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Arthur C. Clarke’s account of the writing of 2001 A Space Odyssey and his interactions with Stanley Kubrick. Art by Bruce Pennington (1972)Space dock scene from ‘11001001,’ season one of Star Trek The Next GenerationNASA’s Dart missionCivilisation in a Globular Cluster by David A Hardy @davidastrohardy from his book with Sir Patrick Moore, Futures: 50 Years in Space (The Challenge of the Stars).Art by Steve R Dodd for the inside cover of Lord Dying’s album Mysterium Tremendum (2019)Some random spaceships for you. Name the movies.Art by Atilla Hejja, 1983Art by Ken Kelly for Eerie #60 (Warren, 1974)Art by Doug Anderson for a short story ‘Moon Six’ by Stephen Baxter in Science Fiction Age magazine March 1997Art by C. Winston TaylorImages from The World of the Future: Future Cities (Usborne 1979). The artwork credited to Gordon Davies, Terry Hadler, Brian Lewis, Michael Roffe, George Thompson.‘Cruising over Titan’ by Don Davis from Future Magazine May 1979Star Trek The Motion Picture (1979)Art by Chris FossArt by Patrick WoodroffeArt by Jack Kirby for 2001 A Space Odyssey (Marvel, 1975-77)Art by Vicente Segrelles for Study War No More edited by Joe Haldeman (1979 Orbit / Futura)‘Crystal Starwatcher’ (1985) by MoebiusStar Destroyer SundayArt by Chris Moore from the book Dangerous Frontiers (1980)Star Wars masks. From Questar Magazine Oct 1980From ‘Selenia’ by Sergio Macedo in Heavy Metal magazine no 1 April 1977The Display, personal work by John Berkey (1990)Hear the first tracks from Hans Zimmer's score from Denis Villeneuve's 'Dune':The Cosmic Skull by Ryan T Hancock (acrylic on paper) 💀'Deep Space: New Worlds' (2020) by Steve R DoddHellrider by Joe JuskoPyramids 🔺 Art by meCeres Solution by Tim White (1983)Diary of a Spaceperson by Chris Foss (Paper Tiger, 1990). An odd and slightly creepy book featuring out of context drawings of topless women juxtaposed with Foss’s classic scifi art and a bad fictional diary of a young woman written by Foss himself.Art by David B. Mattingly, 1992Almuric by Tim Conrad (1991, Dark Horse)Defender (Atari 2600) cover art by Steve Hendricks. Love the Star Destroyer/Space Shuttle hybrid. From the book The Art of Atari byUFO art by Bruce Pennington x 2, Angus McKie, Steinar LundLast Train to Alpha Centauri by Moebius (1984)Art by Angus Mckie from so Beautiful and so Dangerous, 1979Art by Ute OsterwalderArt by Peter Jones for Perry Rhodan: The Venus Trap by Kurt Mahr (Orbit, 1976)Apologies for the self promotion. I’ve just released an album of 1970s-inspired ambient electronic music: https://t.co/oOhfaKmboj Cover art byArt by Brian FroudThe art of Syd MeadSpace Shuttle concept art by Robert McCall from ‘Our World in Space’ by Isaac Asimov and Robert McCall (1974)'Metal Planet' (1974) by David A Hardy. The artist was inspired by Trantor from Isaac Asimov’s Foundation.Art by Marilynn Flynn 'Chalybes Regio Geyser' (1988)‘Space jockey’ scene from Alien (1979). If I’m not wrong it’s kids in those space suits, used to create a greater sense of scaleMcCall’s ‘Star Ways’ Iron Ons vol 7, 1978Science meets art. Worm Hole airbrush illustrations by Matt McMullen from Cosmic Mysteries (Time Life, 1988)Art by Dean Ellis from the book Tomorrow and Beyond: Masterpieces of Science Fiction Art (1978)Art by J.Otto Szatmari for'The Lone Pyramid' 2019 by Steve R DoddDalek books 1964 & 1965Art by Michael WhelanArtwork by Shigeo Okamoto for a science textbook(1985)The Empire Strikes Back (1980)Art by Roger Stine created for the cover of a Star Trek special edition of Cinefantastique magazine which never went ahead (1979/80)Painting by Ron Walotsky for the 1993 25th anniversary of Arthur C Clarke’s 2001 A Space Odyssey. From the book Infinite Worlds by Vincent Di Fate (1997)Star Wars: Return of The Jedi (1983)Art by Frank Gambino for Piers Anthony’s Kirilian Quest (1978) and in Star Quest by Steven Caldwell (aka Stewart Cowley), a Galactic Encounters book, 1979Concept art by Syd Mead for a proposed but never made live action version of The Jetsons.Art by Swiss artist Ginny LitscherB-movies that appeared in the wake ofArt by Peter Andrew Jones for The Men from P.I.G and R.O.B.O.T by Harry Harrison (1982)Art by Sergio Macedo

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