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My friend sent me this from StockholmI made this vidéo of New York City in hyperlapse and timelapse. In 8 days, i shot 25,000 photos and 450 hours of work. I hope you'll enjoy it !Dark ravine, do-ra, digital, 2017German federal budget 2021 income vs. expenseWhen Trees Meet BuildingsUS Rappers curse word usage on their 15 most popular songsConnecting railway cars like a bossEdinburgh, ScotlandGothic Quarter, Barcelona110 Random Facts I Had to Double-Check to BelieveTracking my mood for half a yearSan Francisco From a Steep PerspectiveAnti box stacking pyramidmy job is getting high.Athens GreeceValletta, MaltaNew York Cities that aren't New York City pt. 1 Syracuse, New YorkNew Media Universe Map w Microsoft/Activision deal includedSources Yahoo Finance, Tellimer, Macrotrends, CoinMarketCap - made in powerpointVarenna, ItalyThe World's Biggest Skyscrapers (Some Will Even Reach Space!)BudapestParis , France 🇨🇵The light in London today was just so nice 🥰🔆You might get sweaty palms cause they’re up there but what makes your palms really sweat is how does the boy get the girl off his back without falling.Nope.Dresden, GermanyFirenze, ItalyBradford, EnglandMy friends 83 year old dad doesn’t know what sweaty palms areJaisalmer(Golden City)-Jodhpur(Blue City)-Udaipur(White City)~Colour coded cities in the Northwest Indian State of RajasthanMr Thomas’s Chop House. Manchester. Mills and Murgatroyd. 1901.Edinburgh ScotlandPositano, ItalyA rainy night in Soho, London.NYC WinterGangi, Sicily, Italy 🇮🇹The famous San Francisco TramFloating QR code in Shanghai made from drones links to game downloadHere is my best sweaty palms submissionEdinburghParis, FranceToronto after DarkBarcelona, SpainA rainy day in NYC 🖤Heidelberg, GermanyTokyo, the city of lightsSan Francisco by Me ( @notimetoburn on IG)

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