meotherwise.comVendetta & More in The Second Lady #AtoZChallengeThe Second Lady was written at a time when there existed the Cold War between the two great powers of the world- Soviet Union and the United States of America. It was at a time of political Vendetta, conspiracies and spies. Billie Bradford is the First Lady of the United States. She is the ever charming glamorous woman, intelligent and is loved by the people of her country. In a good will visit to the Soviet Union, Billie Bradford is kidnapped by the KGB and held captive. The First Lady is replicated with a con artist Vera Vavilova. Impersonating Billie Bradford, Vera has a task at hand- to enter the White House, live life as the First Lady and lay her hands on sensitive and classified information to be handed over to the Soviets. With their spy in American territories, the Russians think they have the perfect weapon against the Americans and all the info they seek is easy to obtain. Or so they think. For Vera Vavilova, despite being adequately trained as the First Lady, there still are areas, she is not prepared to deal with. She knows everything about the President and his wife, except for his sexual behavior. Time is ticking away for the Russians, and impatience growing to get the information that they require. Billie Bradford, intelligent as she is, senses the situation. She misleads the Russians with respect to her husband’s sexual behavior. However, being a lady with equal intelligence, Vera manages to overcome the situation without arousing any doubts. It’s the sheer intelligence of both the women involved that actually bowls you over. Billy Bradford, with her fighter spirit, pretends to be in love with a Russian- for her freedom, her honor and, for her country. On the other hand, Vera Vavilova, stuck in enemy territory, plays it cautious, in a shrewd and smart way. The Second Lady is Irving Wallace at his best. It is a book with twists and turns, and an ending that could just throw you overboard. The book is a powerful story of vendetta and two intelligent women, served on one platter together. This post is a part of the A to Z Blogging Challenge where I write about twenty six women characters from books, who have left an impact on me. You can read the previous posts here- Women in Books The book is available on Amazon in paperback and e-book format. Related