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How should we understand the good and bad of human nature? To @sbkaufman @starwars philosophies about the Light and Dark side of the Force turn out to be, on the whole, accurate representations of how morally relevant personality traits cluster together.Human NatureRaymond Tallis - Does Evolutionary Psychology Explain Mind?Human nature is missing what we don't have and complaining about what we do. So this hot summer, I'm thinking back to last year's fall. Killarney ON likely has the best fall views after a above average tough hike...Were You Born EvilThe Importance of Soft ToysNatura Umană (2021) - Human Nature is a Romanian documentary about the relationship between animals, humans, nature and exploitation in Romania. [02:19:10]David Hume’s essay on human nature offers some considerations on the debate between an optimistic perspective and a pessimistic one. One of these considerations is that a person with an optimistic view might act more virtuously to live up to that perspective.What makes a good leader: strength or smarts? | Nicholas Christakis | Big Think"It’s in our human nature to adore simple, smallthings." New interview w/ miniaturist Nadia from Attimis, Italy:A review of Foucault vs Chomsky on Anarcho-syndicalism and human nature.Human NatureBarrie -- Human Nature [Indie Pop/Dream Pop] (2019)taiwan's event explores the effects of human + nature interaction at the venice biennaleSimon Critchley on the Psychology of Murder | Big ThinkNicholas Humphrey - Does Evolutionary Psychology Explain Mind?Why are we so attached to our things? - Christian JarrettHuman nature is the story we tell ourselves about ourselves | A mythological approach to human nature.Strange that the city would name anything in Manhattan after the man who described New York as “a Cloacina of all the depravities of human nature” - an outdated word for either a sewer or part of a mammal’s digestive tract. 🤔🦠 viaWhy we should show our hurt rather than argueAnd right after THAT you got Human Nature and PYT, GOAT albumStupidity is a part of human nature | The idea of perfect rationality is a myth we must scrap: Bence Nanay“It’s human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really; it’s an imperative.” -Apollo astronaut Michael CollinsHuman Nature Worldwide 'Jasmine Tote Bag' from seller 'Tommygundretti'/What Makes a Four Star Restaurant NICHOLAS CHRISTAKIS | Big ThinkEddy Nahmias - Does Brain Science Eliminate Free Will?A great mystery book not only has a twisty, thrilling plot, but also features human nature at the heart of the story. @BookRiot recommends 15 books that check all of these boxes:Jared Diamond - Does Evolutionary Psychology Explain Mind?How to Save Love with PessimismHuman Augmentation with Jason SilvaKLM pilots speak out about their UFO experiences. Already in 1955. Experienced back in 1949. The phenomenon does NOT have a human nature because it had been around too long and the characteristics are the same today as back then.History vs. Sigmund Freud - Todd DufresnePOP CULTURE: Taylor Swift's Legs & Climate ChangeDonald Hoffman - Does Evolutionary Psychology Explain Mind?"A perfect solitude is, perhaps, the greatest punishment we can suffer" - Hume. A very short introduction to the concept of Sympathy in the philosophy of David Hume. For him, sympathy was the most important aspect of human nature.How to test yourself in the battle of ideas | Nicholas Christakis | Big Think15 Body Parts That Reveal Your True IntelligenceGoogle Searches May Be the Best Measure of Human Nature Yet | Seth Stephens-Davidowitz | Big ThinkJohn Cacioppo on Human Nature and Happiness | Big Think‘Creativity is part of human nature. It can only be untaught.’ ––Ai WeiweiWhat is human nature? | Big ThinkSchopenhauer argues that history is the "reflective consciousness of mankind," making us realize we all come from the same root. However, if you want to study human nature, you'd be better off reading poetry insteadWired Health Conference Highlights: Quitting Smoking“Modern music sounds the way it does because of Ryuichi Sakamoto.”In his new documentary, the Oscar-winning composer reckons with the consequences of human nature, music & nuclear power in “Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda." ️Watch for free on us through Dec.22https://t.co/Y3pJnlNz7jSchopenhauer's eudaimonology, or theory on how to be happy, stresses the importance of good health and free time in which to develop your talents, although money and social status certainly play a role too -- due to flaws in human naturePHILOSOPHY - David Hume

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