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My friend is an artist and I purchased a custom piece of Mulan. It's my mom's favorite princess so this is one of her Mother's Day Gifts.That Time Disney Had To Figure Out What One Of Their Character’s Ears Looked Like (Biggest Bad Guy)Christina Aguilera - Reflection (2020)/Loyal Brave True Medley (From "Mulan")A bizarre review of Mulan for the Sega Genesis where the guy doesn't even review the game. 559 views - 4 yearsComing Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+Film Theory: No One Survives Disney! (The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Bambi, Pinocchio...)The Friday Night Boys: Disney MedleyDisney's Live-Action Mulan Pitch MeetingCritics Are Calling the New 'Mulan' Disney's ‘Best Live-Action Remake’Mulan is my favorite Disney movie but knowing the background story is even better...Opera and Why Mulan (2020) Didn't Work - Sideways [25:09]Mulan fans were outraged when Disney confirmed it had removed Li Shang from its live-action remake, and now the film’s producer has revealed the perplexing reason for the decision.Christina Aguilera - Reflection (2020) (From "Mulan"/Official Lyric Video)6 Amazing Places That Inspired Disney MoviesMulan: A Case of Failed Empowerment | Video Essay by Accented CinemaDisney's Mulan and Being Trans: "Representation matters, but so does allegory."Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+Christina Aguilera - Loyal Brave True (From "Mulan"/Official Lyric Video)Christina Aguilera - Reflection (2020) (From "Mulan")Disney's Mulan | "Tranquil" TV SpotMarry, F#@k, Kill? Disney Princesses w/ Mike Falzone and Meghan TonjesONE GUY, 24 DISNEY VOICES (Simba, Aladdin, Olaf, Gaston)10 BEST Disney Foods - Best of React | (Moana, Luca, Hannah Montana, Mulan & More!)ONE GUY, 24 VOICES (With Music!) Frozen, Aladdin, Moana, Mulan - Disney Song ImpressionsDisney's Mulan | "Graceful" TV SpotDisney's Mulan | Easter Egg Featurette I Now on DigitalHow Disney’s Big Mulan Decision Will Affect Black Widow (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)Now Streaming | Mulan | Disney+Finish The Disney Movie Quote! (Mulan, Hercules, Moana, Turning Red) | ReactDisney’s Mulan | Special Look at “Loyal Brave True” performed by Christina AguileraMulan's Live-Action Reboot Wasn't What I Expected—But I Felt Seen‘Mulan’ was released in theaters on June 19th, 1998 24 years ago todayThere are a lot of misconceptions surrounding the development of Frozen.Trying to improve watercolors and pencils with a simple Mulan sketch, hope you like itGuess That Disney Quote Challenge | The Cast Of High School Musical The Series Reacts!Mother’s Day MulanNow Streaming | Mulan | Disney+Chinese Audiences Thought Mulan Didn't Look Chinese (Getting that China Money)Mulan 1998. Although, not a princess in the normal sense, she is an honorary Disney Princess so she belongs here. Original is (most likely) called ‘Lady Red Jade’ by Jack Huang (it was hard to track down, apologies if this is wrong).Coming Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+What 8 Disney Live-Action Remakes Looked Like Behind The Scenes | Movies InsiderStart Streaming this Friday | Mulan Featurette with Director Niki Caro | Disney+Why Mulan’s “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” became a pump-up playlist must-haveDisney's Mulan | "A Tale of Many" FeaturetteCouldn't find a LEGO Mulan minifigure so I made my ownDisney Princesses Aren't Allowed to Look at Each Other (Favourite Princesses and Chick Flicks)Disney's Mulan | "Battle" TV SpotMulan (1998) Trailer #1 | Movieclips Classic TrailersMulan LucicI drew this cute Mulan 😍Everything culturally wrong with Mulan 1998 [39:05]Film Theory: Did Mulan REALLY Save China? (Disney Mulan Trailer)Disney's Mulan | "Powerful" TV SpotDisney's Mulan | "Commander" TV SpotComing Sept. 4 | Mulan | Disney+Now Streaming | Mulan | Disney+All The Ways Disney's Live-Action 'Mulan' Is Different From The Animated Movie | Pop Culture DecodedNow Streaming | Mulan | Disney+

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