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OtD 1 Sep 1939 the first fighting of WWII in Europe took place, as 56 post office workers in Danzig (now Gdańsk, Poland) took up arms to repel the Nazi takeover. After 15 hours, the surviving workers surrendered. They were tried as bandits and executed.Finally, after 2 month to have done nothing, here is my ethnic map of my ucronia on the kingdom of prussia, the free city of Danzig and the military occupation of samogitia (lore in the first comment)My family tree: from 1720 to 1955 . Been in the family for a while, had it professionally scanned at . Most of the family were Mennonites around Danzig in East Prussia (today's Gdansk in Poland). The iron crosses are war deaths.Amber casket attributed to Michel Redlin, an amber carver of Danzig (Gdansk), c 1680. Metropolitan Museum of Art collectionThe Temptations and Danzig - Mama was a rolling stone [Soul]Got permabanned from r/conservative for posting that Danzig is better than Graves.Glenn Danzig with the Misfits ‘81 or ‘82 photo: Glen E FriedmanWhat if Danzig continued its existence after WW2?My dog is Danzig for HalloweenAnybody interested in the story about the time I met Danzig at San Diego Comic-Con in 2009?

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