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Top picture: Still-frame of Zaheer. Bottom picture: Zaheer's VA, hardcore punk-rock artist Henry Rollins. His voice actor is also a pretty crazy guy, but not as crazy as his cartoon counterpart.henry rollins and ian mackayeIrving plaza 1980-ish, Dead Kennedy's show.... Brian Gay, Henry Rollins, John Stabb, Ian MackayeHenry Rollins with Black Flag live in 1984Henry Rollins - Interview & Office Tour (1995)Henry Rollins of Black Flag and H.R. of Bad Brains 1982Henry Rollins Paints Shirtless with The Shirtless PainterHenry Rollins & Black Flag, San Pedro, CA 198110 Most Intimidating Musicians in Rock + Metal10 Times Rockers Cussed Out Their FansHenry Rollins, Steve Jones, Marky & CJ Ramone Perform at the Johnny Ramone Tribute show (Judy is A Punk, Commando, Blitzkrieg Bop)This Is Not Happening - Season 2 Trailer - Uncensored9 Times Interviewers Outclassed MusiciansMan absolutely crushes the song "Liar" by Henry Rollins at a karaoke bar (2009, 38k views)Jurassic 5 - Freedom (Live on The Henry Rollins Show) [Alternative Hip Hop] People of the world unite. Together we are strong.Henry Rollins Isn't Worried About His FBI File - Soft Focus - Episode 4Henry Rollins performs with Ice-T & Body Count… Lollapalooza (1991)Unexpectedly Honest Answers to Interview QuestionsHenry Rollins & Beastie Boys, 1992.10 Times Musicians Outclassed InterviewersHenry Rollins - What's In My Bag?Hardcore History: Bl'ast - 'Blood!' ft. Dave GrohlHenry rollins - my warHenry Rollins and Nick Cave (1984)Iggy Pop + Henry Rollins in 'Sheriff Callie's Wild West' - Exclusive Preview Clip 2Unexpectedly Honest Answers to Interview Questions [Redux]Henry Rollins at the Grammys, 1995Henry Rollins ist genau richtigWheels up! Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat) and Henry Rollins (Black Flag), 1983.A little Rollins when he was still Henry GarfieldHenry Rollins, 1988Motor Sister's Jim Wilson Talks Henry RollinsGet ready for the future! Johnny Mnemonic takes place in January 2021, which has a fabulous scene where Henry Rollins (of Black Flag) goes on a rant about the ills of technology.That time Johnny Cash met Joe Strummer and Henry RollinsHenry Rollins on S8E21 of Unsolved Mysteries is the true crime/punk cross over I need to distract myself from the state of this worldAle — Elevation Through Sound w/Liz Lamere & Jared Artaud: Alan Vega's Mutator (07.07.21)Henry Rollins - Liar [Alternative]Work in progress sketch of Henry Rollins{non-music video} '93 Henry Rollins told 90s Gen X Teens to Expand their Musical TasteHenry Rollins NeckIggy Pop + Henry Rollins in 'Sheriff Callie's Wild West' - Exclusive Preview Clip 1Henry Rollins & Nick Cave babysitting, 1992Steve-O: Henry Rollins Tattoo + Becoming a MetalheadTHE QUARANTINE TAPES: HENRY ROLLINS, Mark McNeill & Ale Cohen, Part 2Henry Rollins and Nick Cave in Los Angeles circa ‘84Krist Novoselic - What's In My Bag?Henry Rollins & Greg Ginn

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