#WorkOfTheDay] Traditionally attributed to Giorgione, "The Pastoral Concert" is now considered a work from Titian's youth. ☛FanFriday Can you spot the painted on to this English fan? Wedding-themed designs were traditionally gifted to brides before their big day.Toxic Waste - Traditionally Yours/Burn Your Flags/A Song for BritainAn atomic factory worker wearing a plastic suit walks past his more traditionally dressed peers. Britain, 18 December 1954.ArchitectureFriday | Kita Aoyama by @weareconran was inspired by a wood block print by Katsushika Hokusai from the series ‘Thirty views of mount Fuji’, created when this area was a green landscape traditionally occupied by the Samurai.Happy Lunar New Year! Papercuts like these were traditionally hung in celebration for the New Year; they were made to decorate windows in north China. To celebrate the YearofthePig, check out our Twitter Tour later today.Lee Ng Shee made this bonnet for her son in 1919. Chinese mothers traditionally dressed their one year old children in “dog head” bonnets like this one to protect them from evil spirits. Mrs. Lee grew up in China before immigrating to New York, where she raised seven children.It’s a traditionally Rwandan hairstyle that was once worn by men, as well as by unmarried women in order to indicate to potential suitors that they were single and of marriageable age. 1923, Rwanda,Native Cherokee traditionally called these mountains Shaconage, which translates to “place of the blue smoke.” Great Smoky Mountain National Park.The medieval tower complex Erzi in Ingushetia, Russia, built for defensive and domestic use between the 14th and the 17th centuries CE. Towers were traditionally built in a period lasting no more than 365 days, with every well-to-do family in a community obliged to construct oneDidyouknow that today is Hina Matsuri in Japan? It is a festival to celebrate the health and happiness of girls. Traditionally, families decorate their homes with dolls and often feature plum blossom, a common motif on kimono.Three Burmese women, members of a circus, wear brass neck and leg rings traditionally worn by Padaung women since childhood and which cannot be removed, New York, c. 1930'sClose-up portrait of Hans Georg Wolff, Germany, circa 1930. The pins on his lapels a portrait of Duke Albrecht. Known as an "Albertus," this pin was traditionally worn in East Prussia to indicate that the wearer had passed their high school exams.This picture makes me feel powerful. Witchcraft isn't always flowing dresses and crystals - for me, it's working with a devoted dog to find bones in the woods and reconnect with my less performative self. Let's celebrate the less traditionally "aesthetic" ways that our craft comes out.Young Woman from Guanajuato, Mexico playing a mandolina conchera, a guitar-like instrument traditionally made from the shell of an armadillo circa 1895traditionally stylized sonic the hedgehog by j kirsch of sinful art tattoo in glassboro njOne of the last of the traditionally tattooed maori women (1900's) (more in comment)

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