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Buffalo chicken pizza is a match made in heaven:This 30-minute vegetarian dinner is packed with protein, thanks to a can of white beans a dollop of Greek yogurt. It cooks all in one pot (sauce and all!), making for easy cleanup:Garlic butter steak bites are a weeknight dinner dream:A seafood boil never fails to please. And Maria Do's recipe will help you nail the perfect cook times. The result is a succulent spread of tender seafood, corn, mushrooms, and potatoes that will make you want to crack open a beer and dig in!:One of the easiest ways to take Brussels sprouts to the next level is to borrow two simple ingredients from the breakfast table: maple syrup and bacon. The combination is sweet, salty, smoky, and earthy:This fiesta chicken is a flavor-packed dinner that only takes 25 minutes from start to finish:Nathan tried @FoodieInNewYork's olive oil chocolate chunk cookie recipe and "these cookies were chewy on the inside and the perfect amount of crispy around the edges."Crispy fried rice waffles are a serious leftover upgrade:10 easy one-pot dinners for when you really, really don't feel like doing the dishes:@lebonoeuf's savory, cheesy kimchi rolls are a must-make:Crispy beer battered mushrooms are impossible to resist:"The big, bold flavors and crisp ingredients ensure you’ll never tire of this tasty, feel-good combo."Steak au poivre has become a bistro mainstay for good reason. Lean, mild-flavored filet mignon might appear to be center stage, but make no mistake: This dish is all about the peppercorns and Cognac cream pan sauce:Slab pie + rigatoni pasta + sheet-pan suppers = everything we want to eat right now. Get the recipe:This umami-packed steak is one of my family's most cherished recipes:40 slow cooker chicken dinners that belong on your must-make list:We tried 8 methods for popping popcorn and the winner resulted in a fun throwback (and had the fewest unpopped kernels):Cajun red snapper is a light & flavorful summer dinner:We tried this simple recipe for 4-ingredient potato cheese sticks & they’re so good, our test ate the full batch:@saratane tried the Nashville-style hot potatoes and they're the flavor-packed appetizer of my dreams:Justine tried @nigellalawson4's linguine with crab and it's "a dish with the energy of a main character in a Nancy Meyers movie."We tried 6 cooking methods for braising to get the most tender beef:We seasoned cast iron skillets with 5 different oils and have a new favorite:@chefwillcoleman tried 4 popular stuffed shell recipes and the winner was cheesy perfection:These will quickly become your new favorite brownies — they've got that crinkly, cracked top we all know and love down pat:Marcella Hazan's bolognese sauce confirms she's the queen of Italian cooking:@the_pastaqueen's “The Cobbler's Wife” spaghetti is as simple as it is delicious:How to make Oysters Rockefeller at home. They especially pair perfectly with a glass of bubbly:The secret to life-changing pork chops? Treat it like steak! Here's how to make them:A good carrot cake is sweet, yet spicy; moist, yet delicate; and beautiful, but not pretentious. We finally got a recipe that checks all these boxes & holds its own under a mountain of fluffy cream cheese frosting is a challenge:How to prep a week of budget-friendly family meals for winter:These Japanese fried mashed potato patties traditionally filled with meat and vegetables are the perfect little on-the-go meal:Peanut butter jar almost empty? Here are 3 delicious things you can do with it:Keep this five-ingredient chicken dinner in my back pocket for the nights when you don’t have a lot of energy to cook:This caramelized onion, apple & cheddar tart is fall baking at its best:Soft, pillowy rolls that get their tenderness from the mashed potatoes in the dough, plus the sprinkling of Irish cheddar before the rolls go into the oven, giving them some added texture and flavor. Get @DonalSkehan's recipe:This hearty homemade oatmeal bread will become your go-to sandwich loaf:Paula Shoyer's Instant Pot chicken soup with matzo balls is a soup that nourishes your body and soul — the best kind of comfort food:If you’re in need of a lazy dish that tastes like it took a lot more effort than it did, look no further than this vegetable-centric gnocchi:Cheesy grits with fried eggs and bacon is everything you want for breakfast:Invented in 1980 at J. Gilligan’s Bar and Grill in Arlington, Texas, Irish nachos are the result of some early experiments with the restaurant’s first fryer:Turtle candy is the easiest, most adorable sweet treat:We seasoned cast iron skillets with 5 different oils — and we have a new favorite:@aqnguyen's garlic noodles will be a new weeknight favorite:This gorgeous 5-ingredient salad goes with everything:Spicy-sweet butter-bath hot-honey corn is an instant favorite:This hearty Irish stew is a best-seller at @Ivysfeast's family's pub. Here's how to make it at home:Sautéed in a fiery skillet with a glug of olive oil and finished with a squeeze of lemon, sugar snap peas make for a light and vibrant side with a tender, snappy bite and bright flavor:28 easy & classic Easter dinner recipes to make this year:These mouthwatering garlic butter smashed potatoes are tossed in a garlic butter mixture and baked until golden and crispy:30+ of our best mushroom recipes to try ASAP:Foil packet meals are the easiest way to serve dinner this summer:"The only problem with this recipe is that you’re left with a tray of lemon bars that you probably don’t want to share."How to prep a week of easy, no-oven summer meals:Affogato is served in cafes and gelato shops all over Italy & is made with 3 ingredients — espresso, gelato, and a shot of liqueur — but when the hot espresso gets poured over the cold gelato, it is pure bliss:Treat yourself to pork chops that rival steak:This easy, foolproof shandy recipe is endlessly customizable:"The results taught me a lot, with the winning recipe changing how I look at cherry pies forever."This crispy, cheesy pan pizza is the absolute best way to make pizza at home:One weekly text, five great recipes. 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