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"If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint." —Edward Hopper, born OTD in 1882 in New YorkART/ARCHITECTURE - Edward HopperEdward Hopper's New York is almost here! Opening October 19, this exhibition offers an unprecedented look at Hopper’s life and work in NYC. Visit https://t.co/blIY1K05Be to read more and get excited for this monumental look at Hopper's life and work.Nighthawks by Edward Hopper: Great Art Explained [15:31]Gas, Edward Hopper, 1940,The lonely usher in Edward Hopper's "New York Movie" has probably seen the flick a million times. Know the feeling? Our @MoMAFilm team has you covered with their streaming suggestions: https://t.co/fkOPeJAgF6 What movies are you binging while we #MuseumFromHome?Hotel Lobby, Edward Hopper, 1943,Happy #Halloween! Today we are participating in MuseumTrickOrTreat with some of our favorite museums by sharing Edward Hopper's spooky study of a monster and bats.Soaking in the last days of summer with this Edward Hopper beach scene. Looking for an air conditioned activity? The Museum is open today until 6 pm. — EdwardHopper, (Trees and Beach), 1916–1919It's a double birthday! Alexander Calder and Edward Hopper were both born on this day. Calder is pictured here unpacking his enchanting Circus, and Hopper is pictured second with Flora Whitney Miller, then-president of the Whitney Museum, in front of Early Sunday Morning.Men Seated at Café Table - Edward Hopper 1906. Watercolor and ink on paper.Edward Hopper - Night on the El train (1918)Edward Hopper - Two Comedians (1966)EDWARD HOPPER: "SURVEY" | ONEdward Hopper is a national treasure.Working on some new Edward Hopper/ Gregory Crewdson Inspired work | Canon AE-1 Portra 800 |"Hotel Room" by Edward Hopper (1931), atWe're excited to announce 2 promised gifts to the WhitneyCollection: Edward Hopper's City Roofs & Childe Hassam’s Allied Flags, April 1917.In that Edward Hopper state of mind"If you could say it in words there would be no reason to paint." - Edward Hopper, born OnThisDay in 1882.Edward Hopper’s “Night Windows” exposes the voyeuristic opportunities of the modern American city—and the contradiction it offers between access to the intimate lives of strangers and urban loneliness and isolation.Summer & Edward HopperSummer Movies atSAAM include shades of Edward Hopper, a David Lynch classic, and more → https://t.co/ENQQalH8EN ☀️Chop Suey, 1929, Edward Hopper,Art Basel on TwitterEdward Hopper, Chair Car,Nighthawks by Edward Hopper: Great Art ExplainedIf you're feeling like you're living in an Edward Hopper painting lately, you're not alone. In this work Hopper depicts a NYC cityscape absent of noise or motion. The only signs of life can be seen in a top story window, where a woman sits alone. More:Edward Hopper was born July 22, 1882. Best known for his realist oil paintings (Nighthawks, Cape Cod Morning), he revolutionized the movement through his emotive depictions of solitude and isolation. Image:“If you could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” —Edward Hopper. Tell us how you're expressing yourself creatively while you StayHome! [#EdwardHopper, Intermission, 1963]The Bootleggers, Edward Hopper, 1925Cheers to new adventures, a new future, and new lessons to learn along the way. It will be a slow sail, and we may be met with changing winds and choppy waters, but nonetheless, it will be a move toward the horizon. Edward Hopper, “Ground Swell,” 1939, oil on canvasEdward Hopper, Dawn before Gettysburg, 1934Edward Hopper, "Tables for Ladies" (1930)Edward Hopper, "American Locomotive" (1944)Rooms by the Sea, Edward Hopper, 1951Edward Hopper's preliminary sketch of his famous 'Nighthawks', 1941Tables for Ladies, 1930, Edward Hopper,Edward Hopper - Still Life with Wine Bottle and Glass, (1899). Watercolor on paper.Edward Hopper, Excursion into Philosophy (1959) -Summer & Edward HopperWho naps better than cats? Celebrating NationalNappingDay with Edward Hopper's Study of a Sleeping Cat (1895–99).The Hauntology of a Closeted Youth | That Dang DadEdward Hopper, Rooms by the sea, 1951People in the Sun, Edward Hopper, 1960,Edward Hopper, Approaching a City, 1946Boy and Moon, Edward Hopper, 1906–1907House in Italian Quarter, Edward Hopper, 1923Night Shadows, 1921, Edward Hopper,Edward Hopper - Early Sunday Morning, 1930Soir bleu, Edward Hopper, 1914,TFW it's a summer Friday in NYC 💃 Visit us today and enjoy the WhitneyBiennial, collection favorites like Georgia O'Keeffe and Edward Hopper, and spectacular views of the city skyline. — Photo: @ ali.gagliardi on InstagramWho's watching the USOpen this weekend? 🎾 We're celebrating the final days of the tournament with this Edward Hopper watercolor from the collection. — Edward Hopper, (Tennis Players) (detail), 1916–1920Hotel Window, 1955, Edward Hopper,Edward Hopper - Office at Night (1940)tbt to the Whitney's 1995 exhibition spotlighting EdwardHopper. Edward Hopper and the American Imagination positioned Hopper as more than one of the 20th century's greatest artists; it also explored his influence on postmodern art, film, and literature.Edward Hopper, "Office at Night"Sunlight on Brownstones, Edward Hopper, 1956,Edward Hopper - Second Story Sunlight (1960)Edward Hopper, Rooms for Tourists, 1945Summertime, Edward Hopper, 1943,

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