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NYC’s Burmese food boom is here https://t.co/xKLMCoslMo (viaThe Stilwell Road (1945) Burmese Campaign in World War II [50:59:00]The Ancient Road Of Burma: Can It Be Rebuilt? | Myanmar | Absolute HistoryPacific Drive looms: Front line in Burma - Burmese and Australian troops fight Japanese sn...(1943)Mystery Burmese Fruit? Ponderosa Lemon? My Mom Shares a Recipe for Citrus Salad - FRUITY FRUITS"The Habitations of the Sentient Beings According to the Burmese" — from The Thirty-Seven Nats: A Phase of Spirit Worship Prevailing in Burma (1906) by William Griggs. Buy print here:Burmese MonkMantis in Burmese amber.Burmese + Vegan = Khao SueyThe People Of Myanmar Speak Out On The Military CoupBurmese girlThis is me near the Thai/Burmese border 1994Funeral Held for Teen Shot Off His Bike by Military ForcesWhen a clutch of baby Burmese vine snakes needed a little help figuring out how to catch their own fish, our biologists & Animal Health staff were there—with teeny, tiny nurturing that helped the snakes become self-sufficient. / 📷 by biologist Molly H.Mantis in Burmese amber.A 19th century crown for a pink princess. Winged crowns like these were worn by princesses in the 19th century court of the Burmese Konbaung Dynasty. This is a copy made in the 1930s.Three Burmese women, members of a circus, wear brass neck and leg rings traditionally worn by Padaung women since childhood and which cannot be removed, New York, c. 1930'sStudio portrait of a young Burmese couple. 1906. Yangon, Burma.Ferret-badgers are Asian mustelids that have six identified species: Bornean, Chinese, Formosan, Javan, Burmese and Vietnam. The Burmese ferret-badger, native to the forests of southeast Asia, is seen here drinking rainwater from a puddle.Emmy Eats Burma (Myanmar)The Story of Myanmar's Lost Royal Family with Alex Bescoby | History Hit LIVE on TimelineExtint Chrysopidae in Burmese amber.A crunchy take on a lunchtime favorite: Make this Burmese chicken salad for your next lunchCrikey! Celebrate WorldMusicDay with this croc-shaped instrument known as a mi-gyaung, or "crocodile-zither" in Burmese. Similar chamber instruments can be found throughout Southeast Asia. Learn more:Burmese Kittens Practice Climbing | Too CuteBurmese nun pleading the police to stop attacking peaceful protestors. She helped free over 100 protestorsA Burmese nun pleading the police to stop their brutality. She freed 100 protestors from the police.A Burmese Adventure https://t.co/MUJhqi2iY8 # Covers, Magazine, Skull, Tales of Magic and MysteryTIL that Florida had brought in 2 Irula tribesmen from India to catch the invasive Burmese pythons. When 1000 hunters were able to manage catching just 106 snakes, the duo caught 27 snakes in just 4 weeks, including a 16 ft long female.Pierre Rodier, a French colonial administrator, challenges local Burmese woman to carry him after being impressed by them carrying heavy goods. 1900.A Burmese meditation centre’s useful diagram on laying out the foundation/path of practice. #insight #meditation #8noblepathsARMY NAVY SCREEN MAGAZINE 22 BURMA OUTPOST LETTER FROM IRAN CARTOON YANK MAGAZINE 63574Thai / Burmese weapon of 18th-19th century. Comprised of a wide steel blade with 'flame points' and two-handed horn grip. Held in the Penn Museum.Old Lady in Burmese Hill Tribe VillageAt the British Museum: Living religion in Burma and ThailandSingapura cats are among the smallest breeds of cats, only weighing at most 2.5 kg (6 lb) and are known for their sepia coat.Their origins are considered a source of mystery. They were originally believed to be from Singapore but breeders believe they're a cross between Abyssinians and Burmese cats.A Sub-Adult roach in Burmese amber.An American alligator does its part to help curb the invasive population of Burmese pythons in Florida.On WorldHarpDay, a peek at this 19th-century saùng-gauk, or Burmese harp. DYK: Instruments like this one had their origins in ancient India and represent one of the oldest surviving harp traditions. See more harps in the MetCollection →Burmese balloons at dawnNew Yorkers Are Lining Up For This Burmese Street FoodScene from Life of Buddha from a 19th-century Burmese illustrated manuscriptBurma Campaign. Battle of Meiktila. January – March 1945. A British squaddie enjoys a cup of tea with a Burmese family.Was told you good folks may appreciate this: One of my most cherished possessions: Burmese (Myanmar) Kammacava, and the Sadaik Manuscript Chest which holds the KammacavaBurmese GMC-based "Frankenstein" with new engine, brakes, steering and some home-made solutions to go19th century gold shoes encrusted with gems, from the Burmese Royal Regalia. Now on display at the National Museum of Myanmar"A Burmese Map of the World" from The 37 Nats: A Phase of Spirit Worship Prevailing in Burma (1906) by Sir Richard Carnac Temple, the British Chief Commissioner of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands + amateur anthropologist. Available as a print to buy here:Siamese civ ideaFor the few Burmese mains out thereYour comments and upvotes on my posts here on r/DIY made me believe in myself enough to start my own side business. I'm still no expert, but here is my latest build, a burmese rosewood epoxy table. A few short vids included from requests of my last builds. Thank you reddit!(1970)s and (1980)s YouTube channel cataloging hundreds of rare Burmese songs and cassettes alongside recordings of television programs and playsI could almost imagine I was fighting goths, but no, it was simply Burmese champs eating Sicilian trash. ( i know these are rookie numbers)Pacific Drive looms: Front line in Burma - Burmese and Australian troops fight Japanese sn...(1943)Mildly interesting: all it took was looking in the character search every three months for like 20 years, but I finally managed to teach my Burmese king to speak a European languageZither me timbers! In the ninth century, several Burmese musicians were sent to the Tang dynasty court in China. One of the instruments they presented to the emperor was the mi-gyaung, meaning "crocodile-zither" in Burmese. MusicMonday Learn more:Zoo keepers keep small, rare Burmese star turtles. Since July, six of the very rare animals have hatched. According to information from the zoo, this is the first reproduction ever in a German zoo. Picture by Rolf Vennenbernd/dpaMicroscopic image of the feathered tail of a 99-million-year-old coelurosaur preserved in Burmese amber: the velcro-like hooks projecting from each of the barbules allowed the feathers to lie flat against each other like fronds as in modern birds."A Burmese map of the world, showing traces of Medieval European map-making.", 1906, Anonymous.Burmese bronze ‘dragon’ cannon, 1790Viceroy of India Linlithgow visits Rangoon (1937)"The Sentient Beings According to the Burmese", from The Thirty-Seven Nats: A Phase of Spirit Worship Prevailing in Burma (1906) by William Griggs:

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