This version of Lisbeth Salander’s look is mostly based off the American/English film version but includes some elements of the Swedish version as well. This is just my interpretation of it- your imagination is limitless! See this Pinterest board for reference images of Lisbeth Salander. Elements of this costume: Clothing: -Bleached Mohawk Skull Tshirt (steps 1-10) -Dark Hoodie -Leather or Faux Leather Motorcycle jacket -Dark, distressed pants (step 12) -Boots with duct tape on right toe (step 13) Hair and Makeup: -Dying your hair black (permanent or temporary) -Hair cut and style -Makeup: foundation, contouring your face, eyes, brows -Temporary Dragon and Wasp Tattoos (steps 18-20) Accessories: -Facial Piercings -Earrings -Razor necklace -Fingerless gloves -Leg Warmers (step 14)
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