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Tift Nature Preserve en Plein Air,oil on panel, me, 2021It's the SummerSolstice and we're out here with NikideSaintPhalle's fountain. Hang in the courtyard with cocktails from Mina's and take in the art en plein air. We're open until 8 p.m. Thursday through Saturday, get your tickets for this weekend now atClaude Monet, En Plein Air, 1886I'm not as good as some of you, but I did some plein-air work today and I had a blast!Le festival @cinemaparadiso revient cet été dans la Cour Carrée du Louvre !  Profitez de 4 jours de concerts et de cinéma gratuit en plein air du 1er au 4 juillet. Découvrez toute la programmation en attendant l'ouverture des réservations demainA morning walk with Seurat Painted on site, following the long-established tradition of the plein-air oil sketch, this miniature landscape may have been a preliminary study for a larger piece.Today is officially the first day of summer! You may be eager to get to the beach and soak up some sun, much like Eugène Louis Boudin did over a century ago when he painted “The Beach at Trouville” while working “en plein air,” or outdoors. 🎨 Eugène Louis BoudinToday marks the birth of Eugène-Louis Boudin, a mentor to Claude Monet & one of the first French artists to paint ‘en plein air.’Impressionist artist Alfred Sisley was born OnThisDay in 1839. A contemporary of Monet and Renoir, Sisley was dedicated to working ‘en plein air’ or outdoors – here’s one of his idyllic river scenes featuring a gaggle of geese 🦢Remington Robinson almost always has a few Altoids tins in his car. That way, if inspiration strikes—and the light’s right—he already has a miniature canvas to paint en plein air. Read now:This was J.M.W Turner's original travelling watercolour box, complete with cakes of paint and a piece of paper where he tried out colours before using them. This little box allowed Turner to roam the countryside, find the perfect spot, sit down and paint 'en plein air'.ArtWords: The French term 'plein air' means out of doors & refers to completing paintings outside. John Sargent admired the way that Claude Monet worked en plein air. Here he captures Monet's methods, and the patience of his wife, then Alice Hoschedé.Musée du Louvre on TwitterArtWords: The French term 'plein air' means out of doors, and refers to the practice of painting outside. 🌳 En plein air painting increased in the 1870s with the introduction of paints in tubes, saving artists from the messy process of mixing their own.The recently acquired “The Forum at Pompeii” (1819) is among the earliest surviving examples of Achille-Etna Michallon’s work in oil from Pompeii. The quick sketch painted “en plein air” shows the French artist’s interest in depicting the effects of light on the ruins.A watercolor plein air paintingmy first actual plein air painting, acrylics on canvasSeeking Tips & Suggestions for "En Plein Air" Drawing3 pines, watercolor en plein air. (Those pines are all that's left in 30 years from a lush forest above my house. I used to gather chanterelle mushrooms right at their feet, there was always a lot of them...)Plein air, watercolor painting, me9 of my Plein Air oil paintings from my trip to CO in a collageA couple plein air paintings from this week, by me :)A quick en plein air sketch, watercolor, MasssachusettsTried painting en plein air the first time this holiday, and I kinda like it, but man! Watercolours are so haaaarrrdPause and enjoy this lovely patch of early evening sky by Simon Denis. 😌 Painted with oil paints on paper, Denis's quickly rendered scene is a reminder of the popularity of plein-air painting among artists working in Italy around 1800. Learn more:En plein air watercolor sketch, BarcelonaEn plein air sketch, oil on canvasVilassar de Mar, en plein air watercolor

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