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What are Muslim Submarines?HRH Prince Albert, the Duke of York, at Cambridge University as he receives a degree, followed in the procession by Former President of the United States Howard Taft. The Duke of York is brother to Edward, Prince of Wales, heir to the British throne.1960s CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PROMOTIONAL FILM CAVENDISH LABORATORY 64244General Pershing, Admiral Wemyss, General Rawlinson and General Birdwood recieve L.L.D. at...(1919)Joan Lasenby on Applications of Geometric Algebra in EngineeringAfter mysteriously vanishing from Cambridge University 22 years ago, 2 notebooks belonging to Charles Darwin, one of which contains his iconic 1837 Tree of Life sketch, have been safely returned to the University in a pink gift bag, along with an envelope signed: Librarian Happy Easter XFrom the Archives: Archaeologists in Cambridge uncovered an Augustinian friary that occupied what is now Cambridge University property from the 1280s to 1538.Celia Deane-Drummond - What is Virtue in a Theistic World?Tchaikovsky at Cambridge University, wearing doctoral robes. June, 1893. One of the last photos of Pyotr.Mehdi vs Mould: The Chain fountain effect, who has the most convincing explanation?How to Recruit the Right CEOWant to Lead? Be Well Spoken and Well Dressed | Sylvia Ann Hewlett | Big ThinkMathematical Bridge, Queens College Cambridge UniversityThe Future of Technologies that Don't Yet Exist | Big ThinkArianna Huffington on Brain Maintenance | Big ThinkThe Extraordinary Cambridge Central MosqueGeneral Pershing, Admiral Wemyss, General Rawlinson and General Birdwood recieve L.L.D. at...(1919)Why Robert Stone WritesSarah Coakley - Analytic Theology1959 BIOGRAPHY OF SIR ISAAC NEWTON CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY MATHEMATICS & NATURAL SCIENCE PH12844Sarah Coakley - Can Philosophy of Religion Find God?Cambridge University’s Jesus College has become one of the first U.K. institutions to actually return a Benin Bronze to Nigeria:Assessing Intelligence with Standardized Testing Has a Limited Purpose, with Howard GardnerCross Country running: Cambridge University defeat Oxford University in varsity match (1927)Heir to the Japanese throne Hirohito visiting Queens’ College, Cambridge University. He showed particular interest in the wig-room, the purpose of which was explained to him by anattendants. He expressed the sentiment “Une très belle maison.”General Pershing, Admiral Wemyss, General Rawlinson and General Birdwood recieve L.L.D. at...(1919)Celia Deanne-Drummond - Can Moral Theory Affect Deep Ontology?How to Recruit the Best and BrightestJob Showcase: @marcelobadari for Cambridge University Press! https://t.co/oCAKFwLV0X See other work here:Senate House, Cambridge University (Built 1722–1730 by James Gibbs) -

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