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10 Time Comparisons To Ancient History (That Put History in Perspective)An NFL Player Died On The Field, And Everyone Went On PlayingThe Best Comedy Movies of the Past 50 Years: 30-21WWE Wrestlers Testing Positive Should Surprise No One --> https://t.co/kc210U98OK It's as predictable an occurrence as Brock Lesner lazily tossing his opponent for three minutes and calling it a match, yet the question remains as to what in the hell does the WWE do now?Sadly, The Hobby Lobby Dead Sea Scrolls Are All Crafty Fakes --> https://t.co/uKBg7fYxKu But nobody should ever feel bad for the Greens or their vanity museum.Cracked's History Of 'Goosebumps': 4 Reasons R.L. Stine Took Over Our Childhood5 Staggering Mythological Origins Of Dungeons & Dragons MonstersJoel Schumacher Will Forever Be Underrated --> https://t.co/PDYb0VUd7M Daniel Dockery misses Joel Schumacher already.Awful Pasts Famous People Are Trying To Forget -->4 Dark Ways Celebs' Movies And Shows Predicted Their Real-Life Awfulness15 Villains Of The Steroid Era: Where Are They Now?Cracked.com on TwitterWe wanted to see if we could make Top Gun: Maverick with just $20 and a dream. See how we did here >>>Turns Out Ben Affleck Blinded Himself To Play DaredevilPer our Pictofact "14 Impossibly Weird Things Michael Jackson Never Quite Accomplished": We can not even fathom the multiversal timeline where Michael Jackson is in charge of the MCU...5 Historically Baffling Weapons Militaries Actually MadeThe Dirty Joke In 'Magic: The Gathering' That Barely Anyone Noticed For 20 YearsAn Eye-Opening Look At The History Of Contact LensesThe Urban Legend of The Arcade Game (That Melted Kids' Brains) --> https://t.co/q1t7xp57VB This is the urban legend of Polybius, and how a whole bunch of people became convinced that the government was using an arcade machine to melt people's minds.21 Interesting Facts To Feed Your Hungry Brain -Movies And Shows Are Getting Pulled From Streaming (Because Streaming Sucks)Cracked.com on TwitterHow Weird Al Resurrected JeopardyOutsmart The Cops And Vacuum Blood In 'Serial Cleaners'The Secret Meaning Behind Every Dragon Ball Z Character Name (VIDEO)The Cracked Guide To Satanic RitualsDC Finally Remembers Wonder Woman's Black Twin, 47 Years Later --> https://t.co/oIhXOubrCy Some people got very very outraged at DC Comics for announcing Nubia: Real One. Yeah! DC is clearly pandering by introducing this character now, in the year ... 1973?Product Designs That Are Just So, So Awful --> https://t.co/njzIYHcQHd We don't packaging to be Fort Knox-approved.What the Eff is Going On With Ezra Miller?A city is getting wrecked whenever Bruce stubs his toe. Watch The Downsides of Super Powers here >>>>Weird, True Facts About Super-Famous People -13 Classic Horror Games Failing Hilariously At Being ScaryThe Rocky Horror Picture Show, Explained: The Cracked Guide To Cult MoviesTerrible Ads By Major Companies -->We forced our video guy to watch ALL the Matrix movies and try and explain them. His sad attempt is here >>>4 Bizarre Ways Movies Use CGI (Without Us Even Noticing)Cracked Goes Galaxy Brain: 6 Reasons Aliens Likely Exist (But It Might Not Matter)The 5 Saddest Erotic Video Games Ever Created --> https://t.co/CjvLhb5XHV Learn about them here, so you can flee if you stumble upon them in their native environment.Who Is The LEAST Awful Person On 'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia?' --> https://t.co/eiz0ylGzgJ Granted, ‘Sunny’ characters have committed so many atrocities against humanity that asking this question is akin to playing "which wild animal would you prefer to eat you alive?"Nic Cage, In The Role He Was (Maybe) Born To Play --> https://t.co/rHMQAnf5nz There was only one way to make a scripted version of something we already all saw like a month ago worthy of our morbid curiosity again...Cracked Goes Galaxy Brain: 4 Bizarre Ways Aliens May Or May Not LookThe Scientific Reason The Human Brain Is Obsessed With Pixel ArtImpressive Tricks Hollywood Uses On You --> https://t.co/uGvP2ug0a5 And that's the story of floating hair, kids.5 Republicans In Congress Who Are Garbage Humans -Cracked.com on TwitterWe remade the Red Wedding for $20, proving anything is doable on a budget. Watch here >>>>Cracked's 'One Hit Blunders': 5 Ways 'The Lion Sleeps Tonight' Guy Got Royally ScrewedTruly WTF Moments In Marvel History --> https://t.co/TEVEv4hNKM The weirdest stunt Marvel pulled post-bankruptcy was U-DECIDE, which was entirely born out of the company's president, Bill Jemas, getting into a pissing match with one of his employees.Leave 'Wishbone' Alone, You Hollywood Vultures Plus --> https://t.co/zjsTBu3hXP You may as well turn Reading Rainbow into an action film in order to make "LeVar Burton with Robotic Death Grip" action figures.Trump Tries To Battle Social Media Censorship By Censoring Social Media --> https://t.co/8GZrix26a8 Who really pulls the strings in this country. Is it the Government, or is it the Tech Industry? Rest assured, it certainly isn't the citizens.15 Secret Celebrity ChildrenFeminism That Doesn't Include Women of Color Is Trash --> https://t.co/aBQmQg54p2 Your feminism isn't really feminism unless it's intersectional, ladies.Reasons Sucky Teenage Years Are A Secret Blessing --> https://t.co/TMny6WSpMo There are a few surprising silver linings to our terrible teens, ones with science stats to back them up.Why Religion Makes No Sense In The 'Indiana Jones' UniverseThe 1990 movie Misery (based on a Stephen King novel from 1987) detailed the pathology of entitled fandom back when the internet was the domain of a few dedicated super nerds. -->A 'Furiosa' Prequel Sounds Like A Bad Idea, Start To Finish --> https://t.co/RjpNa3r4NN This sounds like about as good of an idea as making a prequel to Magic Mike.Celebrity Boo-Boos That Seem Sooo Celebrity --> https://t.co/eHpqsy4UEv And you thought his plan to save the universe by killing off half of it was dumb...Donald Trump Is Scared Of Reporters' Basic Questions --> https://t.co/K6GFEwSYav It's hard to label someone as politically unflappable when they can so easily be flapped as Donald Trump was when responding to, frankly, a straightforward question.American censors: You couldn't stick to punching, could you Goku? More about American censoring of anime here >>>>Cracked.com on TwitterUnnatural Scenes Pulled Straight From Nature --> https://t.co/CS2oC8RNvx You don't go behind this tree to take a leak, IT GOES BEHIND YOU.Must be pretty easy to write a show if you're just rehashing an insane conspiracy theory. Learn more Stranger Things lore here >>>

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