Mental and Spiritual Reboot ✧ 111Hz, 222Hz, 444Hz, 888Hz ✧ Deep Healing Meditation MusicCell regeneration plays a crucial role in healing the body, in essence, it's an age reversal process. Studies have shown that the audible frequency of 111Hz actually has a beneficial effect in quickening the healing process. In an excerpt taken from one study: "Rejuvenation is the process of reversing the aging process. It involves the repair of damage that is associated with aging or replacement of damage tissue with new tissue, which is associated with cell regeneration. There are a lot of studies on the use of alternative ways of curing diseases. One of which is the use of sound in medicine. The sound frequency 111 Hertz (Hz) shows cell rejuvenation property, which we could associate with cell regeneration." Details can be found here: This song uses a 111Hz sine wave, as well as higher octaves (222Hz, 444Hz & 888Hz) in the background and is tuned to A=444Hz to fully resonate with the base frequency. The A=444Hz tuning is also known as C=528Hz tuning. May this music bring you peace, healing and happiness. ✦✦✦ For frequent headphone users, I highly recommend checking out Sleep Phones. The world's most comfortable headphones for sleeping. Pajamas for your ears. Use the code METTAVERSE for $10 off purchases $39 or more. ✦✦✦ Music by Mettaverse ➤ SoundCloud: ➤ Instagram: ➤ Facebook: ➤ Twitter: #mettaverse #healingmusic Support: Ko-Fi: ● Sound frequency is a wonderful and effective healing modality, however this is not intended to fully replace professional medical or counseling advice. If you suffer from a mental or physical illness, always seek help from a trusted therapist or doctor. spiritual reset, meditaiton, mettaverse music, music therapy