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My job puts molten iron by the break area to keep warm when it cools off outsideWidmanstatten Patterns are only found in iron/nickel meteorites. They are never found or created on Earth because the molten iron/nickel has to slowly cool over millions of years for them to form.The Spectacular Chinese Tradition of Molten Iron Fireworks: Da Shuhua is a 500-year-old tradition that began in Nuanquan. Wanting a way to celebrate Chinese New Year, but unable to afford traditional fireworks, blacksmiths tossed molten iron against the walls to create beautiful showers of sparks!Molten iron rains from the skies on this bizarre exoplanet. WASP-76 b is a hot Jupiter that sits about 10 times closer to its star than Mercury is to the Sun, which gives it a dayside temperature of 4,300°F (2,400°C), or hot enough to vaporize heavy metals.Tool for pulling a pot of molten iron out of the furnace in the ground"complaining about inconsistencies with game logic in a game where there doesn't need to be any logic" part 4. How does molten iron and nickel raining down deal less damage than bubblegum ( you can't use the argument that lava hound targets buildings since lava pups count as well).

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