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The US Army announces that it has successfully tested a new machine gun, the Browning M1921. This revolutionary air-cooled belt-fed gun can spit 450-600 .50 caliber bullets every minute and will revolutionize the battlefield.“The Easterner’s Idea Of The Map Of The US,” a satire from the Chicago Tribune.A Canadian report finds that there are 12.5 million automobiles in the world - and the United States has 10.5 million of them, while the UK and Canada have 400-500,000 apiece. Every other country on earth, combined, has only one million cars.19-year-old, 110-pound actress Peggy Marlowe is giving self-defense lessons in Los Angeles, showing how she fought off a male assailant last year.King George opens London’s new County Hall, which will serve as the city’s seat of government.Science and Invention Magazine features this proposal for a “Sea Wheel,” transportation hybrid, that can bring hundreds of passengers at once across the Atlantic in 15 hours. For now it’s science fiction, but soon - reality!Radio station WGY of Schenectady, New York, introduces the concept of the weekly broadcast of a drama series, as The WGY Players present “The Wolf,” a play by Eugene Walter. The play is presented as three episodes among a 40-minute concert program that begins at 8:45 PM.Black Americans celebrate Juneteenth, which commemorates their fathers’ and grandfathers’ emancipation from slavery 59 years ago. Here in Saint Augustine, Florida, a band parades down Main Street:Johnny Weismuller, 18-year-old swimming star who has broken many world records recently, makes yet further progress as he breaks diving records, too.Gertrud Hindenburg, famous noblewoman philanthropist and wife of German General and Statesman Paul von Hindenburg, dies. She was 61.Yankees outfielder Babe Ruth riding “Big Jess,” a Holstein Bull, in New Jersey.Colorful covers of today’s Saturday newsmagazines:A South Tyrolean woman in traditional costume, Wolkenstein in Gröden (Selva di Val Gardena), Italy. Original color photograph by Albert Kahn.“The Westerner’s Idea of the Map of the US,” from the Chicago Tribune.Edwina Ashley and Lord Louis Mountbatten are married at St. Margaret's, Westminster, London in the society wedding of the year.French Field Marshal Joseph Joffre, a hero of the Great War, is presented with a golden shovel by the San Francisco Department of Public Works. With the shovel, he plants a cypress tree (symbolizing peace) at the construction site of the new Legion of Honor complex.Birmingham, Alabama dons its prettiest banners and flags for the expected visit of President Harding, which will coincide with the city’s 50th anniversary celebrations.In the western Maryland wilderness, the Grand Goblin of the Ku Klux Klan presides over an initiation of 250 new members, which took three hours despite the extreme cold.Colorful covers of today’s Saturday newsmagazines:Children enjoy a snowball fight in the streets of Revelstoke, British Columbia.Albert, Duke of York reviewing French Marines during a visit to Caen.A Polish delegation places a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Paris.Michael F. Farley, former U.S. Representative for New York, dies three days after contracting anthrax while shaving. He was 58. Farley nicked himself with a razor and was using a contaminated shaving brush that infected the cut in his neck, and became progressively worse.A new type of ice cream treat is introduced in California: the “cold dog.” It’s ice cream between two chocolate shortcake ‘buns’, and it costs only 5 cents!The first black firefighter in St. Louis, Missouri begins work at the St. Louis Fire Department. He’s posted to Engine House #24 located at 1214 W. Spruce Street.A Chicago woman being arrested for defying a city edict banning "abbreviated bathing suits" on beaches. She is not going quietly.Socialite Mrs. Katherine Williamson and her nine-year-old daughter, Margaret, aboard the SS Paris as it arrives in New York from France. Katherine is wearing a fashionable new ‘Cleopatra’ gown, the current haute-couture. Margaret is carrying one of the new “daddy dolls.”The University of Illinois football team disqualifies nine players after confirmation that the students accepted payment to play in a semi-professional game in Carlinville, Illinois on November 27. Each received $200 for one game, which is against college football rules.The Great War Memorial in Nottingham, UK is dedicated.Hebrew, Arabic, and English are designated as the official languages of Mandatory Palestine as part of the "Palestine Order in Council" issued by the Privy Council of the United Kingdom, with a requirement that all notices of government will be published in three languages.Sturgeon weighing 1,224kg fished from the Volga River, Russia.Joe Boyer of Detroit, Michigan takes a corner during the French Grand Prix, which was held at Circuit de la Sarthe. The engine failed in Boyer’s Duesenberg on the 17th lap of the scheduled 30-lap event and he finished 11th.English comic actor Charlie Chaplin (in coat and goggles) prepares to board an Instone Airlines Vickers Vimy airplane that will take him from Croydon, London, to Paris, France on his way back to Hollywood. He is one of the first film stars to take a commercial flight.22 women graduate from the Nurses’ Training Institute at Rothschild Hospital in Jerusalem, the first women to receive nursing degrees in Mandatory Palestine. The diplomas were distributed by Lady Beatrice Samuel, wife of the British High Commissioner, Herbert Samuel.A dinner for 48 people leads to a food poisoning incident that kills eight diners at the hotel at Loch Marie, Scotland (pictured). The victims died from botulism. The mass casualty is traced to potted duck-paste canned at the Loch Marie Hotel and served in sandwiches.A busy day on Market Street, Manchester,Bandits steal $500,000 from a mail train outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The guard in the car objected and was shot, and the thieves fled into the woods with their loot.Alfred Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe, British newspaper and publishing magnate and owner of the Daily Mail and the Daily Mirror, dies of endocarditis caused by a streptococcal infection last year. He was 57. In his will, he leaves three months’ pay to all 6,000 employees.In 1895, a Missouri woman wrote her initials on a dollar and spent it. Today, after 27 years, that dollar came back. She received it in change at a local store.In Murten, Switzerland, a number of prehistoric pile-dwellings are uncovered by a recent drought. Archaeologists believe that they’re over 10,000 years old. [original Kodachrome from Albert Kahn]The latest fad in New York City are “daddy dolls.” Fashionable women carry around their daddy dolls in public, and even dress and feed them. But what are they supposed to represent? The issue remains a mystery.Princess Karageorgevich of Yugoslavia drives off at Mont Angel golf course, Monte Carlo. Monaco is a happening place for European royals; it is the height of opulence and splendor.In elections for the Swedish Riksdag, the Swedish Social Democratic Party strengthens its share of seats from 75 to 93. The election is the first in which women are allowed to vote, and the first in which persons formerly disenfranchised for unpaid debts may participate.Martial law tightens in six Italian cities after fighting between Communists and Fascists intensifies.El Salvador and Honduras quit the short-lived Federation of Central America, which was only formed last year. The idea was to unite Latin America in a single country, but international cohesion was more difficult than anticipated.In Upper Marlboro, Maryland, hundreds of people attend the dedication of the Crain Highway Monument, which celebrates agriculture and commerce in southern Maryland.Princess Newana Gayfish of the Winnebago Tribe of American Indians in Wisconsin is exiled from her tribe because she bobbed her hair to look like a modern woman.W. T. Cosgrave becomes the new Chairman of the Provisional Government of the Irish Free State, replacing Michael Collins, who was killed in an ambush three days ago.American Indians representing 20,000 California natives arrive at the Capitol to petition Congress to honor the Treaties of 1851 and 1852, which guaranteed financial annuities to the natives which were, in many cases, never honored.Jim Bottomley of the St. Louis Cardinals is thrown out at the plate in an exhibition game against the St. Louis Browns, a local team.Polish saboteurs proudly pose in front of the train they’ve just derailed. Yesterday, Poles living in Upper Silesia, a region that decided in a recent plebiscite to belong to Germany, launched an uprising against their German administrators.The Zeppelin-Lindau Rs.IV L'Aerophile seaplane racer makes its first flight in Germany.President Harding creates a new government bureau, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)In Washington, DC, representatives of the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, and France sign the Four-Power Treaty, which guarantees that the world’s largest naval powers will not interfere with each other’s’ possessions in the Pacific Ocean.Colorful covers of today’s Saturday newsmagazines:A steamer passes down the Suez Canal past the outpost of Kantara, Egypt. Just a few years ago this was empty desert, but the town exploded in size when it became the central supply depot for the British Army's Palestine force.A Massachusetts man, Charles Rosengard, uses divorce as a means to advertise. Rosengard owns a safe-building company, and he says he needs more business to pay for his wife’s alimony.Couples dancing at a beach party in Venice Beach, California.Italian Fascist blackshirts take over the city of Bolzano, South Tyrol and depose Mayor Julius Perathoner (pictured), who has led the municipality since 1895, when it was the Austrian city of Bozen. A whole Italian city is now under Fascist rule.Man in Waldsport, Oregon holding aloft two Chinook Salmon he boasts he caught with his bare hands.The day after his inauguration, President Harding interrupts a cabinet meeting to greet his new dog, a seven-month old Airedale named “Laddie Boy.” The President is very fond of the canine, who first thing brings him the morning’s paper.

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