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From D-Day to the Elbe - "The True Glory" in HD (1945)Accidental Wes Anderson almost-like scenography in a 70s Culture House (Former Czechoslovakia).We mourn the loss of political pioneer Madeleine Albright. Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (now Czech Republic), Albright was sworn in as the first female Secretary of State in 1997, becoming the highest-ranking woman in the history of the U.S. government. : Zach Hilty/BFA.comMy Grandma and Grandpa (Starka a Dedko) in the 60s. Bratislava, CzechoslovakiaThe Fall of Communism: Crash Course European History #47Enviromental/anti-war demonstration, Czechoslovakia, 1980sCzechoslovak man posing with half loaf of bread in front of banner "The meaning of the policy of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia - paradise for humans" Communist Czechoslovakia, propably 1960s.On this day in 1968, pro-Soviet Czechs elected three men to replace the overthrown Alexander Dubcek as head of Czechoslovakia’s Communist PartyJewish refugees from Nazi Germany playing violin and guitar as others chat in their bunks next to a German wall map emblazoned with a swastika in the cellar of an old abandoned factory they live in on the outskirts of Prague, Czechoslovakia, 1938.Fifty years ago today, the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia, firing on crowds and overthrowing the reformist government of Alexander Dubcek.Banner "Occupiers, go home!" on the streets of the Czech city of Plzen on the day of the invasion of Czechoslovakia by Warsaw Pact troops, August 21, 1968The Soviet Bloc Unwinds: Crash Course European History #46Czechoslovakia's Invasion by the Soviets (1968)New Devices For Clearing Paths In Mine Fields (1946)1945 WORLD WAR II RUSSIAN FRONT YALTA CONFERENCE SOVIET PROPAGANDA FILM Part 2 48834Interview: Burning Bush Director Agnieszka HollandA child watches as Soviet tank invade Her Homeland (During Soviet led invasion on Czechoslovakia), Photo: Josef Bláha, Czechoslovakia - Rakovník, 21 August 1968T-10 heavy tank of the Soviet Army (with various slogans written on it), streets of Prague, Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (Československa socialisticka republika, ČSSR), during the Prague Spring (Pražské jaro) and Warsaw Pact Invasion of August 20th - 21st, 1968.Photos: 50 Years Since a Soviet Invasion Ended the Prague Spring: 27 images from Czechoslovakia in August of 1968, when the Soviet Union sent tanks and troops to stop the leaders of a Warsaw Pact nation who were trying to enact pro-democratic reforms.Great Grandparents at their wedding in 1934. He died 4 years later during the invasion of CzechoslovakiaTank Chats #143 | Hetzer | The Tank MuseumA Russian tanker aims his AKMS rifle at a Czech protester while the rest of his crew exit their T-62, after molotovs ignited the engine afire. Prague, Czechoslovakia, August, 1968My 13 year old grandfather (middle row, far right) in Czechoslovakia in April 1932.Walter Royal, one the two luxury vehicle produced in interwar Czechoslovakia, during it's premiere on Prague Motor Show, Prague 1931A Slovakian girl kneeling beside the grave of a loved one, Czechoslovakia (1920s)"Work and peace for the republic, well-being for the people. The whole nation is with the communists!" Czechoslovak poster, 194630 years ago today: Playwright Vaclav Havel was elected as the first post-communist President of Czechoslovakia. Havel insisted on free parliamentary elections the next year as a condition for accepting the mostly symbolic post.Staff Sergeant, commander of the mortar of the 204th mortar regiment of the Soviet Army Nikolai Korneev wears two women's wristwatches on each hand, Czechoslovakia, June 1945German tanks PzKpfw II are on the square of saint Wenceslas in Prague, Czechoslovakia is fully annexed and captured weapons, tanks and factories will help Germany to unleash hell on Earth - 15th March 1939Today in 1989: Vaclav Havel, the writer whose insistence on speaking the truth about repression in his country repeatedly cost him his freedom was elected first post-communist President of Czechoslovakia by Parliament.Madeleine Albright was born on this day in Prague, Czechoslovakia and in 1997, became the first woman to serve as secretary of state. She was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012 and received a PortraitOfaNation Prize in 2017. : Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, 2005AIR FORCE HISTORY 1937-1939 THE AIR FORCE STORY CHAPTER 6 22224Women Ride Home from the Fields, Little Carpathians, Czechoslovakia, 1968. by James P. Blair.Josef Mencik, the last "knight". He lived in Czechoslovakia until 1945 like a real knight, in a castle, without electricity or cars. He even attacked german tanks on his horse in full armor during WWII.“ BENITO MUSSOLINI ” 1962 BIOGRAPHY OF ITALIAN FASCIST DICTATOR DOCUMENTARY FILM 57384Vera Schaufeld, 9, arrives in Britain from Czechoslovakia under the Kindertransport scheme to rescue Jewish children from the Nazis. 1939.The aftermath of the car, after the successful assassination attempt on SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich on the 27th May 1942 in Czechoslovakia. Heydrich succumbed to his injuries on the 4th June 1942"The bare-chested man in front of the occupiers tank" by Ladislav Bielik. The photo was taken in Bratislava during the Warsaw Pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in August 1968Soviet tanks interrupt young couple wedding. Soviet invasion to Czechoslovakia, 1968Prague resident confronting a Soviet soldier during the Warsaw pact invasion of Czechoslovakia, 1968.Czechoslovakia Post World War II (1948)„Watch out for Russian killers - they steal watches and radios” Russian invasion of Czechoslovakia (1968)German Newsreel Excerpts (1944)The Adventures of Tartu - A World War 2 Espionage Thriller (1945 - Restored)"EVALUATING A NATION" 1950s ARMED FORCES INFORMATION FILM COLD WAR 40084Officers of the Soviet Army in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Photo by Ladislav Bielik, 1968John Stonehouse and Dropped Trousers: Citation NeededTatra 603-1 Prototype from CzechoslovakiaThree old ladies swing into Spring, Czechoslovakia 1967,Vickers 7TP light tanks of the Polish Army (Wojska Lądowe) and other mechanized units in Těšín, Second Czechoslovak Republic (Czechoslovakia) on October 2nd, 1938.Sherman Tanks Mount Rockets (1945)Nurses with prams blocking a Soviet tank in Ostrava, Czechoslovakia, 1968.1930s VISIT TO VOLENDAM, HOLLAND, DUSSELDORF & BERLIN GERMANY, PRAGUE 1930s HOME MOVIE 571041983 Czechoslovakia: a patch of forest devastated by acid rain. Most of Soviet controlled Eastern Europe experienced profound ecological damage during their occupation due to a lack of environmental regulations and the belief that pollution was a “capitalist” problem. [2,,349]Protests East and West: Crash Course European History #45Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia 1989Demonstration denouncing Ku-Klux Klan, Znojmo, Czechoslovakia, May 1st 1951KNOW YOUR ALLY BRITAIN FRANK CAPRA WWII DOCUMENTARY FILM 32144Officers of the Soviet Army in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia, during the brutal suppression of the Prague Spring. Photo by Ladislav Bielik, August 1968.52 Years Ago, Warsaw Pact Armies started the occupation of Czechoslovakia. August 21, 1968

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