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The First World War was a turning point in the history of colonial encounters. Join us for a live discussion with @UniofOxford Santanu Das @AnnaMaguire24 & Daniel Steinbach to explore colonial encounters in global conflict on 8 November at 18:30. Sign up:Easy does it... A naval bomb disposal team dig up and remove a 1000 kilogram, unexploded bomb in Devonport, Plymouth, onthisday 1943. © IWM A 13947Discover how Britain commemorated the British and Empire soldiers who fell in the First World War and created the iconic architecture of military war graves we know today. https://t.co/gF7WJMBv9q © IWM Q 100870OTD in 1944, the Battle of Arnhem marked the beginning of an Allied campaign which resulted in the loss of 1,485 British and Polish lives. Rare footage now available captures the courage of the troops and reasons for the plan's failure: https://t.co/pVerAqmvTL © IWM (BU 1162)Originally intend for 'every sailor afloat and every soldier at the front' on Christmas Day 1914, it's estimated that over 2.5 million Princess Mary Gift Fund boxes were eventually distributed. Learn the story behind these treasured gifts: https://t.co/roJ2B6HpED © IWM EPH 2018On 26 July 1945, the results of the General Election were announced. A landslide for Labour, victorious wartime leader Winston Churchill was not re-elected. But why did Churchill lose a vote that came just months after VE Day? OnThisDay Find out:This weekend we are discovering how the “Kitchen Front” helped the war effort. Here we have tasters of Second World War ration recipes for Christmas! Find out more here:Join us at IWM London to celebrate the launch of @annesebba's new book, Ethel Rosenberg. In conversation with author and journalist @soniapurnell, Anne will explore themes of spies, lies and justice, and crucially, their relation to women’s history.We’re delighted to announce the opening of Refugees: Forced to Flee at IWM London! The new exhibition explores a century of refugee experiences, from Nazi Germany’s persecution of Jews to the Calais Jungle. Find out more:We've got two new additions to our Wartime Classics series. Get your hands on Squadron Airborne and Green Hands today.In Courseulles, Normandy, just over a month after D-Day, local children attend a ceremony at the War Memorial to celebrate BastilleDay. © IWM (TR 2002)Time's ticking on our penultimate Deal of Christmas. Reveal today's offer:I see your FridayFeeling and raise you the story of HMS Newport mascot Tish. OTD in 1944, Tish fell into "icy Scottish water" but was saved when Sub Lieut Joseph here "dove in stripped with a line round his waist and brought Tish out by the scruff of the neck." ©IWM(A22066)In this photograph from April 1954, The Queen inspects the Royal Guard of Royal Marines from the light cruiser, HMS Newfoundland during her visit to Colombo, Ceylon (now Sri Lanka). PlatinumParty © IWM A 32913During the Second World War, Princess Elizabeth was the first female royal to serve full-time in Britain’s military. In this image, we see her watching parachutists dropping during a visit to airborne forces in England in the run-up to #DDay. © IWM (H 38619)“A date which shall live in infamy” Today marks the 78th anniversary of the Japanese attack at Pearl Harbour, which brought the US into Second World War and changed the course of history. How much do you know about what happened at Pearl Harbour? US Public Domain (IWM NYF 22545)The Holocaust claimed the lives of up to 6 million European Jews. There were some who survived to bear witness to what had happened, including Sam Pivnik (pictured) and Ezra Jurmann. Learn more about their stories here:'What’s the good of war love? They were only boys…’ Caroline Rennles was just 15 when WW1 began. Shortly after, she became a munitions worker, filling shells at the Slade Green factory in South London. Discover her story:Italian civilians clamber over the ruins of the Ponte Alle Grazia, one of the bridges over the River Arno destroyed by the Germans before evacuating Florence, Italy. 14 August 1944. © IWM TR 2288Comedian and activist @eddieizzard gets to grips with the Korean War on the Conflict of Interest podcast, featuring IWM Curator @HilaryRoberts57, expert Owen Miller and conflict eyewitness Brian Parritt. Listen and subscribe:This photograph from 1943 shows three Kittyhawk Mark IIIs of 112 Squadron preparing to take off at a desert airstrip in Tunisia. The Kittyhawks display the squadron's distinctive 'shark mouth' insignia. © IWM (TR 975)This InternationalWomensDay, we remember how the Churchill women, Clementine and her daughter Mary, made a difference during the Second World War. Read more about how they helped shape the future of Britain:Winston Churchill, then the Secretary of State for War and Secretary of State for Air, attends a memorial service for airmen killed during WW1 at Westminster Abbey, OTD in 1919. Learn more about Churchill's wartime roles atOn International Dog Day, we present these rescued puppies from the volcano-stricken island Tristan Da Cunha - Tristan (right) and Cunha (left) - having a barrel of fun on board HMS Leopard. © IWM (A 34555)"An immersive experience set in the very rooms where the Second World War was won, and where every decision had very literal life or death consequences"... @theNudgeLondon explores Operation Black Door, the new event experience at Churchill War Rooms:Two fully-funded opportunities to study for a PhD with IWM are now available: military influence campaigns in cyberspace with @unisouthampton and mental health and lived experience of conflict in Afghanistan with @KingsIoPPN. Deadlines 10 & 21 June:It’s almost time for takeoff with this week’s Family Mission challenge. Tune in on Friday for a Family Mission inspired by Cockpit Control at @IWMDuxford! Meet back here at 11:00 AM on Friday for your made to measure mission briefing with CBBC Presenter @BenShires ✈️Winston Churchill inspects the ranks of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars, the regiment with which he served before entering politics OTD in 1944. Visit ChurchillWarRooms to learn more about Churchill’s life and legacy: https://t.co/h4dWGseEf2 © IWM (TR 2274)Today marks the anniversary of HMS Belfast's StPatricksDay launch. Discover the story of her service through to her life as a museum ship and London landmark:These dog 'bootees' were worn in 2005 by explosives 'sniffer' dogs whilst assisting with anti-terrorism searches. Their purpose was twofold: firstly, to prevent injury to the dogs' paws but also to prevent the contamination of any evidence. © IWM FEQ 825Submariners-in-training, it’s time to put your skills to the test! There’s no WiFi at the bottom of the sea and our friend @BenShires needs your help to stay in touch with us! Tune in tomorrow for Family Mission: DIY Walkie Talkies. Meet here at 11:00AM for your mission!“This superb exhibition, one of three making up the Imperial War Museum’s CultureUnderAttack season, focuses on four examples of musical resistance during conflicts" @timeout From Mali to Serbia, Rebel Sounds explores music as rebellion. Find out more:Adventurers, it's almost time to share inspiring stories of people who provided medical care in the First World War. Join IWM expert Ngaire tomorrow at 2:00 PM for Adventures in History: Carers Part 1.Anzac Day marks the anniversary of Allied troops first landing on the Gallipoli peninsula in 1915. These photographs from our collection show just some of the thousands of Australians and New Zealanders who served in the Gallipoli Campaign:You’re invited to...Adventures in History: VE Day – Parties in the Street! Join our IWM expert tomorrow at 2:00 PM as they share stories of celebration.Black United States troops take part in a huge parade past Nelson's Column, London during the "Salute the Soldier" campaign, onthisday 1944. Learn more about the experiences of black Americans in Britain during the Second World War: https://t.co/CewzJi7AJL © IWM EA 18861We are @WOMADfestival with the X-Ray Audio project find us at the World of Words tent at 1pmDuring the Second World War, West Indian pilots joined the Bombay Squadron and took part in Fighter Command sorties over enemy-occupied territory. Here are A.O. Weeks and Flight Sergeant CA Joseph from from the squad. blackhistorymonth ©IWM CH 11478Yesterday IWM was pleased to welcome @MayorOfLondon, Sadiq Khan, who visited IWM London's new Holocaust Galleries before joining the London Assembly, community leaders and Holocaust survivors in markingExplore some of the highlights of new IWM book, War In The Air - The Second World War In Colour. Shot from the ground and from the air, these powerful images show how Allied victory in the Second World War owed much to air power:OnThisDay in 1945, British forces liberated Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. This photo shows inmates collecting their bread ration from a camp cookhouse. Listen to British servicemen and relief workers reflect on their experiences here: https://t.co/fburIt6fS9 © IWM BU 4274These may be history’s happiest men! A sailor gets an early taste of the Christmas pudding aboard HMS Cochrane, November 1940. © IWM A 1988Human found waddling in penguin village on Livingston Island, West Antarctica, 1958. © IWM A 33958If you're looking to fill the HMS Belfast-shaped hole in your life, our construction set might be a start. This deluxe set will provide hours of fun for both young engineers in the making and adult enthusiasts. Find out more here:Oil. Chilcot. Bush. Blair. These are just some of the words associated with the Iraq War. But how are they all connected and how far back does the story go? @rickedwards1 finds out in Episode 3 of the Conflict of Interest podcast. Out now! Listen today:Merry Christmas from all at Imperial War Museums! We hope you're as excited about your day as these troops are about their Christmas pudding. Troopers Buckley and Round, with Sergeant Kirk of the 3rd Armoured Division during the liberation of Holland, 1944. © IWM TR 2571IWM are very pleased announce the arrival of a new photography exhibition at IWM London - Generations: Portraits of Holocaust Survivors. Learn more: https://t.co/ABMrN6fkac © Tom HunterAdventurers, it’s almost time for us to share even more stories from the First World War trenches. Join IWM expert Ngaire tomorrow at 2:00 PM for Adventures in History: Trench Tales Part 2.£11 for a Mars bar? The conflict in Yemen has tipped the nation into an economic tailspin, destroying livelihoods and driving up food prices beyond the reach of ordinary Yemenis. Ahead of InsideYemenCrisis, visit us @NetworkRailMAN and witness the cost of the conflict.To celebrate LondonPride, discover stories of LGBT individuals who made a contribution to help Britain during the First World War. Among them is composer Ethel Mary Smyth, who served with the British Red Cross and trained as a radiographer:

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