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Awww Cougars, like this youngster from the Oregon Zoo, start life spotty. They eventually grow in to the sleek golden mountain lions (Puma concolor) we're all familiar with. While they can certainly be dangerous, cougars far prefer to avoid humans altogether.😮 These could be the oldest known tattooing tools! ✏️ They're made from turkey bones from as far back as 3500 BCE. Tattooed ancient American remains date back to over 5,000 years ago, suggesting the practice was rather common. 📷 Deter-Wolf et al, J Archaeol Sci Rep, 2021ESA’s Mars Express reveals details of Mar's Pyrrhae Regio. ☄️️ The objects that created the impact craters (left) also flung hot molten rock into the air, which landed and cooled into the scar-like features present nearby (right). :😍 Far-infrared light reveals magnetic fields in galaxy NGC 1068, aligning along the entire 24,000 light years of length of its massive spiral arms - suggesting gravitational forces that created the galaxy’s shape are also compressing its magnetic field. 📸 :This 50p coin celebrates self-taught paleontologist Mary Anning. Discovered by Anning in 1828, the Dimorphodon was the first pterosaur skeleton to be found outside of Germany. :Ghostly blue chromosomes are joined by green kinetochores to supporting red spindles that will drag each of the duplicate genetic molecules into opposite directions, to be encased into newly formed cells, during cell division. 📷 Jane Stout/Indiana University/ZEISS MicroscopyThese river dolphins are playing with an anaconda! It was only after checking the first image that the researcher realized what mystifyingly weird behavior they were witnessing. https://t.co/aYeX2bhjyO Omar M. Entiauspe Neto/Steffen Reichle/Alejandro dos RiosPeople trust nonsense from scientists even more than spiritual gurus - a phenomenon called the Einstein Effect. Researchers found participants were more likely to believe nonsense statements it told they were said by a scientist. Read more:Breathtaking!!!😍 Another incredible view from the James Webb Space Telescope. The Cartwheel Galaxy, 500 million light-years away, likely owes its striking, spiraling nautilus shell shape to a collision with a smaller galaxy. https://t.co/srKDIQQtNp 📷 NASA/ESA/CSA/STScIThis revolting weirdo carries its own poop on its back Poop backpacks are not uncommon for leaf beetle larvae (Cassidinae). Some are still gooey, while others encase theirs like this one, for camouflage, or parasite deterrent purposes.  Gilles San Martin/Wiki/CC BY-SA 3.0Why was this horse buried without a head? 😱 It was found close by a skeleton buried for 1,400 years at an ancient cemetery in Germany. It's a little spooky, but the team haven't managed to find the head... Read more: https://t.co/igEszgVfkV 📷: F. DammingerHoney crystals look just as stunning as they tastes under 25 times magnification. Bees break down complex sugars in nectar and remove most water to produce a super-saturated liquid which is unstable, so over time the glucose in the solution crystallizes. 📷 Zeiss MicroscopyThis poor cormorant is covered in oil. Vets at a Lima zoo are racing to save dozens of seabirds after 6,000 barrels spilled off Peru's coast in the aftermath of the Tonga tsunami. Read more: https://t.co/BzeiKTItns 📷: Parque de las Leyendas Zoo/AFPThis cute little flying contraption is a potential taxi of the future. NASA's testing the prototype electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) helicopter. It's designed to carry passengers through the sky as an air taxi. https://t.co/54zyedseC7 📷 Joby AviationAnother utterly adorable Nemo has been found! Maratus nemo is a newly discovered species of Australian peacock spider named for its dazzling orange and white coloration - reminiscent of clown fish.  : Joseph Schubert/@arachno_joeThis creepy fossil was called Hallucigenia, because it looks like, well, a hallucination. Many fossils were discovered without this head, which baffled scientists. Why were so many Hallucigenia getting decapitated? Find out why: https://t.co/7rtodE0OWm 📷: Caron et al., 2013This ridiculous floof-muppet is a snowy owl hatchling and its parent Nomadic birds of prey, they hunt over the arctic tundras. During the breeding season they will store this prey for lean times later in the year. Reckon it gets smelly?Brilliantly captured peeking out from behind some vegetation through an electron scanning microscope is a newly described species of tardigrade, Ramazzottius kretschmanni. Only about 0.25 mm long, they eat moss and algae. 📷 eyeofscience/InstagramLook mom, no hands!! 😆 This baby naked mole rat is somehow even more alien-looking than its parent. This little one was born in August, and can live up to 32 years - an incredibly long life for a rodent - so it'll have a long, exciting life ahead! 😱 📷:A new controversial study has suggested that these beads unearthed in Arctic Alaska may predate Columbus' arrival. 🤔 The researchers think that the beads were created in Venice and then traded eastward, ending up in what is now Alaska. 📷: Lester Ross/Charles AdkinsBaby Boudica is an endangered golden lion tamarin, a species vital for seed distribution and regeneration in the Atlantic Forest. They're being threatened by yellow fever and conservationists are racing to vaccinate them. 📷 : Keeper Kim W/Roger Williams Park ZooThis 6,000 year old skull has evidence of the first known ear surgery... and it would have been absolutely brutal. Read more: https://t.co/lCxWUVc1fS 📷: Navarro et al., Scientific Reports, 2022It's a bike... but TINY Creative cell art made from silica producing diatoms! These photosynthesizing organisms produce around half of Earth's oxygen and are a huge part of the food chains in our planet's waterways.   James Lowry/via Olympus Life ScienceStaining lab-grown, developing lung tissue reveals the different types of stem cells composing it. These cells eventually divide into different tissues that compose our complex airways. Visualizing them allows researchers to map how lungs grow. Casey Ah-Cann/@wehi_researchTrilobites scuttled along Earth's ocean floor in search for tasty carrion or prey, 530 to 252 million years ago. 🏹 This one, Cheirurus ingricus, was found in what's now Russia. It lived in during the Middle Ordovician period. 📷You're looking at a 1,200-year-old man with a knife for a hand. 🔪 The skeleton in question was found in a Longobard necropolis in the north of Italy, dating back to around the 6th to 8th centuries CE. Read more:Behold... the stinky penis mushroom! We're not kidding. This stinkhorn species is called Phallus rubicundus, and these beautiful specimens grow around the world, from southern and eastern United States to Australia! 📷:This pair of colliding spiral galaxies, 105 million light-years away, was discovered all the way back in 1784. We imagine the star astronomer William Herschel noted on 13 December 1784 wouldn't have looked quite as pretty as this 2004 Hubble photo though. : Hubble TeamNewly discovered fossil suggests pterosaurs had feathers just like dinosaurs! 🤯 This suggests feathers may have originated far earlier than we thought, within the ancestors of both dinosaurs and pterosaurs. https://t.co/OCV0DEuXCn 📷 Copyright Bob Nicholls 2022It looks like the ocean has pollinators too! 🌊🌸🐝 This little marine crustacean, Idotea balthica, is covered in the spermatia (cyan specks) of a red seaweed called Gracilaria gracilis. Read more: https://t.co/srxvtDnFNA 📷 Sebastien Colin/Max Planck Institute et al.Turns out "fool's gold' actually has a type of newly discovered real gold within it! Who's the fool now?  Pyrite, composed of iron disulfide (FeS2) can contain sneaky bits of gold hidden within imperfections of its crystal structure.  Uoaei1/Wikimedia CommonsIncredibly this is glass not a hermit crab. A magnificent representation of the hundreds of species of hermit crabs that call our shores their home. Real hermit crabs range from a fraction of an inch to nearly the size of a coconut. 🖌️ Tim Jerman/@Smithsonian/@americanartChemists manipulated atomic bonds in a single molecule for the first time, changing it between 3 different forms: bent alkyne (left), diradical (center) and cyclobutadiene molecules (right). https://t.co/ndNfAigkQk 📷 Leo Gross/IBM😍🐢🤍 This is a teeny tiny, albino, Galápagos giant tortoise - one of two that recently hatched at Tropiquarium, a zoo in Switzerland. This is extremely rare - there's no wild documented cases, and this is the first time it's been seen in captivity. 📷: TropiquariumAparasphenodon has a strangely flattened elongated skull with skin fused directly to it, giving it a beak-like appearance. But its not all cute eyes and beak, this group of rainforest frogs have skull spines to inject venom by head butting you. :TWIS we've got mites, vitamins and... pee fertilizer? Read more: mites https://t.co/EMDsYZC4Hz echolocation https://t.co/7FQfItqbHL typhoid https://t.co/yP09IEehRS supplements https://t.co/0D0oiz3HP3 eyes https://t.co/jdsQyQaKG8 pee fertilizerCongratulations @NASA! Ingenuity just performed the first-ever powered flight on another planet, lifting off and successfully landing after a vertical ascent in the extremely thin Martian atmosphere!This week in science: OCD brainwaves https://t.co/440FXLZ3hy Artificial sun https://t.co/7WfowjsCwT Biofilm growth rings https://t.co/6GhO5BgKhe Potential endo treatment https://t.co/33UKQdSP5g Quantum tornados https://t.co/QT6PORIk6T First seen star deathThis 3,450 year old pottery shard holds the oldest alphabetic inscription from Southern Levant - 450 years after the first alphabetic symbols appeared in Egypt around 3,900 years ago. https://t.co/IpBlkDQp26 📷 : J. Dye/Austrian Academy of Sciences/Antiquity Publications LtdTWIS we learned more about a potentially game changing vaccine and lots more: Supernova https://t.co/kFyhjscJvc Vaccine https://t.co/HiliBTnzbB Myopia https://t.co/RFhSZ4hlCl Quantum https://t.co/qwloNgKpB6 Black hole https://t.co/XmFxuFYOLs Pig kidneyA collection of 500 year old humans spines were found mounted on posts in a remote part of Peru. 😱 Archeologists suspect this practice may have been an attempt to restore bodies of the dead during the time of European colonization. 😢This stunning and unusual group of galaxies will eventually collide to form one giant elliptical galaxy. This gorgeous image was released to celebrate Hubble's 32nd anniversary since it became operational in 1990. Read more: https://t.co/mBTtXYVOPY NASA, ESA, STsciThis 1600-year-old Mesoamerican has fancy tooth ornaments! In the picture you can see a serpentinite jadeite prosthetic tooth as well as deliberate pyrite dental modifications. 😁 📷 : Goguitchaichvili et al Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 2017When lightning strikes up! ⚡ 🤯 A series of images captured this upside-down lightning during an Oklahoma storm in 2018, and new details of this strange phenomenon have just been published: https://t.co/9TlHHAD5bm 📷 Chris HolmesThese creepily glowing skeletal fractals are actually plant bits In this tiny section of bulrush under the microscope red highlights photosynthesizing chloroplast organs and blue: cellulose in the plants cell walls as they fluoresce naturally under UV light.What an exciting This Week in Science! Bright pulsar https://t.co/zRO6dtmvyJ Megaraptor https://t.co/ZBF7ZGqfqz Big cave art https://t.co/NUk4s36vHq Apex predators https://t.co/pfCz1nRE6l Astronaut brains https://t.co/dJn1LVzAsx Yellow brick roadThe first photo from Perseverance on the surface of Mars!!"I'll tell of tiny things that make a show well worth your admiration." - Virgil's Georgics About 200 years ago someone set this stunning weevil (Tetrabothynus regalis) into a gold ring, along with the above inscription.  Natural History Museum, LondonThese hilariously rude-looking nightmares are flowers from the parasitic plant, Jackal food (Hydnora africana). They ooze a rotting stench that attracts insects to pollinate them. The plant steals nutrients from other plants with their roots.  Ebony Black/FlickrWe've got bad news... there seems to be no life on Venus. 😔 A new, thorough analysis of Venus' cloud chemistry has revealed none of the biomarkers indicative of airborne, sulfur-metabolizing life. Read more: https://t.co/o3YIupHLSH 📷: PLANET-C Project TeamGreat news: An mRNA flu vaccine has just delivered positive Phase 1 Trial results! This is a falsely colored transmitted electron micrograph of H3N2, a type of influenza subtype which is normally included in traditional flu vaccines. Read more:This week in science! Rogue wave: https://t.co/ksHAiLUjcH Biggest galaxy: https://t.co/0znadZs0HG HIV cure: https://t.co/Lviab451Jb X-ray telescope pic: https://t.co/MkGp9piJML Quantum object: https://t.co/AoPbYxA2bI Microdosing:We're in love with this incredible image of Comet Leonard and globular cluster M3. Comet Leonard is currently visible to the naked eye (barely) - so make sure to check it out before it's gone! 📷: Dan Bartlett/APODSome parts of space are all wrinkly! Roiling clouds of gas scrunched by the turbulence of star formation form these wrinkles, with the densest knots collapsing under their own gravity to ignite into stars themselves. ✨ https://t.co/yiMLk3p2ZC  João Alves/ESO VISIONSWe know it's hard to believe, but this man was buried 2400 years ago. ☠️ Called the Tollund Man, he was found in a peat bog - a 'bog body'. He's well preserved because of the acidic water, low temps, and no oxygen. Read more: https://t.co/c6DVudJrf0 📷: Sven RosbornThis once was a single stem cell isolated from an embryonic mouse. 🐁 It has cloned and divided itself into several different neural cell types (each type a different color) - which is something only stem cells can do! 🔬🦠 📷: Society of Neuroscience

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