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Sometimes it seems like travel is my life. One of the pleasures of my job is the fact that I get the opportunity to jet across the world quite regularly. More often than not, those awesome travel adventures require a quick prep to head out the door to the airport. This is why I love to have my carry-on ready for when the moment strikes. As you may know if you read my recent post, I've partnered with Alamo Rent A Car once again on a series of posts to help families get the most out of their travel opportunities. Alamo shares my belief in the importance of leisure travel for both individuals and families. Today, I'm excited to share my ultimate carry-on packing guide with you to help you be ready to zip out the door, with enough clothing and toiletries to last you up to a week! I'll be covering the four-wheel roller bag, a weekender tote and what to wear while traveling to save space in your bags, but still be prepared as prepared as possible. Four-Wheel Roller Bag The four-wheel
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