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Artist Emeka Ogboh has put up more than 200 "missing" posters depicting the Benin Bronzes throughout the city of Dresden:Glasgow museums will return 17 Benin Bronzes, marking the largest restitution of cultural artifacts in Scotland’s history:125 years after the Benin Bronzes were looted, Artist Victor Ehikhamenor has created a work that memorializes the 1897 event:In a 'historic milestone,' Germany will begin to return the Benin Bronzes from its public collections to Nigeria in 2022:In part two of The Art Angle's series on the Benin Bronzes, curator Dan Hicks discusses the current status of the looted artworks:Germany's key players scramble to accelerate the restitution process for the Benin Bronzes:A group of Nigerian artists have an offer for the British Museum: Return the Benin Bronzes and we’ll give you new ones in exchange:How 19th-century European colonial powers raced to scoop up the Benin Bronzes amid a program of imperial destruction:A send-off exhibition of 179 looted objects in Hamburg marks 'the beginning of the return' of Germany's Benin Bronzes to Nigeria:Germany will return artifacts housed in more than 20 German museums to Nigeria, Cameroon, Tanzania, and Namibia. Most of the roughly 1,100 Benin Bronzes were looted by British forces who conquered Nigeria’s city of Benin in 1897.Benin Bronzes are scattered all over the world. We asked museums that hold them where they stand on restitution:Making good on a recent pledge, the Smithsonian Institution will repatriate Benin Bronzes in its collection to their homeland of Nigeria:A London museum could be the next institution to repatriate Benin Bronzes:The Benin Bronzes aren't just ancient history. Meet the contemporary casters who are still making them today:

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