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Eminent American Economist Jeffrey Sachs Exposes The Truth About How The West Is Keeping Africa PoorAllByYourShelf Pick of the Day: "Wonder of the Age: Master Painters of India, 1100–1900" Dive into 110 works by many of the most eminent painters in the history of Indian art through this vividly illustrated publication. Read it:Though Robert Capa is predominantly known for his impactful war photography, he was also a gifted portraitist, photographing eminent creative figures of the time: https://t.co/2mHA7ib © Robert Capa © ICP / Magnum PhotosPoet and playwright Oscar Wilde was born OnThisDay in 1854. He was one of the eminent literary figures, including Bram Stoker and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, to use the Museum’s Reading Room. Here is his signature from 1879 🖋The Pink Panther Strikes Again Official Trailer #1 - Herbert Lom Movie (1976) HDIn the 18th century, the British Mary Toft succeeded in deceiving several eminent doctors, making them believe that she had given birth to rabbits. He did so by inserting the rabbits into the vagina and expelling them at the time of "birth".Have We Already Been Visited by Aliens? An eminent astrophysicist argues that signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life have appeared in our skies. What’s the evidence for his extraordinary claim?A British-designed Gloster Sparrowhawk aircraft taking off from the B turret platform of the IJN battleship Yamashiro off Yokosuka, Japan, which is considered perhaps the eminent naval power on earth.Eminent authorities on masculine affairs announce that men are not likely to adopt lipstick in their fashions this summer.What are the historical roots of Russia’s war in Ukraine? Eminent historian @SPlokhy explores the history behind the conflict in a live talk at IWM London on Tuesday 24 May, 6.30pm. In partnership with @Ukr_Institute. Book now:Can Les Hoax The Experts?Our Creative Director, Matthew Mazzucca first joined the Barneys Team as Director of Design. Eight years later, he reflects on what BarneysNewYork and the eminent BarneysBag means to him for our new campaign:Mayday, mayday...pressure limit exceeded, hull breech eminent, abandon shipExplore how artists have painted healers throughout history, from biblical figures to eminent doctors who made groundbreaking discoveries:Tomorrow is the last day to stop by @FriezeArtFair in Regent's Park! Stop by Booth B4 from 12–8 PM to check out Pace's presentation of new contemporary works by eminent and emerging artists, including Keith Coventry's "Community Signs I-V."

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