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What's behind the radiator? Gary Lomax, ca 1976Rebel Rebel 🚨 Ever evolving, the revolutionary David Bowie periodically reinvented himself throughout his career, creating characters that challenged modern music, fashion and gender. Explore our collection to see more: https://t.co/6MeIOIsiSP 📸 Terry O'Neill, 1974Beatrix Potter's watercolour study of Mrs Tiggy 🦔 Potter enjoyed observing animal habits and made numerous pencil studies of them from every angle. Tickets for Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature are now on sale - https://t.co/EtgDgT6PZr Image courtesy Frederick Warne & Co Ltd.It's WorldAnimalDay so let's celebrate our favourite monochrome mammal with a celebration of zebra print! 🦓 Ensemble, bomber jacket, top, chaps and speedos, Pride collection, designed by Rich Mnisi, South Africa, June 2021 (See this in Africa Fashion:'Flowers in a Glass Vase' (1667) is the earliest-known signed work by the Dutch artist Jacob van Walscapelle. Back in 2016, the beauty of this still life had started to fade - find out how our conservation team restored its true vibrancy:Known for his Art Deco influenced illustrations, John Austen's work is defined by delicate lines and striking shapes. His drawing 'Cythera' is based on the Greek Island which was considered to be the island of celestial Aphrodite, the Goddess of love.Majestically worn by Dame Helen Mirren as Queen Elizabeth II in hit West End play, The Audience Designed for rapid royal costume changes by legend of theatrical costume design Bob Crowley. See how in this week's SecretsOfTheMuseum onWhen you drive 2 hours to get to the beach hoping no one else had the same idea and - 📸 Photograph by Weegee, 'Coney Island', 1940If the human body is a design classic, why do we need fashion? Thankfully we've these flora and fauna inspired designs to give our disappointing feet the upgrade that Mother Nature forgot. 1) Manolo Blahnik, 1973 (designed); 2) Masaya Kushino, 2014; 3) Vivienne Westwood, 1991Edward Burne-Jones' 'Tree of Life' is one of many representations of the fabled tree. This watercolour is one of several large-scale decorations for the American Episcopal Church in Rome. Unusually, Christ is flanked by Adam and Eve rather than St John and the Virgin Mary.A splash of colour for your Twitter feed, in the form of two hand printed silk scarves designed by Jean Cocteau, around 1937-39.👘Remembering this wonderful collaboration with our friends at @northernballet 📸 @northernballet Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk is currently closed 2020 performances of Geisha are cancelledFrom repairing cracks and flaking paint to creating new metal arm supports, explore the intricate process behind restoring and redisplaying this imposing yet fragile 19th century Japanese Samurai figure.STOP scrolling and take time to appreciate these Adire textiles. A popular African textile tradition, Adire textiles are indigo-dyed cotton cloths produced using a resist-dyeing technique to create striking patterns in blue and white. Learn more >A stunning piece from artist @lydiakahill in response to our Alice: Curiouser & Curiouser exhibition. BeMoreAlice From Salvador Dali to Vivienne Westwood, our exhibition explores the creative minds who've turned to Alice as a source of inspiration:Claude Cahun is the pseudonym of Lucy Schwob, a French photographer known for her Black and white photo collages. Her work was both political and personal, and often played with the concepts of gender and sexuality and often depicted isolated body-parts.May the fourth be with you. 📸Stormtrooper costume and blaster gun worn in the original Star Wars trilogy (1977 - 1983)Drawing on lavish pieces in our collection, explore the pursuit of beauty and the sometimes deadly art of make-up in our new course Beauty and Cosmetics 1500-1900:Magnificent Monochrome 🖤🤍 From the classic to the quirky, bring some glamour to your gloomy Monday with our picks for our favourite Black and White garments. Which is your favourite?Known for his often provocative and controversial illustrations, Aubrey Beardsley was a leading figure of the Aesthetics Movement. Beardsley's style was influenced by Japanese woodcuts and naturalistic motifs would often appear in his works.Just a little something casual to throw on when you're popping to the shops. This extravagant piece is from Italian designer Roberto Capucci, known for his highly sculptural garments that cocoon and envelope the body.This colourful watercolour by Jacques le Moyne de Morgues from 1585 depicts a Picts woman, an early native of the British Isles. Can you spot the array of ornate flower tattoos that adorn her body? Book now for our RenaissanceWatercolours exhibition:When life gives you lemons.... 🍋 This fresh print by William Morris of lemons, oranges and pomegranates brings a zesty start to a Monday morning. Learn more about Morris' magnificent works here:From the C16th Kimonos were the main item of clothing for both sexes and all classes of society. This child's robe was made and worn in Okinawa. Discover more about the history of Kimono when our exhibition Kimono: Kyoto to Catwalk opens next year. Tickets on sale soon.Photographer Claude Cahun used their work to challenge the concepts of gender and sexuality in the early C.20, rejecting the traditional notions of masculinity & femininity. Can you spot the Surrealist influence? Discover more of the artists work:And now for something a bit daring... This is Vivienne Westwood’s iconic reinterpretation of the platform shoe. With a 21cm heel, it requires a courageous wearer who is not afraid of heights. For more extreme footwearMade in Venice during C.14th, this Triptych showcases the Coronation of the Virgin Mary beneath a choir of angels. Most of the carvings shown here were made for wealthy patrons & collectors, who delighted in the rarity of the materials such as ivory & quality of the carving.Come learn how to bring art to life with light and interactivity in our two-day workshop led by light artist @AphraShemza on 7 and 8 June https://t.co/7TgeJKhgNl by Aphra ShemzaAlthough his mainstream career spanned just 4 years, the electric JimiHendrix is one of the most celebrated musicians of the 20th century. Here he is photographed by the legendary Linda McCartney.Beatlemania! These tiles just a few examples of hundreds of products produced in the early 1960s illustrated with images of The Beatles. The band were so big that their image was licensed to sell everything from stockings to talcum powder!From the frantic world of the comic book to the sun soaked pear blossoms of Florida, this year’s V&A Illustration Awards shortlist encompasses a broad range of styles and global influences ✏️ See the full shortlist here:Forget dating apps, this is how you woo someone! The Sonnet is one of William Mulready's most popular works. The young man is courting the girl, and has written a poem for her as a token of his love.🐝Philip Astley is often credited as the 'father of the modern circus'. One of Astley's wife, Patty's, popular tricks involved her circling the ring on horseback with swarms of bees covering her hands and arms as if she was wearing a muff!🐝 Learn more:This richly brocaded ensemble illustrates the style of dress worn by women at court in England. Known as a mantua, the gown consists of a bodice with a train at the back. Can you believe that in the 18th century this was considered as stylish day wear?Kimono became the principal item of dress for all classes and sexes in Japan from the 16th c. and is still a symbol of Japanese culture. Discover real kimono here at the V&A:We’re real fans of these… Fans, used to cool the air and whisk away flies, also served as fashion accessories to convey the user’s wealth and taste, and were often embellished with carving, gilding, paint, metal foil and jewels.Wilhelm von Gloeden was one of the earliest known openly gay photographers. Known for his breathtaking nudes shots, he photographed young men acting out fantasies based on classical themes and romanticised scenes of pastoral life in the face of the new industrial era.Long evenings in summer ☀️ Little Pig Robinson in a rowing boat, rowing away from the 'Pound of Candles' ship, seen on the horizon. Visit Beatrix Potter: Drawn to Nature -Time for tea? 🍵 Steeped in cultural history and centuries old, Japanese tea ceremonies are considered an art form. These C.19th woodblock prints by artist Mizuno Toshikata depict the intricate process. Explore our Japanese collection:This work by Léon Bakst shows a costume design for the ballet ‘The Firebird’ in 1913 💃 When Fabergé’s firm moved to London, it coincided with a premiere of the Ballets Russes at Covent Garden. Book FabergéInLondon -Did you know we hold 5 of Leonardo Da Vinci's personal notebooks? Get closer to the great mind and man- through the medium of opera! Composed by @alexjosephmills ‘Leonardo’ is a new opera being performed right here in our museum this November. Book now:If you had one of these at your dinner party in Renaissance Italy then you were most likely rich and, showing off. Join our course High Renaissance to Baroque: 1500-1720, and gain a complete overview of the most dynamic period in European art history:It may not look it but this vibrant men's robe is actually the oldest complete garment we have in our Chinese collection. From ancient to the contemporary, and everything in between, hone your knowledge of East Asian art with our course starting Sept:The Gothic style first appeared in the early 12th century in northern France and rapidly spread beyond its origins in architecture to sculpture, stained glass and illuminated manuscripts. Get an intro here:Known for his provocative illustrations, Aubrey Beardsley was a leading figure of the Aesthetics Movement. Beardsley's style was influenced by Japanese woodcuts, and whilst they emphasised the decadent he purity of naturalistic motifs would also appear in his works.InternationalCatDay2022 🐈‍⬛ Search ‘cat’ in our archive to have as much fun as we’ve had: https://t.co/VNRnKWBDpO Illustration by Rolf Brandt, 1945We're excited to tell you that there's a bright new star at the V&A Sandy Powell's Autograph Suit, signed by over 200 celebs - from Leonardo DiCaprio to Billie Eilish - is now on display in our Theatre & Performance collection.Today marks the birthday of Paul Poiret. Born onthisday, he led the fashion world in the first decade of the 20th century. His artistic flair and highly original cutting skills enabled him to translate the spirit of Art Deco into revolutionary garments:Small but perfectly formed…… This engraved gemstone of Queen Elizabeth I is one of the smallest sculptures in our entire collection, at only 5.5 cm high. Discover more from our archives:The Great Wave is from Hokusai's ground-breaking series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji. Didyouknow the print made plentiful use of Prussian blue, a pigment which had only recently been introduced to Japan and was both expensive and rare? Learn more:Load up our inspiring online trails during your visit and let your journey begin. This one's for kids looking for an adventure! Discover an emperor's throne and a dragon king, funny wigs and a famous Michelangelo replica...

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