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How Did Multicellularity Evolve? [11:15]Memories Can Be Passed Down Through DNAWhy Are You Multicellular?Multicellular Life Might Just Be the Ultimate Great FilterE.O. Wilson: Synthetic Biology Will Radically Change the World | Big Think.📷 + 💭: @wildginaa Nature’s Goop aka Algae Blooms aka #Cyanobacteria! 🦠 It’s bright green pigment from synthesized chlorophyll carried out by oxygenic photosynthesis (like specs in slide 2) - produces the most sophisticated multicellular organisms.Photosynthesis Unleashes Chemical Superweapon: OxygenHow Did Multicellular Life Begin?How Deep Can You Possibly Dig?Fossil 'balls' are 1 billion years old and could be Earth's oldest known multicellular life2.1 billion years ago, the oldest known multicellular organisms, the mysterious Gabonionta, evolvedNew research shows we are surprisingly similar to Earth's first animals890 million years ago, sponges were the first multicellular life4 Creatures You Can See With Your Own Microscope!The Mysterious Origins of the Nucleus

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