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" QUEEN O THE BORDER " 1948 TRAVELOGUE OF HAWICK SCOTLAND CASHMERE & MERINO KNIT SWEATERS 85904Mary Quant may not have invented tights, but she did revolutionise the world of hosiery by introducing vivid colours, glitter and patterned knits. Visit our Mary Quant exhibition: https://t.co/cjO9vbLMXU image: Mary Quant tights and shoes, about 1965. Mary Quant ArchiveIdeal Hosiery, LES, NYC This long-time men’s hosiery storefront on Grand Street (its been open since 1950) which we photographed for our book “Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York” in 2004. The building is landmarked (it was built between 1831-1833 by John Jacob Astor£875 a pair! High-end hosiery is on the rise. Read more in @thetimes todayA hosiery stall in Berwick Street market, London, circa 1935. (Getty Images)Ipswich DeLuxe Hosiery had beautifully illustrated ads in the 1910s and 20s, but their witchy ads are just so fun! The best part? They weren’t all Halloween ads! More:Disability visibility is so sparse even in modern media, so it's wonderful to see a gentleman in a wheelchair elegantly depicted in this 1919 Luxite Hosiery ad by Coles Phillips. It mustve been especially powerful for the countless men injured in WWI to see themselves representedSplendid 1919 Luxite Hosiery ad by Coles Phillips.

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