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Iran's Fashion Renaissance: VICE ReportsPhotos Of Iran Before The Islamic RevolutionBefore The Revolution | Trailer | Available NowNegar Azimi: "Reza [Abdoh] was an inspired scavenger. Life fed his art. Historical events, both the sort experienced in the flesh—as with the Iranian Revolution, which upended his family’s life and fortunes."Iranian women before Islamic Revolution in 1979 [1910s]Azar Nafisi: Were you writing about an Iran that no longer exists? | Big ThinkNewly added to Getty's collection, this photograph by Iranian artist Shirin Neshat is part of her "Women of Allah" series, which focuses on how the Iranian Revolution of 1979 impacted women and notions of femininity.Hooman Majd Weighs Iran as a State Sponsor of Terrorism | Big ThinkHow the Saudis ended up with so many American weaponsMy mom's passport photos before and after the Iranian Revolution. 1978 on the left, 1984 on the right with mandatory hijabs.Woman by her birthday cake in Tehran - IRAN 2021, 42 years after the Islamic RevolutionAzar Nafisi: Do you do women a disservice by portraying them as victims? | Big ThinkEp.24: Martin Heidegger - How Heidegger Influenced the Iranian Revolution | Philosophy InstrumentalsAs Iran celebrates the 40-year anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, leaders are promoting unity and economic hardships are sowing division[Colorized] Iran before the Islamic revolution, Tehran. May 01, 1960In June 1980, Masturah Shahsawari was the first woman to be executed by the Persian-Islamic regime of iran in the Sanandaj Airport in Eastern Kurdistan. She was a Marxist who commanded the Revolutionary Council in one of the neighborhoods of Sanandaj.1979 Revolution: Black Friday - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch"I am a journalist, which is a historian of the present, so I have to show these pictures now" – Abbas Abbas’ historic photographs of the Iranian revolution inspired the photographer’s subsequent life’s work: https://t.co/INd4j7SKTT © Abbas / Magnum PhotosHooman Majd Considers The Paradox Of Modern Iran | Big ThinkThe Lesser Satan: Iran and America Through History - Episode 2 (2020) Covers the US-backed reign of the Last Shah, Mossadegh and the coups of 1953, the rise of the Ayatollah Khomeini, and the explosion of the 1979 revolution. [00:54:26]My mom's passport photos before and after the Iranian Revolution. 1978 on the left, 1984 on the right with mandatory hijabs.Azar Nafisi: What is power? | Big ThinkTrump's Sanctions Have Forced Some Iranians To Abandon Their Cultural Traditions (HBO)QUEEN ELIZABETH II STATE VISIT TO IRAN 1961 SHAH OF PERSIA 55454Azar Nafisi: What Persian poets influenced your work? | Big ThinkWhat if the Islamic Revolution Never Happened?Iranian women just before the Islamic Revolution. Revolution isn't always a good thing.100,000 Iranian women protesting days after the Iranian Revolution, 1979 - colorized by meHooman Majd Considers Israeli Policy Toward Iran | Big ThinkKhomeini's Children (2004) | Trailer | Available NowHooman Majd Discusses Working For Mahmoud Ahmadinejad | Big ThinkWomen after the Iranian 1979 revolution.He photographed women who refused to wear the Islamic veil while men mocked them. His images show looting, burning and chaos during the Iranian revolution. Decades later, he could finally publish them.Azar Nafisi: Iranian Mythology: How do we decode Iran? | Big ThinkAzar Nafisi: What are the biggest misconceptions of the Muslim woman? | Big ThinkIran's Revolutions: Crash Course World History 226Abbas’ historic photographs of the Iranian revolution bear witness to the tumultuous events, which inspired the photographer’s subsequent life’s work: https://t.co/INd4j7SKTT © Abbas / Magnum PhotosIranians Vilify Trump in Rally Celebrating 1979 RevolutionOnly 1️⃣ week left to see the diverging paths of a man & woman unfold. This exhibition of side-by-side B&W projections that reflect Shirin Neshat's split experiences before & after the Iranian Revolution closes on Nov 14. Don't miss Shirin Neshat: Fervor

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