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Naomi Wolf on a Police State in America | Big ThinkHow Yale Confronted Their History Without Erasing It | America Inside OutThe Gospel of Luke denies Jesus died for our sins!A Defining Moment | Vows | The New York TimesThis is the most mysterious point in the universeAstronomers are trying to do the impossible that could prove Einstein wrongOTD in 1911, Yale University history professor Hiram Bingham III found the “Lost City of the Incas,” Machu Picchu, in Peru.How academic freedom strengthens the bonds of accumulated knowledge | Nicholas ChristakisNEW SERIES: Professor Dale Martin talks about the GospelsProf Dale Martin: Surprises in the Gospel of John20 MILLION Year-Old Spider and the Science of Spider SilkHow Viral Stories Impact Major Economic Events | Davos 2020A 3770 year old Babylonian clay tablet written in Akkadian, containing the oldest known cooking recipes. The tablet includes 25 recipes for stews, 21 meat stews and 4 vegetable stews. Now part of the collection of the Yale University LibraryBig Think Interview With Calvin Trillin | Big ThinkThe Centuries-Old Debt That's Still Paying InterestThe fascist philosopher behind Vladimir Putin’s information warfare | Big ThinkNever Allow Your Inability to Do Everything Undermine Your Determination, with Cory BookerWhat Makes a Four Star Restaurant NICHOLAS CHRISTAKIS | Big ThinkKevin Ryan: Outsourcing Talent in the Land of the Free? | Big ThinkWhat is propaganda? | Jason Stanley | Explain It Like I’m Smart by Big ThinkHow piecemeal police reform is setting the stage for national changeStereotypes Threaten Your Brain's Well-Being: Memory, Anxiety, Motivation | Valerie Purdie GreenawayWhy you should want to suffer | Paul BloomEvolution explains kindness—even when it kills us | Paul BloomClimate change: Why we need 70% of U.S. politicians to unite | Daniel Esty | Big ThinkHow Imagination and Intelligence Work Together in the Brain, with Scott Barry Kaufman | Big ThinkU.S. Homeland Security agents seized more than a dozen looted Asian antiquities, valued at $1.29 million, from Yale University in Connecticut:Vali Nasr: What can Americans do to better understand the Middle East? | Big ThinkThe Science of Bias, Empathy, and Dehumanization | Paul Bloom | Big ThinkThe 10 tactics of fascism | Jason Stanley | Big ThinkRe: Do Americans understand the American Revolution?The Science of Political Judgment and Empathy | Paul Bloom | Big ThinkRehab Your Taste Buds: Getting Hooked on Wholesome Foods | Big ThinkYale professor: Why it's useful to compare Trump to HitlerAsking Teachers for More | Big ThinkNicholas Wolterstorff is a philosopher, liturgical theologian, and Noah Porter Professor Emeritus Philosophical Theology at Yale University. In this interview, he shares his thoughts on the relationship between the arts and philosophy of religion. Watch:What makes a good leader: strength or smarts? | Nicholas Christakis | Big ThinkThe Gospels that did NOT make it into the Bible with Prof Dale MartinHopkins Architects, Kroon Hall School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, Yale University, Hartford, Connecticut, USAHow has technology made our lives better?Robert A.M. Stern Discusses the Legacy of George W. Bush | Big ThinkWhat Spiderman can Teach us about Public Health | Big ThinkWhat causes income inequality and tribal politics | Bill Drayton | Big ThinkHow to build an authoritarian regime — and how to stop one | Timothy Snyder | Big ThinkDo Doctors Treat Fat Patients Differently?Carol Gilligan on the Psychological Differences between Men and Women | Big ThinkSurprises in the Gospel of Matthew with Professor Dale MartinElizabeth Alexander on Teaching and Learning Poetry | Big ThinkThe Making of O.J. Simpson: Made in America | Ezra Edelman | Big ThinkFacts Don't Win Fights: Here’s How to Cut Through Confirmation Bias | Tali Sharot | Big ThinkMillennials 201: The Boomerangers, with Paul Taylor | Big ThinkBad news for the Church in IndiaHow is architecture changing? | Big ThinkDavid L. Katz on Children: "Recess not Ritalin" | Big ThinkProfessor Dale Martin discusses the existence of forgeries in the BibleWhy failing to preserve biodiversity is a profound disrespect | Susan Hockfield | Big ThinkHow to test yourself in the battle of ideas | Nicholas Christakis | Big ThinkHow inequality destroys the future by focusing on the past | Timothy Snyder | Big ThinkHealthful Ignorance: What You Don't Know Will Kill You | Big ThinkHow Social Media Makes Us Angry All the Time | Molly Crockett | Big ThinkDevil’s Advocate: Why worry about fascism? | Jason Stanley | Big ThinkHistory Professor Explains How Governments Can Use Disasters And Tragedies To Control SocietyWhy I’m against empathy | Paul Bloom

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