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Nothing Is More Terrifying Than A Bat Tornado. Marty SimpsonIt’s not just bees that pollinate! Some bats can pollinate too! In fact, Agave, which is used to make Tequila, relies heavily on the Lesser Long Nosed Bat to grow. This bat drinks the nectar of these plants, and spreads pollen just like a bee. Without this bat, there would be no more tequila!The dams that @usbr manage have tunnels. And where there are tunnels, there are bats. Many of the recreation areas surrounding Reclamation water projects are also great habitats for bats. USBR biologists help oversee conservation efforts for these winged wonders.Biobots: Snakebot, Batbot, and More Robots Inspired by Nature | WIREDDeep in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, every night is a battle of skill—& luck—between 1000s of bats & dangling snakesThese two flappy friends swooped on in to bring you a MuseumMomentOfZen this evening. Namikawa Sōsuke, "Plaque with Design of Bats," late 19th-early 20th century.Solar power plus planting the natural prairie grasses from before agriculture in the Midwest gets rid of 30% more carbon, save erosion and water, while providing habitats for birds, bees, bats, etc - and powers 16 times more transportation than biofuelsRescued red fruit bats hanging out together. Unlike black fruit bats who always stay a body length apart, reds are well known to break branches with too much weight of too many bats huddled close together. (Insert social distancing joke here)From bats to bees, at the age of eight Beatrix Potter was already studying and recording the characteristics of a wide variety of animals, birds and insects in a home-made sketchbook - learn more about her passion for natureFree-Tailed Bats: On Location | Hostile PlanetMore than 20 species of bats have been observed willfully engaging in Homosexual behavior in the wild and captivity. Most scientists in agree that other 1,400 species likely perform this as well.Happy #BatWeek! From eating pests to pollinating crops, bats are the unsung heroes of the night. Sleeping batResearchers have finally found a weakness in "the Destroyer"—a fungus that's killed millions of bats since it emerged in '06. But can they exploit it? @bioGraphic on new breakthroughs in a fight that once seemed unwinnable: https://t.co/aonujkARdl. /How to Make the No. 1 Bat in Major League BaseballWould You Dare Enter the Caves of the Hanging Serpents? | National GeographicDid you know bats, wading birds & jaguars were considered to be among the most powerful animals because of their ability to inhabit multiple levels of the cosmos? Visit "Creatures of the Earth, Sea, and Sky: Painting the Panamanian Cosmos" & learn moreWhy Bats Aren't as Scary as You Think | Nat Geo ExploresFrom pollinating our favorite fruits () to eating pesky insects (), bats are heroes of the night! Check out some interesting bat facts and all the amazing things these creatures do for us. https://t.co/KqgF9EraHD Photo courtesy of#HappyHalloween! There is no more iconic wildlife symbol of Halloween than bats! Did you know that seeds dropped by fruit-eating tropical bats can account for up to 95% of forest regrowth on cleared land? fangtasticThe tiger moth (Arctia caja) is able to jam echolocation used by predatory bats by making sounds with their wings. This will prevent the bat from "seeing" the moth. Very clever!Of the 54 species of hornbill, the Oriental pied has the most diverse diet, from fruit to bats! Eden: Untamed Planet explores some of the world's most isolated landscapes. Find out where to watch in your region → https://t.co/kSO2jOdEqC EarthOnLocation by © Cede PrudenteA truly excessive number of bats.1880s springtime, witch, and sun #costumes. Fantastic little bats, snakes, and other details on the witch!Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na, it's #BatAppreciationDay! Did you know bats are the only mammals that can fly? Visit our blog to find more facts about these amazing creatures:A Skeptic’s Guide to Loving Bats | Podcast | Overheard at National GeographicJoin @NWF Naturalist @Dmizejewski and a panel of experts for the @darkdividefilm Propping Up Pollinator Happy Hour to learn how you can take small steps to recover vital bee, bats, and butterfly habitat in your backyard and community. RSVP:Honduran white bats roost under “tents” of leaves, which protects them from the sun and makes them invisible to predators. When the sun shines through the leaves of their tent, it makes the bats' white coat appear green, making them hard to spot!In order to mimic the warmth of their mother’s wings, rescued orphaned baby bats are wrapped up in blankets"Bats and balls are flying everywhere, and fielders are constantly running every which way in what can only be described as organized chaos." Trent Parke describes cricket's pivotal place in Indian popular culture: https://t.co/xpmDiXIxYN © Trent Parke / Magnum PhotosMale hammerhead bats have a large head with enlarged rostrum, larynx and lips that allows for the production of loud honking calls.This are honduran white bats (Ectophylla alba) make tents out of leaves & shelter under them in small groups. They have white fur which appears green when light shines through the leaves, hiding them from predators. Photos from: Geoff GaliceSoar to new heights with fun facts for International Bat Appreciation Day: 🦇 47 bat species in North America 🦇 1,400 bat species worldwide 🦇 1 in 5 mammal species are bats 🦇 Bats are the only true flying mammals More:Bats Love To Babble — Just Like HumansTiger Moth Jams Bat SonarThese bats taking advantage of a hummingbird feeder at night...Here's your first day of summer moment of zen... Pollinators like bees, some birds, bats, and other insects, play a crucial role in pollinating flowers and in the production of most fruits and vegetables. These small pollen movers play a big role in ecosystem health worldwide!Orphaned baby bats which are rescued are wrapped snugly in blankets to mimic the warm embrace of their mother's wings.How Bats Land #1Pallid Bats are resistant to scorpion venom and actively hunt Arizona bark scorpions, which are the most venomous scorpions in North America.To mimic the warmth of their mother’s wings, rescued orphaned baby bats get burrito’d up in snugly blankets 🥰Bats can’t launch to fly (from the ground) because their wings don’t provide enough lift, and their tiny back legs won’t let them run to get enough speed for take-off. If they end up on the ground, they need to climb something so they can use gravity to start moving fast enough to fly successfully.Tonight on NightSchool we ask questions like: How do hundreds of thousands of bats exit a cave without crashing into each other? What creatures live in the subterranean estuaries on Mexico's Yucatán Peninsula & how? 🦇 Watch live at 7pm PT:These Bats Mysteriously Survived a Killer Fungus | National GeographicIn Ecuador’s Tandayapa Valley, a Geoffroy’s tailless bat zooms in to sip nectar from a Bomarea pardina bloom. Feared by many people, bats are vital pollinators, seed dispersers and predators of insect pests. 🦇Silenced Tiger Moth Can't Jam Bat SonarThe black-thighed falconet is native to southeast Asia and is about the size of a parakeet, making it one of the smallest birds of prey in the world. They mainly eat insects but occasionally go after bats and other small birds.It's National Pollinator Week & we're celebrating the hummingbirds, bats, bees, beetles & butterflies that carry pollen from one plant to another, helping produce the foods we love like fruits, vegetables & nuts – including chocolate & coffeeMother bats speak "baby talk" to their pups. A recent study showed that pup-directed vocalizations of adult females presented a different 'color' and pitch than the calls directed towards other adult bats. Male bats communicated with the pups to transmit the "vocal signature" of their social group.Tremor Relief at Last | Brain Surgery LiveHow Bats Land #2@mndnr found that the disease called WhiteNoseSyndrome has killed between 90-94% of bats that hibernate in state-monitored caves & abandoned mines. With 1/3 of U.S. wildlife in decline, we need solutions that match the magnitude of the #WildlifeCrisis."I was very lucky to have the opportunity to photograph nectar feeding bats [in Costa Rica]. While using a flash trap technique...I was very fortunate to get exactly the image I was looking for when this little bat extended his long tongue." – Don Bland BatAppreciationDay 🦇Previously thought to use their suckers to climb and hang, sucker-footed bats actually use a form of wet adhesion by secreting a body fluid at their pads. They must roost with their heads up rather than upside down so that they don't accidentally lose control of the adhesive pads while sleeping.The Christmas Island Pipistrelle was the only echolocating bat on its island. Scientists first sought funding to save it in 2005, but it wasn't granted until July 2009. They were unable to catch the remaining bats and on August 26, the last individual ceased echolocating. None have been found since.Adult fireflies evolved their glow to attract mates, not to ward off predators. Mature fireflies lit their lanterns before birds and bats evolved, suggesting that sexual signalling drove this dazzling behaviour.

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